Open Bounty: ZP Recon

The next time you have recon on a ZP powered subliminal, try this: drink two 16.9 FL OZ bottles of water (or the equivalent). If you have MCT Oil and can stomach it, put a drop or two in the first bottle. Don’t spread the drinking of the water out over the day, try to drink them down within an hour. ONLY do this if your body can handle it without any issues.


Hey I’ll try this! Zero calorie solution.

Good idea. Meant to put that in the original post. In one of the drinks, I’ll add one of those sugar free Crystal Light packages.

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What does FL stand for? Fluid

If this isn’t available in my country, would electrolytes have the same effect?

16.9 FL OZ stands for fluid. 16.9 is the equivalent for 500ml in Europe. so in total 1 liter of water or any other liquid.


Awesome - thanks

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Did someone post a recap on all of the ZP reconciliation symptoms?

Often you don’t realize you have recon until after it fades away!

I’m getting tiredness, laziness and also sometimes a bit anxiety.


same as on qv2, being emotional(fear,anxiety etc…) and wanting to switch

Out of all things I have ever tried one commercial product resolves reconciliation like no other ever. It produces so much dopamine and serotonin that you will not be able to help yourself from being uplifted and executing the scripts on God mode.

11.11 on that.

@SaintSovereign would something like Coke Zero or other zero-calorie soda work?

Yeah, old version of Coke had a compound called Benzoylmethylecgonine which did exactly what @Elsewhere described… It killed reconciliation!

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Sadly, subs were a bit difficult to produce back then.

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You should find that Benzoylmethylecgonine extract then :eyes:

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I found quite a bit of it when I was working in LE.

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Where is that I don’t know the abbreviation.

Ya’ll stop, lol.

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Law enforcement. I’m guessing he worked in narcotics.

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No. But there are enough narcotics floating around in the wild that we all find them.


Past two days I experienced a new form of reconcilation, it’s like feeling good and bad at the same time.

What set of the bad side, was when I was helping my mum with some chores and she spotted on the way a neighborhood widowed friend of hers, stopped by to check on her as she had not seen her in a while. All good but then they were talking between me and this neighborehood old lady was checking me out a bit too much whilst I was leaning away and not even looking at her. Really grossed out.

Saint I think you might have to make a special sub just for this.:astonished: