Main Discussion Thread - Inner Circle


We’ve all heard the quote that “you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with.” Unfortunately, this oft-spoken adage isn’t QUITE true. The truth of the matter is, influence spans far beyond your closest friends. Most people closely follow some kind of celebrity, entrepreneur or social influencer they’ve never actually met, meaning, when considering the idea of an “inner circle,” you must not only audit your close friends, but also those you’re exposed to on a regular basis.

Inner Circle seeks to manifest friends, colleagues, associates and mentors that can help you achieve your deepest dreams and goals. It’s designed to hook into your current subliminal stack and work to create an inner circle that can help you execute whatever plans your may have. These people may not even be someone you interact with physically on a day-to-day basis. In the hyperconnected Internet-driven age of immediacy, we have incredible access to successful people’s advice and thoughts through blogs, social media, etc. Don’t be surprised if you suddenly stumble across someone’s blog whose advice changes your life for the better.

Inner Circle also helps ward off those who would sabotage or otherwise undermine your efforts to fulfill your dreams. It won’t make the choice for you, but it will make you aware of toxic people that’s already in your life, and subtly urge you to cut ties with them. Again, you’ll have to make the final decision, but the script will enhance your ability to pick up on deception, sabotage and other toxicity.

Tentative release date for Inner Circle is Friday, Sept. 27th.

Questions and comments here.


17 September,2020?? Because 17 September 2019 is gone. Lol


Funny thing, @SaintSovereign, when you posted a riddle for Power Can Corrupt, looking at 13 Ocean’s friends I thought about program which will manifest precious people in our lives. Here we are- The Inner Circle!


Awesome, this is exciting!

But I think that release date should be corrected. Friday Sept 20th.

Thank you @SaintSovereign and @Fire for continuing to innovate and to change many lives :blush:


This is good news indeed. As someone who has struggled finding good and proper mentors, this would help me a lot! Thanks and keep up the good work @SaintSovereign and @Fire


hey how about a stacking module for conversation?
to be able to talk about anything
talk about nothing
make talking less tiring
be more active in group conversations
find subjects of conversation easier
to never shut up
this category i am still lacking no matter how many subs i run
most of the time if i am not interested in a subject i just listen(basically all the time)


I think @Hollywood will love this one very much. He seems to be interested in it.

With such a stacking module, how many loops per day would be good for a solid result @SaintSovereign?


I think such a Stacking Module exists. It was if I recall correctly a bonus to Daredevil or maybe True Social. But Daredevil does that very well. Primal Seduction Iron Throne as well.


Probably around 4 (roughly two hours). It’s a lightweight script and all of our titles have similar programming. This module will link into that scripting and enhance it.


@AMASH Thanks bro, this is definitely a program I’d be interested in


@SaintSovereign Have you guys considered a program for those of us who are in sales?

Overcoming objections while staying in agreement, creating high status presence, persuasive communication,rapport building, mimicking body language, adapting to different personality types, etc


@SaintSovereign this seems to be a great platform to build on a new series of Stacking Modules, something like “Manifestation X”.

This one is for manifesting mentors. Another for manifesting the ideal girlfriend / girls to hook up with. Another to manifest wealth and business opportunities.

They can even have their own SuperCharger that work like @DarkPhilosopher suggested: we fill ourselves with energy, then imagine the thing we want to manifest, we charge it with energy, then we let it go to the universe.

Yes, I am all for taking action. But also the more opportunities we get to manifest what we want, the more things will stack up in our favor for a better life.


We included these things in Ascension, Ascended Mogul, Emperor, and Khan. All of those titles can help you build and support a career in sales.


You gotta be kidding me. Just moments ago I was contemplating the importance of the right people and how some of my struggles in my behaviour and personal growth is due to the environment of people I expose myself to and how I should cut ties with them. Was going to write about it in my offline journal and BAM y’all hit me up this.
These manifestations are really unreal lol.


For those stuck in toxic family dynamics, like I am, this may well give me the push to give them the boot.


@SaintSovereign Ok, got it. I’ll just add that from a niche marketing perspective a stand alone sales product could be a potential inroad into a similar but slightly different client base.

The alpha “sales guy” fits very well into your existing client avatar.

He’s got chicks so he’s good there, he’s making money so he’s good there too but he still wants to be #1 in the company.

Just putting it out there as something to consider…thanks again


Fucking YES! I need this immensely. Been trying to network and find mentors but it’s either been people who are also Broke as fuck or just shitty and pretending to be high level or status.


Same here @Pwnie21. The people I meet are either pretenders or wishers. I need this a lot!


Anyone famous that we should know about?


Oh, I can use this. Since this programming already exists in the current line-up, how pronounced can we expect the effects to be? What can we expect to happen that wouldn’t happen without it?