Main Disc. Thread - Quantum Limitless ZP

Available now. If you’ve purchased Quantum Limitless in the past, the new version is already in your downloads!


Wow gonna give this a try


Ooo. I may use this one over Limitless in my next few play cycles :anguished:


Is there any improvement in QL compared with Limitless when it comes to the recon you and I used to get on Limitless?

These are two different programs yet they address similar aspects of our psyche.

Guys, it’s only me and @SaintSovereign getting the recon I mentioned so no worries besides it’s not Limitless.


Maybe that’s what :point_down:t2: was about …

:slight_smile: :+1:t2:


Note: I did do a search in the instructions thread and I read the Mini Instructions Sheet that comes with QL ZP. I didn’t find the answers. I’m not saying they’re not there; just that I did look and didn’t see them.

Do we have official instructions/suggestions on how best to listen to a ZP multi-stage such as QLZP?

Are there a variety of options depending on what we’re looking for?

I’m thinking of running this solo, but wondering if it would be useful or detrimental to stack multiple stages.

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Tell me @SaintSovereign if I am dreaming but around 5’ 10’’ on ST3 I can hear a voice ?

This QL ZP St 3 gives me a powerful focus with no headache like Limitless ZP


Shouldn’t be.

I can’t understand the voice

The best approach which was if I remember correctly mentioned by Saint that it would be the best to listen to two cycles (45 days) to every stage.


@sid - are you tempted to do this now? I know it’s your favourite.

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Definitely I am excited to try it , but alchemist zp captured my interest and increased my devotion and concentration in meditation . So my coming cycle Will be only alchemist st 1 and I may add QL st4 not sure . With alchemist I experienced what Saint speak about regarding the honesty about your true desires.


That’s excellent, bro! Glad you are getting such results.


Check out this post by username SaintSovereign.

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Super excited to run this when my current routine is done, looking at about 2 cycles from now. Just contemplating whether or not I should replace Stark with Khan when that time comes.

Awesome. Straight from the horse’s mouth! Thanks.

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I love the descriptions of QL and I really need those results. But I need them yesterday, not in 180 days (45 days per stage). I don’t think I have the patience for this right now. I’m getting good results from Stark & Emperor I so guess I’ll stick with those for now. But dang, QL sounds amazing.


If you need quicker results choose Limitless instead of QL.


Anything great requires time and investment mate. I’m looking forward to starting QL as soon as my stack will allow me to.