Light of the Lion

Because I am already an alpha male :smirk:

The main reason was that Emperor contains the creativity, intelligence and empire-building scripting I need for advancing my business. Ascension or Ascension Mogul does not have it.

Basically, my goals are more aligned with Emperor right now and I believe I can pull it off.


Very interested in reading your journal.

AL the best to you

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There is a second light custom I am running




I’m curious. On a custom, what’s the average length of a module?

You always make good customs, interesting :slightly_smiling_face:
@friday why do you use primal instead of ps?

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Log Entry #1

I am super EXCITED to start this journey because for the last two years, I have mostly run Khan. I have listened to that subliminal for so long that I literally FORGOT how it is to be without Khan lol.
I certainly will be going into detail about my reasons why I choose to drop Khan and move on with Emperor/Primal/Wanted in a custom, but this is something for future posts.

For now, I just wanna say I am happy and thrilled :wink: This post acts as a little introduction to what I will be posting here on this thread because it is not only a long time ago since running a different sub than Khan, but it is also the first time in months that I will be keeping an active journal again.

There are so many things that happened over the last few years, and I feel the desire to write some of my thoughts down. To have something to look back to, to quantify & measure results but also to contemplate further on certain ideas and topics. I am most likely going to talk about or do some controversial things. And with that, I want to give a disclaimer to everyone reading my journal:
My singular experiences will not apply to a large group of diverse people. Everything in here will be just my personal thoughts and experiences, written tongue in cheek, and officially not be advisable for anyone to follow (especially if it is considered dangerous). Please make your own judgments. I am not intending to tell anybody what to do or think. This is all just for my own experimentation and contemplation.

So. That’s the intro. Let’s start by talking about my custom.
I already got LightbringerQ around three weeks ago on 12.06.2021. I have not had a journal before so there a are few things, I wanna update. Mostly regards to reconciliation. In general, you need to know that I am experimenting with running high loops and taking little rest days.

Week 1:

LOOPS: In the first week, I was fully following my intuition with how many loops to run. When I remember correctly, I started with only 1-2 loops for the first three days, taking a day off when needed. Then I bumped it up to around 3 loops and started to listen overnight (4-7 loops) to see how I feel. On average over the week, I did 5 loops a day.

Listening overnight so quickly had some bad effects on my sleep. I reported it here:

It also manifested in some headaches.

However, this overstimulation of my thoughts had some great effects on my productivity. I could not standstill. I took a lot of action and focused on my business. You might need to know, that I am working on a crypto bot that is trading for me the market. Side note, I have only talked about it briefly in an old post many months ago. If you remember that, you are the OG. Love you! haha

Week 2:

LOOPS: Washout (no subliminal input)

At this point, I was literally waking up everyday at 3:33 am because of the rush of thoughts. I had trouble falling back to sleep, so I decided to have a washout. Reported here:

In this washout, the results really kicked in strongly. I was HYPERFOCUSED on my bot, taking tons of action. Everything was coming together, the creativity, the intelligence, the manifestations and empire-building scripting of Emperor. I was working from day to night, new ideas were just slipping through my head and I programmed with ease. Instead of the first week, it was a really calm but hyperfocused working instead of being mentally rushed from one thought to another. At the end of the week, I have finished building the new skeleton for my bot making it in theory twice as secure and twice as profitable.

Week 3:

LOOPS: After my dreams being back to normal and me feeling amazing, I ended my washout and started to run a high loop strategy: During daytime, I am running 3-5 loops and then I listen the whole night, giving me around 12 loops a day. I am alternating between LightbringerQ one day and the next day running my light second custom. So, on the first day, I listen to 12 loops of LightbringerQ, and then on the second day 12 loops of my second custom. Third day again 12 loops of Lightbringer, fourth day 12 loops of my second custom. Repeat. Same loops, no rest days

My light second custom has the following modules:

  1. Sex Mastery
  2. Premature Ejaculation
  3. A/SPS: Reproductive System
  4. A/SPS: Endocrine System
  5. A/SPS: Eyes
  6. Inner Gasoline
  7. Harmonic Singularity
  8. Eye of the Storm
  9. Everpresent
  10. Inner Voice
  11. Path of Forgiveness
  12. Sanguine
  13. Mosaic

Sadly, I still not have a name for it. :woozy_face:

I am now on the fifth day of this strategy so I made 60 loops in the past 5 days. 36 loops of LightbringerQ and 24 loops of my Sex Mastery custom.

In general, I am feeling fine but I am definitely noticing the effects of overload. In conversations, I am often slipping through words. Either I am cannot seem to recall the word I want to use, or I am mispronouncing a word and cannot get it right, or instead of saying the word I mean I say a totally wrong one lol.
Energy-wise, the first days were good. Yesterday, on day 4, I was feeling rather tired but I ate some raw liver and the tiredness passed away very quickly. Today, I felt great again and full of energy.

I don’t seem to stonewall because I am actually seeing some impressive results (dominance, voice, eye contact, bot creation, etc). I will report on the specific results of the custom later as for now I just wanna write down the effects of overload, reconciliation or stonewalling on high loops.

There is no anger or frustration in me.
I am only seeing two effects of reconciliation: Headaches & fatigue and incredibly vivid nightmares and dreams. I had some light headaches but it was before I was doing my high loop strategy and could also have had other reasons because they magically disappeared once I resolved something.
My dreams are absolutely INCREDIBLE (difference to week 1 where I had no dreams). Very vivid but they revolve around some very deep stuff, sometimes nightmares tackling some deep-seated fears. (difference to week 2).

So far so good. Let’s see what happens in the next days, if I am able to pull this off for a longer period. If I see any adverse reactions, I am most likely going to take another washout. Also, I would personally not try this experiment if A) I would not be on a very nutritious diet B) I would run a sub that is far beyond my personal reality (e.g. Khan), and C) would be new to subliminals (less than year).
For now, just take me as your favorite guinea pig :smirk:


Two years on Khan! Now that’s impressive!

Great insight, there!

To me it reads that “filling” the subconscious with subs and then processing it for a week seems to be the new way? Would you say the same?

Also what do you think of the backlog idea.
That if things haven’t been processed and you jump back on subs, they are “on hold” until you give it time to process.
Some people reported effects from subs a year later in a washout…

Other than that, looking forward to more.

Anything you can already say about the spiritual modules in your custom?


Wow, very cool @friday. Will definitely be following this journal to see how your experiments pan out.

Also, would love to hear your 2 year summary of the changes you experienced on Khan. Your 6 month review is legendary, and I can’t imagine the type of change you experienced on 2 years of Khan

That my friend is an interesting idea.

Log Entry #2

I have been running 12 loops a day (alternating between LightbringerQ and Sex Mastery custom) for the past 7 days.

First of all, I am totally astounded how great I still feel doing so many loops. However, the adverse reactions are definitely increasing in comparison to the last time I posted.


Right now, I am going through some reconciliation which mostly manifests in thoughts like „Maybe I should switch back to Ascension or do Khan again“. Also, I got hit by a wave of anxiety today before going to a social event making me wanna stay home in my bed instead of attending it.
However, I fought through and went nevertheless. I am not going to let stupid reconciliation have control over me.

Besides that, my procrastination is increasing and my productivity going down as I tend to sleep longer and start increasingly wasting my time.


In contrast to the assessment of my last post, I believe I might be now stonewalling some of the loops of LightbringerQ that I am listening to overnight. For example, I woke up today and did not feel exhausted at all from the loops and also had the desire to just keep listening to LightbringerQ.
The loop was still running, however when I stopped it, this feeling immediately vanished and got replaced by tiredness and reconciliation.

My light Sex Mastery custom seems to be executing greatly with high loops though.


I am no longer having problems articulating myself or having issues finding words. So this is back to normal. However, tirdness during day-time is increasing.

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What do you hope to accomplish with so many loops? Cause it seems like you’re outcome dependent.

What do you mean by outcome dependent?

This experiment does not have any fixed goal, for example like “trying to get faster results”. I am doing it solely for experimentation and self-exploration as I am mostly just curious about what will happen and want to document the effects I am noticing, especially regarding reconciliation/overload/stonewalling.


That explains it. Your journal is interesting… Keep it up.

Is this the Ultima core?

I like how Friday is not afraid to experiment !! good man


@AlexSQ I finally cracked the code!!

I finally found the perfect way to explain how it is to run Khan without having a proper foundation.

You ready?



Doesn’t need any more explaining, does it?


Isn’t khan supposed to give you that foundation?

Log Entry #3

No, in my personal experience it does not.

I already went into this issue in two earlier posts. If you are interested, you can read it about it here:

#1 AzrielLight EmperorQ (my OG post explaining my personal problem and possible theory. This “overacting” is shown nicely by the video of Spiderman I shared above this post here)
#2 Best sub or stack for not being insecure? (summary of #1 and elaborating with a different theory from another user)

After my #2 post, I got some follow-up questions in private, and I figured the conversation might be pretty helpful for everyone so I am going to post that here too:

Question 1: Also, isn’t integrating your shadow self a good thing? I would say so. I don’t think you can be a good person until you know what evil things you COULD be capable off. I know my bad sides, this helps me notice them come up in certain situations and thus stopping them from happening. As opposed to people who don’t know their shadow self and are then surprised by their actions. How is this bad? Or did I read that wrong and it’s actually good?

What both the user and I are referring to is exactly that you do not integrate your shadow self because you are lacking the foundation. For the causes, we both have different theories. But the conclusion is the same. One possible thing is that you begin to reconcile your beta behavior as alpha behavior. For me, it manifested in a sense of me not wanting to talk to people and I reconciled that I am not doing it because “I am above them”.

Question 2: Now obviously there are people who listen to ST1 a bunch of times and jump right to ST4. That’s bs. But if you run all stages properly, and throw in ST1 every now and then later as well, I think your set up is good, isn’t it?

Yes, the stages are definitely a necessity but no healing subliminal, no matter if it is St1, Regeneration or Dragon Reborn, will build you the foundation that we are talking about.
It is basically about having the foundation to be able to act on Khan’s scripting. Before you can be “a god under men”, you first need to be “a strong alpha in the most natural way for you”.
There is no shortcut.

Healing subs will only take so far, e.g taking away the fear, the emotional baggage, the self-sabotage, and thus making the action-taking easier. But it will NEVER replace the action taking that you need to do to incorporate the new behavior to build the foundation. You will not be able to become a god under men if you are not even alpha. And one (not meaning you specifically) wanting to skip this step is actually an expression out of a beta mindset like the user pointed out.

So the best way to progress with subs would be to stack a healing subliminal with a foundational sub and keep increasing their level of advancements once one is ready and reached all the goals written on the sales copies.

For example, you first start with Ascension and Regeneration/Limit Destroyer Q, and run this combination until you are the most alpha in the most natural way for you. Ascension will point you in the right direction and Regeneration will make it easier to accept this new reality and helping with taking action.

When you reached all the goals of the sales copy of Ascension, then you move onto Ascension Mogul + Regeneration.

Once you reached all the goals on the sales copy again, you continue with Emperor and Dragon Reborn St1. Now you start to become more alpha than your alpha friends, and run it until you are permanently one.

Next stage is maybe Emperor + Primal + Dragon Reborn St2.

Then Emperor + Primal Seduction + Dragon Reborn St3

I am just making these up, obviously this is highly dependent on your goals but I believe it is clear what I mean. You slowly start to progress towards Khan St4 and Dragon Reborn St4 by first building a foundation. And once you reach Khan and go through the stages, it will be an easy ride and you will execute it far superior to everyone else.

I did not have the foundation when I rushed into Khan. I thought, when I constantly get bombarded with “BE A GOD UNDER MEN” messages I will one day wake up and be one without needing to be an alpha first. After more than a year I can say that this does not seem to be the case (for me). If it ever happens, it will take far longer than if you would have just built the foundation starting with Ascension and then building up. On top of that, you are likely to see some nasty reconciliation that you won’t even be consciously aware of for the most time like I did.

Hope this explains what I mean.

And again, I am not directing anything at you. I am just talking about my own experience. If you are a real Emperor and Primal Seducer already, you can go right into Khan.

This should also explain why I choose Primal instead of Primal Seduction to begin with. If you have any more questions, pls let me know :slight_smile:


I ran Emperor for 6 months and Khan Stage 1 in a custom for 6 months before I started testing Khan Stage 2 and 4…I used them both briefly for social events and had some of the best most powerful social experiences of my life on them. If I were to run the scripts extensively no doubt I’d run into more trouble/recon but that may be testament to the value of laying a previous Alpha foundation.