Main Disc. Thread - Objectives / Product Copy Updates / ZP Refresh

Getting ready to start updating them now. Will write a list of all the finished ones on this post and will update accordingly. Check out the new “pro tips” sections at the bottom.

NOTE (July 2022): The titles that have been refreshed and updated are marked with [C].


Watching this!

Commenting for notifications.


Emperor ZP updated. Check out the new pro-tips section.


“without preconceived notations on how things should be.”

Shouldn’t that be notions instead of notations?

Great update otherwise, a lot of words :slight_smile:

Looking forward to reading them all. Thanks for all you do

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The typos are obviously intentional so that the deeper meaning slips into your subconscious.

That, or autocorrect

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Hahahaha. Nah, it should be notions. We just… wrote A LOT of stuff this week. Copy, plus we had to update our offline research journal, which is MASSIVE. :wink:


Dragon Reborn ZP. We’ll add more objectives to this later. It’s hard to “mine” the script for the exact objectives, as this title covers so much material.


Finished morning meditation. See this. Welcome sight!

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AWESOME! Appreciate the Similarities/Differences section too.


Emperor ZP’s objectives list might as well have been “does everything”. Can’t wait to compare it to Stark ZP’s list.


Am waiting to read the Objectives of Khan

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Dragon Reborn ZP’s got an interesting one on its objective list that definitely made me raise an eyebrow:

“Body shifting — muscles, physical shifting, fat burning, increasing overall toughness”

Calling all Dragons on the forum @FireDragon @Varuna @JCast @Dragon-Lesson, could you share any effects that you may have experienced related to its physical shifting?


It doesn’t mention which stage of DR the body shifting exists in. Would it be in all 4? Or a single. Thoughts?


I was just about to comment this! DAMN SON!

Am extremely grateful that Fire and SaintSovereign have taken the time to give us the Objectives section plus the extra info. Very inspiring and informative to read them. And am enjoying reading the sales page of DR with a cup of Chai in the morning here haha.

Thank you for listening to our request for objectives detailed in point-form :pray:


Am guessing DT ST2 and DR ST4 since DR ST2 is where the physical healing happens and DR ST4 has a combo of DR ST1 + DR ST2 + DR ST3 + more


Oh, right on lion thank you. I was overlooking the description, too focused on bullet points and pro tips :laughing:

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Haha! I understand. The excitement is real!

Emphatic “Yup”.

What happened for me were:

  1. a couple of days after starting Dragon Flight on February 11 2022, I suddenly just ‘felt like’ jogging and running. Prior to that I’d been walking every day for over a year. One day in the middle of my walk, I just felt like jogging. The ramp-up was pretty striking.

  2. had some abdominal and oblique/waist fat (still have some) and a bit of abdominal protrusion. Fat’s been decreasing. Muscles gradually tightening.

The above were not major priorities for me. Just started happening. Pleasantly surprised.