Luther - WayneQ custom

I’ve been listening to Emperor for the past 3-4 months and my goal was to listen to it for the rest of this year. It’s a phenomenal subliminal and I’ve gone through mostly massive inner change with some major external changes. I don’t have an Empire yet (I define Empire as a personally created and owned high status, highly purposeful/contributing structure with endless potential that consistently brings me large amounts of wealth) but I sure as hell am on my way. The last 3-4 months have been a sort of preparation and now I am ready to pull all triggers and go no holds barred especially because I am functioning currently without any mental limits. All I need is a direction to channel my drive and now I have it. I wasn’t ready this whole time but now I’m ready.

Emperor has guided me towards making a custom that covers the main things I need to get me to my goal. I am still going to be getting exposure to the Emperor script, since Emperor Core is in my custom, but I have some add-ons that are very specifically directed towards my goal. For that reason, I see this custom as a complete upgrade rather than a case of “switching subs”. My desire to do this wasn’t recon inspired. It was an incredibly clear and calm decision with a blueprint that makes sense allowing me to step forward and take off at an even greater speed in the direction that I was already heading.

My custom has 10 modules (I will explain why later):

Emperor Q Core
StarkQ Core
Power Can Corrupt Q Core
Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core
R.I.C.H. Ultima Core
Inner Circle Q Core
Furious Ascent
Carpe Diem Ascended

I will briefly explain the reason for each module, my logic for including it, how it will play a part in my journey, as well as my intended goal with each one.

Emperor Q Core - is self-explanatory. It’s the first subliminal I used and it has brought me this far. It will keep allowing me to go farther and become better in all of the areas that it covers so I have no reason to suddenly stop using it.

StarkQ Core - just plainly seems like an incredibly phenomenal subliminal and puts a lot of focus into areas that Emperor doesn’t. I also happen to be somewhat weak in these areas. This includes things such as celebrity effect, magnetism, charisma, status and social ability that I can see working very powerfully in tandem with Emperor.

I can see StarkQ’s fame cultivation and generation adding another layer of status to the Emperor’s aura of capability and power. The charisma, personal magnetism and daredevil aspects, I don’t think they conflict with Emperor but instead make everything more powerful. There is also the genius factor and intellectual competence which I could use more of especially in the technological domain.

The reason I named this custom WayneQ is because

Power Can Corrupt Q Core - PCC is just too good and useful to not have, especially since I’m going to be networking, raising my status and interacting with people a lot. I need the “PCC vision” so that I can see through everything socially and maneuver meticulously in ways that bring me closer to my goal. Charisma is also a very powerful thing to have and PCC will just amplify everything about Stark and Emperor by helping me further cultivate my external power. I don’t think I can skip out on what PCC does.

Quantum Limitless ST4 Q Core - I need to maximize my intelligence, skills, cognitive functions and learning to the highest levels and beyond. Quantum Limitless encapsulates what I’m after very well. Emperor has QL-Lite and StarkQ has even more things to help me become more intelligent, but I need the whole package in its entirety. I have to maximize my intelligence in absolutely everything and Quantum Limitless ST4 will help me do that while also fully fleshing out the intellectual aspects of StarkQ and Emperor. I can also see it helping me socially and amplifying PCC.

R.I.C.H. Ultima Core - Threw this in there to supplement the wealth building aspects of Stark and Emperor as well as to maximize the wealth manifestations/drive. I don’t have many limiting beliefs when it comes to wealth. I mainly just need to Go and I have some more modules to help me with that.

Inner Circle Q Core - Similar to QLST4, StarkQ has some elements of Inner Circle specific for the goals of StarkQ but I need the full Inner Circle. This is for the general manifestation of people in all areas whether that’s wealth, networking, friends, romance etc. It will also work well with the PCC and R.I.C.H manifestations. A very powerful module to have. Just like PCC, I can’t skip out on what it does. It was either include it in a custom, or run it as a main title.

Yes, that is 6 cores, quite a lot and beyond the recommendations of Subliminal Club (they recommend no more than 3). To be able to do this, you have to be smart about the layout and theme of your custom and have a clear specific direction in which all of the modules contribute towards. You can’t just throw random modules together and put random cores. Make it make sense. Also, I have been using one of the most difficult subliminals (Emperor) for many months and am in tune with my subconscious capacity. I have already manifested that the subliminal will work as I intend it to through intuition, I just know it will.

Sultan - This module is all about money, wealth, status and living in opulence. All of which I am after. It seems like a great module to put more focus on these things all around and maximize the aspects of it wherever it is present in with the other cores (StarkQ, Emperor, R.I.C.H.)

Mastermind - This module seems to me to be all about strategy, planning and being calculating. This will help me become better at planning more efficiently and creatively in ways that bring me closer to me goals. Seems like a great contributor to success that I can use both generally and specifically. I can also see it working especially well with nearly every other module in my custom.

Furious Ascent - Comfort zone obliteration. Goes well with everything in my custom and maximizes productivity. Throwing it into my custom as a module will really give that added focus allowing me to take things to the next level and drive forward on my journey without fear of taking risks or being addicted to comfort. Complacency and comfort limits potential too much. I will be directing this to eliminate any excuses so that I can just take as many good risks as possible in all areas where applicable without hesitation. This module can give me that extra propulsion when it comes to action-taking. Be everywhere, doing everything.

Carpe Diem Ascended - I think this module goes very well with Furious Ascent . A hyper focused module for extreme ambition and motivation will aid me in becoming relentless in my achievement and further propel my action-taking giving that extra flare to the main theme of the custom and maximizing nearly every other module (especially StarkQ, Emperor and R.I.C.H.). I think this is a good dopamine recalibration as well *“immense satisfaction whenever you achieve something (even something as simple as cleaning or eating well) and the amazing love for life you will develop.”

Why only 10 modules? I have only included what I need and nothing extra. I plan to run this custom for the rest of 2021, then I will have good progress with it and have developed in many areas. If I get new insights on new areas that I need to work on, then I can always add modules to cover whatever areas I feel like I am lacking in (that of course fit the theme of the custom). I have 2 other themes in mind for future customs, 1 being focused on romance and the other being focused on fitness/physical shifting. I plan to start that next year as for now I am only focusing on WayneQ.

Note: If anyone is using Emperor, go slow, take your time and take whatever actions that you best can. Don’t overthink it, it will guide you. Just trust the thing and be consistent. Have a clear intention/goal with your use of the subliminal. Any doubts you have are just limiting beliefs - we can manifest whatever we want. There are no limits

Anyways, I’ll be updating the journal as I go along and I will focus more on external results rather than the messy introspective type of stuff

I did 1 loop already and felt euphoria - reminds me of when I first listened to Emperor.
Things are about to get interesting :slight_smile:


awesome looking custom, really excited to read your progress on this journal.

The Emperor/ Stark custom combo has long been a hot topic but I have yet to see details on its ongoing use.


Following this Journal :slightly_smiling_face:


Great looking custom, very curious to see what you will make out of this beast!

@RVconsultant do you know if there are any updates on this 3 cores rule? I think it stemmed from the fact that in the beginning there was not enough data to determine if anything besides 3 cores will work. Also, do cores like Inner Circle really count as „cores“ which apply to the 3 cores rule because they are pretty short in script length and most likely more comparable to a module than to a major title core?
Or should I open a ticket about that?



At first I was like woah what the fuck…6 cores?! And I kept reading, whilst I was reading my intuition told me that you knew what you were doing and that it would work for you and then funnily enough you said this:

It is my recent opinion that to make things work, you have to know it will work and I’m super excited for you dude. I’m super excited to read this journal. Please keep me updated on it and tag me in some of your posts because I’d love to know how it works out for you (I tend to forget reading journals sometimes also).

Looks like an amazing custom bro.

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I’d probably suggest opening a ticket about it. I don’t think there is an update on it and it’s open to experimentation as long as people don’t complain about it. There’s also the no refunds if your experimentation doesn’t work.

In this case I believe it will for Luther, but I wouldn’t suggest other people do it.

EDIT: If you do ask about cores like Inner Circle in a ticket, can you let me know the reply/add it to my Support Questions & Tickets thread? I want to add Inner Circle back into my custom but stuck to the 3 core rule but again, it’s a lighter core.


I think it is still 3. Doing more, and the risk for reconciliation goes up.


Thanks for the clarification @RVconsultant

@Oshii open a ticket about that because I have not seen your edit on time.

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Every time I listen to the custom I feel so good, am I listening to Sanguine Ultima?
Afterwards, I get about the same recon as Emperor, it’s very light at this point

It’s only been 2 days or 2 loops

I have seen subtle effects of every module, I have to type everything out before I forget:

Carpe Diem Ascended and Furious Ascent are very noticeable and fast acting. After I listen to my custom, my ambition and motivation is on 10. I feel relentless. Throughout the entire day, I have strong motivation behind every action. I don’t think I am able to make excuses about any action. I have a strong desire to put myself in riskier situations that challenge my comfort zone. It almost feels like the drive, motivation and ambition on Emperor but on steroids. I feel a lot more passion for life and everything too and it makes me happy and motivated (maybe this is where the Sanguine feel good effect is coming from). This exactly what I needed to establish within myself and I’m going to channel all of this into wealth building. That being said, I can feel it pushing me in other areas as well such as socially and romantically even. A lot of rewiring is happening and I think this custom will help me take advantage of every single opportunity that comes my way and to even seek out opportunities. I’ve already started doing this and it’s just going to get better.

Summary: It seems like the drive/motivation/ambition of Emperor has been expanded by the inclusion of these modules but in a broader way and with more emphasis on the stretching of comfort zones and risk taking.

Mastermind is noticeable too. I noticed a shift in my thinking and I actually caught myself in the moment when I was planning things out for an upcoming social situation which I don’t think I ever do (it’s very out of place for me). I was playing the scenario in my head of how the social situation would pan out and potential moves I could make in key moments of the social situation. This could also be Power Can Corrupt but something about it feels very “Mastermind-y” if that makes sense, like a strategic chess player. I’m noticeably more cerebral in a calculating way and my brain is leaning more planning oriented and strategic, I can already feel it in general with everything.

Sultan is subtle but I can see the effects are there. This is likely to be R.I.C.H. as well but I noticed some strong new opulent/rich status vibes coming out of me from nowhere and it feels good. I’m becoming more focused with money, wealth status and abundant lifestyle in a good ambitious way. It’s mostly a vibe that it’s developing or a nonchalant, rich guy status/aura along with a more abundant mentality when it comes to money in general. I feel like money and that its dripping off my aura.

Inner Circle - Very noticeable and very powerful because it even works on a subtle level. By subtle, I mean that even if you aren’t building relationships or dealing with close people in your social circle, you still encounter people on a day to day basis and I think that Inner Circle even affects that. I’ve noticed that the people in general that I encounter, even if they’re strangers, tend to be more positive and nicer. They’re less assholes that I’m encountering. I also feel like they’re some great awesome people around, out and about. I just want to have a great time now (maybe that’s StarkQ haha), it seems like it’s easier for me to build my social circle. It’s going to happen, I can already envision great awesome people around. Yesterday, someone I know, brought me a free lunch and we had an interesting conversation where I was using my newfound PCC vision to tell them how to switch around a power dynamic (I’ll explain that next).

Power Can Corrupt - Very noticeable and very powerful especially in conjunction with StarkQ and Emperor. It is so interesting how these 3 are working together, that I think it deserves it’s own post (I’ll do that at another time). I was talking (StarkQ makes me more noticeably more talkative, verbally expressive and socially charismatic) to that person I mentioned earlier and they were telling me about how they have to deal with an older person and how stressful it is. I just immediately saw through it all and saw that there was a power dynamic. Basically, the older person was in position of power and using it to manipulate/control and I just knew how to take their power away and turn the tables around. This is so useful and it feels so liberating, having the ability to see through manipulation and turn the tables with manipulative people. Power Can Corrupt also gave me sense of authority and powerful charisma when I speak that other people can sense. They just look at you and listen (of course it’s likely not solely PCC but Emperor and Stark etc contributing to this as well). I also know exactly the right words to say and how to better conduct myself in social interactions, it’s just so smooth.

Quantum Limitless ST4 - Very noticeable. After listening to my custom, it’s like my brain just leveled up or something. It’s processing things faster, my thoughts are faster - it’s like my brain had a coffee and is more awake, less foggy. I also had an unusual moment where I could intuitively feel the connection of my brain hemispheres becoming stronger, which was pretty cool. On a subtle level, things are more clearer in general. I understand things better and when I look at things or encounter a concept, I mentally process it all faster. I also feel like my intuition is stronger. Music sounds better as if it’s registering in my brain better and I’m picking up more details with my environment. I am able to read faster and more efficiently (such as the posts on this forum) and I find it easier to articulate my thoughts verbally.

I’m not going to touch on Emperor + Stark and how they are working together yet, because I need to gather my thoughts about it. I want to let QL simmer a bit too so that I can give good insights.

Anyways, it’s only been 2 days and I already love this custom. Everything is clicking on all cylinders at once and the sum effect is very powerful :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Off to a good start I think :laughing:


Ok. The productivity of this custom is absolutely insane.

“Carpe Diem helps you become motivated from the very first moment you wake up through sheer drive”

I woke up full of pure motivation and energy to conquer the day. I’ve never felt like that, it feels so good. It made me a little emotional too, god I love life so much.

Furious Ascent is incredible. My entire life I’ve never been much of a risk taker but now I’m developing a thrill for taking risks. It feels so good, it’s like you don’t care about the “what if’s” and there is no mental blocks. It’s a wickedly powerful feeling. I feel like I can go for anything and it’s exciting, there is a newfound joy to the idea of it that feels very fulfilling.

These 2 modules are very special, I’m glad I chose them.

In the future (next year minimum) I might throw Joie de Vivre into this custom, to enhance life even more


Also, the Daredevil aspects of StarkQ are extremely noticeable. I’ll post a little more about that later and how it’s meshing with the socially reserved feel of Emperor


Bro your custom and posts so far are insane. Let’s just say I need to hit you up when I make my next custom. So precise.

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Emperor and Stark looks so cool, i wanna see how that goes with you , since some people have some views on that they might go against eachother, which i dont think they will

also 6 cores damn thats pretty big, becareful with that

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hmmmmm, this is intresting

i think the best way to determine if you can handle more or not before making a custom cuz its none refundable i think not sure,

is to try to do the extra exposure thing with the new listening pattern, and then adding ur ultima to be a major title instead of 3 Q Majors, you try to make your so called “booster” ultima to be a major and put an extra loop once a week

and you test the waters, if you can do so, you can add maybe 4 cores into your custom or anything or maybe 5,

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How is it going for you @Luther24 ?

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It’s going well. I’ve been very busy all of a sudden since starting this custom. People coming out of nowhere, new challenges etc. I believe that both Emperor and StarkQ have challenge manifestation in them and maybe they are working together for the double whammy. I’m being tested and evolved on all levels in subtle ways: socially, physically, financially, and even romantically.

Emperor seems to be known for it’s “lone wolf” vibe and socially reserved feel. In social situations, you aren’t really interested in small talk. I don’t think this is an “archetype” but instead it’s a result of becoming more secure and projecting less neediness. There is no “social coddling” or talking for the subconscious sake of seeking approval or engaging in weird drama. You don’t really care much and it can appear as “less social”, but it’s just that you become absolutely relentless and brutal with your boundaries. This is why everyone starts respecting you so much its because this deep sense of security and capability oozes off of you. People can even get intimidated, I actually try to smile more and consciously be less serious as a way of making people more comfortable with the high status, dominance and authority that I’m subconsciously projecting - especially with people that I regularly interact with because they can become slightly confounded or on some level taken aback by the changes in my behavior, depending on how radical it is.

By incorporating StarkQ and PCC, I was hoping to up my sociability. Emperor doesn’t target sociability directly, but as most people know, it clearly affects it indirectly due to the internal changes and such.

After my 1st loop of WayneQ, I noticed the pronounced social effects of StarkQ (Daredevil) and I wouldn’t stop talking. If there was someone around me, I would find a way to start a conversation and talk about something and I would also just keep leading the conversation on and on. I just wanted to keep talking and it felt fun. At first I was like “wait a minute”, I thought it was trying to steer me in a different way than Emperor or something. But this doesn’t seem to be the case at all. I have actually retained all of the characteristics I’ve gotten with Emperor and whatever weak points I had are improving dramatically. I actually feel like everything about Emperor has been enhanced too. I am extremely interested in social games and at the same time, I am extremely interested in goals/empire building.

I am interested in both. It’s not that my interest in one, decreases my interest in the other.

I have a desire to be very social and be the life of social situations, in a magnetic, charismatic way (StarkQ) but at the same time, I am extremely focused on my projects. You can do both. You can be the relentless primal Emperor by day and be a social magician playboy by night. It’s not even as black and white like this, it meshes together in a beautiful way. There is a strong balance between Emperor and StarkQ, you don’t swing like a pendulum but you take the best of both and embody it in a very powerful way. It manifests very interestingly. I don’t know how I am being playful-like and projecting such authority and dominance at the same time. Get away from the “archetypes” they’re not true. You can have it all and become an incredibly flexible multifaceted competent individual with a mix of different traits and it will manifest in a powerful way. You will also become ridiculously interesting, it just boosts your charisma and status even more.


Inner Circle really works. I’m meeting new people left and right and I’ve been invited to a social event haha


StarkQ is too good. The personal magnetism, aura, the smoothness etc is just so good. It’s like you develop the traits of an alluring magician or something.

I don’t think anyone can go unnoticed on Emperor + StarkQ. Emperor gives you that aura where you walk in the room and everyone is like “who is this guy” because the self-belief related confidence and personal power over your reality just emanates off of every atom of your being. StarkQ further adds onto that an air of high status fame and very strong magnetism elements. I often feel like a celebrity and I have a new interest in improving my social proof and social media presence. People are extremely nice to me all of a sudden since starting this custom and some are a little too entranced by the magnetism (especially women), making them a little… what’s the word “needy”. You really get to sit in the “validation chair” with your feet kicked up, and it’s pretty interesting and at times funny to be in that position. The Emperor is taking effect and making me want zero parts of any of the neediness, so I am still being relentless with my boundaries. I shoot down the birds before they even have a chance to enter the horizon. That may also be a bit of PCC.

The Primal Seduction: Iron Throne in StarkQ is very strong,
I feel intensely sexual all the time and I have a newfound desire to improve my romantic life. I’m improving how I look and things like that and I think my custom is pushing me to get active in the women department since I’ve been way too passive. Well, not anymore. If I even get the slightest sense of a hint of an opportunity that comes my way, I am taking all actions that are possible to be taken. The motivation of this custom is a different level, it is kicking my ass in every area of life and I am continuing to become better. There is no fear of risks with Furious Ascent and especially with the way it’s integrating in this custom, I’m becoming the unstoppable, “go getter” type (in a good way).


Power Can Corrupt is very good too, for the charisma and social power. It always feels like you have the upper hand in any social situation and a lot of the maneuvering is so smooth and subconscious. You exert yourself with the perfect amount of balance and appropriateness, it’s almost elegant in some sense. There is a strong comfort and confidence that comes with knowing that you can’t be manipulated. You just see through everything and know how to flip anything in your favor. I’ve noticed upon reflection that I’ve begun to use some of the Laws of Power to my benefit already. There are strong authority vibes with it, especially with how it meshes with Emperor. It just enhances and boosts the charisma of StarkQ to insane levels, it enhances everything


Cool journal! How did you make the Batman Cover Art?

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