Main Disc. Thread - Paragon ZP

Paragon ZP now available. For those who purchased it in the past, the ZP upgrade is already in your downloads!


Great. Be careful with this one guys, you may NOT get great sleep if you run it right before bed like I did. :stuck_out_tongue:


So, running this energized you? Did you have any other sensations / perceptions?


It did greatly. Felt stuff in my brain and downstairs. One of the lower quality sleep percentages of the entire year.

My next run is going to be after this upcoming morning workout to see what it does there and to confirm if paragon is causing alertness.

Going to run paragon soon as I’m at the end of my lifting :-).

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Fell fast asleep after one loop. That solace is so smooth. Expected severe pain in hands/wrists due to overexertion, but it has been surprisingly mild. Woke up tired.

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Ran it after my workout and before showering, I can say this is not going to be making me sleepy.

Does this work for improving mental health? Anxiety?

That’s more of a thing that dragon Reborn works on


Did one loop of Paragon this morning. Nothing special to notice during around 5 hours. Then, I started to feel more and more relaxed. Now I feel really relaxed, well being but not sleepy. I hope soon there will be Sanguine ZP @SaintSovereign . It will be an excellent partner of Paragon

Purchased Paragon for my mom a few months ago.

She currently has periods with a lot of pain and stifness in her lower back due to a herniated disc.

Today was a bad day, but she told me that all pain went away after one loop of ZP. I’m eager to see how things develop over the next weeks, but so far this is very very promising.


Copying from my offline journal, Paragon+Regen, from today:

Got a cat bite from the baby 2 days ago, infected afternoon, threat of surgery. Sent to ER, no cutting thanks to inflammation values in blood low, got Amoxiclav and cast on hand. Appt. with hand surgeon next morning, 3 outcomes: go home, stay for intravenous AB, stay for immediate surgery. Ran Paragon+Regen ZP. Next morning hospital again with bags packed just in case, wound got flushed, cont. only pills and cast reduced to finger. Had not spread further, no pain overnight. Nothing in tendons. I normally expect AB to work noticeably after 24-48 hours, not overnight.

Yesterday felt like running the stack again and had to resist. This “oh, wouldn’t it be nice to…” feeling. Slept 3 hours in the afternoon and went to bed 9:30. Slept 9 hours.
So….I’m quite happy to attribute me being at home rather than in hospital, and not having my hand cut open, to Paragon. I’ve got a hell of a lot of experience with that particular antibiotic, and it just doesn’t work that quickly. 24 hours is the earliest I expect visible results, and reliably within 48. In this case, an infection that started up fast enough to get me sent to the ER for probable surgery stopped spreading almost immediately and the (light but present) pain dropped overnight, i.e. in about half the normal minimum.

I’ve run the same stack again, and think I’ll just keep it up for 3 weeks. (Although I’m very sorely tempted to add a 3rd one…) With the season change it’s also migraine season here, so I guess I’ll see some more results.


How are you doing as of right now?

Quite well. I think it’s getting better and the swelling down, as far as I can feel through the bandage. The mild pain when pressing lightly that I still had is entirely gone. The finger’s still in a cast, so it’s hard to tell for sure. As of right now, the finger feels normal again. Next appointment with the surgeon is Monday morning. Then I’ll know more.


I would say paragon ZP works quickly. But you have to work with it and set clear expectations of what you want it to work on.


Update from today: Cast is off and the finger back to normal. The joint’s a bit stiff but then I haven’t been using it for a few days. Doctor says to just finish the antibiotics (and the usual “if it gets worse come back”).


Today I give my brother paragon and wanted…he felt great after wanted…but in evening he did paragon and complain about headache…is paragon triggered something???

@SaintSovereign I was thinking if Paragon can heal glasses?


Say for example i ran my custom emperor and daredevil then later on in the day i get a headache can i run paragon to get rid of the headache or would this be overload ?



I’m so hungry on Paragon… :rofl:

But I feel really robust.

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