Main Disc. Thread - Libertine ZP

Libertine ZP is now available. If you’ve purchased it in the past, it should already be available in your downloads.

Libertine ZP uses a number of new techniques to attract sexual and romantic partners as well as the classic aura – all in the revolutionary Zero Point build method. As such, this version is a bit “experimental” as this new attractant method hasn’t been tested by the community. If it works, it’s going to be quite profound. That being said, the old script has been updated to Zero Point and included also to ensure results. As with Emperor, the new description will be added soon. We’re relaxing this weekend.


Having a date tomorrow, going to test it and report back :wink:


Sounds awesome, has it been tested internally with yourself or Fire?

Were counting on your report Friday :eyes:

Has it be tested by other people?


How long does the aura take to execute? How long before a date shall we run it for maximum effects?

Ultima needed like 3 hours +

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This is the one I have been waiting on. Wanted and Primal Seduction ZP have given me stellar results in the sexual attraction department so I’m very curious to see how Libertine is in ZP format.

Wanted/Libertine/Primal Seduction all in ZP as my stack is my plan for the upcoming months.

Sorry chosen, we will meet again later and I’ll introduce you to my friend Diamond.


I’ve been running libertine ultima as a major program for over a week now. Extra excited to try the ZP version.

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I’m excited to find out what this is. On the other hand, Libertine seems so inaccessible with the long stack requirement right now…

Just imagine running this through a stack while working at the office :stuck_out_tongue:

What made you and/or Fire decide to add new techniques to achieve Libertine’s goal? as compared to solely converting it to ZP format.

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I heard rumors that Fire wants to make sure that all people running Khan ZP turn into immortal sex gods. So for that purpose he is practicing new attraction techniques with Libertine.


This one will be going into my M1 stack along with PS ZP and WantedZP!

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Attraction techniques should also be added to Wanted :wink:

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What’s M1?

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He discusses it in several places, including here and here.


+1 to this. Does it execute immediately? Can the aura be turned on/off at will? This last question is important, because if I were to (in theory) run this in a 45-day rotation I wouldn’t want it on all the time.


I never ran V2 that much. Loved V1. It and/or Primal Seduction Q somehow got someone who I hadn’t spoken to in a couple years to drunk dial me on FB Messenger and do/say stuff I won’t put here for the sake of decency.

I’m excited for this tech :slight_smile:


Depends on the person. I assume it’s going to take the same amount of processing time as any other ZP, but you’ll need to run it and gauge when you start feeling the effects. For example, with Diamond, I only need to run it about 2 hours before sexual activity for it to kick in. Chosen, however, is just NOW kicking in for me, since I had all that recon from it.

If I had to guess based on available data, I’d say to run it anywhere from the day before up to 3 hours before the date or social activity, based upon your observations on how you’ve responded in the past. If you’re the type that feels / sees results the following day after running a title, run it the day before the date. If you start “feeling” the subliminal immediately, go for about 3 hours before the date.


We always push for improvement, that’s not even a new “thing” at SubClub. We had an idea, decided to test it. This is also the purpose of the Zero Point Preview, testing experimental features and the such.


With that in mind, are there any plans to do a comparison between this current version of the title, and Libertine Qv2 converted to ZP with no additions?