Main Disc. Thread - Renaissance Man ZP

Renaissance Man ZP is now available! For those who have purchased Renaissance Man in the past, the ZP version is already in your downloads.


Furthermore, while you could run Ultimate Artist even if your aim was not art specifically but creativity, the Renaissance Man has a plethora of other aspects that will benefit those who have no interest in art in any form.

If you are ready to become the creator of worlds…

Order now.


I’d be super curious to know what these benefits are!


Yayyyy, this one will be interesting to run! Can’t wait to see the reports. Would run it myself but my stack is full D:

I can’t believe it finally dropped thank so much @SaintSovereign and @Fire. Look like I’ll be starting some stuff early. I want to run this solo to complete my games. This is a solo run for my next 21 day cycle if am able to get my finances stable enough.


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I wonder what new addon we got with this one.

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@Lion :sunglasses:

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Haha yeah. I saw the announcement. Thing is I built a custom to fulfill some parts of Khan, RM and WANTED so am not in a hurry to run RM ZP. Lets see.


Me too ill wait for a while before running it :slight_smile: thought i would mention you fellow renaissance :sunglasses:

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Lol! Any time bro


Oh boy!

Still one of my all-time favorite subs!

I might just be stacking this with Stark, and rotate it with Chosen. That’ll be an interesting combo! :smiley:



What do ya’ll think about a Saged Renaissance? Sage Immortal ZP with Renaissance Man ZP. Maybe too tough a choice yet when Limitless ZP hasn’t gotten it’s final ZP version yet. But it could be interesting?

Anyone running this title. I still remember when this was first released(first Qv2 title) people experienced an amazing drive in completing their task. Though I don’t own this product. I still wanna know anyone experienced the same drive or push like it was on Qv2. ? Thank you


I listened to a loop on a whim in the middle of my washout period I was supposed to be doing when this was released and since I’ve been feeling a drive to start a new creative project and I’ve noticed a marked improvement in my keyboard(musical) skills even though I’ve never learned the keyboard. My hand posture and movement is just much better and more natural feeling, I’d imagine this is what being an untrained talent feels like.


I’d want to run it if I could before HOM for the people benefits. I’d want to pair it up with Sage Immortal and who knows what kind of happy surprises would results from that. Then I’d want to ideally have Wanted or Limitless for that third spot. I think that’d be a fun, interesting, productive ride.

Wowww! Thanx for sharing your experiences.

“shatter the blocks on self-expression that you have”. Any other sub/module that can do this?

I think Limit Destroyer could help. As I have not tried that sub I cannot say for sure.

Thank you @hyperbeam

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Anyone been running this much? Been rather quiet in this thread haha

Any good things discovered from running the ZP version?