Le Journal de Palpatine™ (2022)

Have you tried Craigslist?


I went to bed last night. No SubClub subs since weekends are rest days.
Woke up earlier than I usually would. That seems to happen on nights where I don’t listen to subs. Running subs during sleep increases the time I need to sleep. Makes sense.

Woke up this morning, got some coffee for me and the wife. Popped on here to see @Sandman1268 had poked some life back into @Yardbird’s journal

I forgot how good a read that was. So I just read the whole thing again. It’s inspiring reading. This journal and @OldChap’s are my 2 favorite journals regarding the legacy Emperor tech, with @COWolfe’s Year of the Dragon Emperor being my favorite read for the Q version (in custom format, of course).

I noted how silent Yardbird has been. I thought “I miss that guy”…but then it hit me. He’s too busy “successing” to hang out on forum.

Am I here too much?

Will I end up being absent from here once I hit my groove with wealth, sex and success?

I’m feeling damn good today. I think my stack is working on something deep. I feel successful even though I literally have $2 or $3 to my name at the moment.


I beat 416!

Haven’t felt like running the latest video in my affiliate marketing course for the past couple days. Mainly because it’s an hour 25 long.

I finally decided today to watch it. I put it on…queued up Limitless ZP + BV3 + Mogul ZP.
A few mins in, I decided I’ll load up 416 while I’m watching/listening to the video. The video is one of those “Pause the video right now and make your list of niches.”

But I’m going through all the content first and then going back after to do the step-by-step stuff.

Just taking it all in to help with mindset when I am doing the steps.

Anyway, I had the game loaded, and would set the balls moving, pay attention to the video whilst the balls were moving and breaking the bricks.

I got to a certain point in 416 and realized I was very near endgame. I’ve been closer before, even as far once as having one brick left but not destroying it fully before it reached the bottom.

Today I just looked at the board and KNEW I had it in the bag. And I did.
Funny enough, since beating 416 a few minutes ago, I felt my brain “come alive” more than usual. Woo.

I think LZP helped beat it

all those times I dreamed about the same house…were nights where I tried to beat 416 right before bed

never quite understood the connection.

I feel different now that I got past it.

clearer…it’s weird. like my brain somehow conflated level 416 to being tied to life stuff.

so 416 felt more like some nemesis I need to beat.

On to 417 now.

Tagging @SaintSovereign because of the possible effect LimitlessZP had in achieving this. I know it’s “just” a useless game. I feel awesome though.

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Ran EmperorZP, RebirthZP, RegenZP today
Did a few Uber Eats deliveries. Well, one delivery. Several came up for that, but none worth doing in my opinion. Talking shit like “We’ll pay you $5 to drive this food 17 miles away.”

Just wasn’t feeling it today. Maybe I’m “picky” as the wife likes to say. But it feels as I’m tired of “settling” for shit orders. I’m going through this affiliate marketing training course I am so I’ll level up my skills to make some real money. Preferably without a “day job.”

I felt pissy while out waiting on worthwhile deliveries…finally came home. felt fine. Watched a few episodes of “Castle” with the wife tonight. We’d never seen it. The first few eps of Season 1 seem decent so far.

After the wife went to bed, I started feeling really sad. Sad like “What’s the point of this stuff? Why can’t I just win a lottery and invest the money?”

But then part of me rears up “That would be cheating! You have to EARN your money the hard way, or it isn’t as rewarding!” (kinda don’t like the thought patterns there as it seems like a lot of unnecessary struggle when taken to the extreme)

I’m sure the sadness is from the Rebirth/Regen combo. Just gotta be strong and let it happen.

I downloaded StarkZP and SMXZP…not running them yet. Not sure when Stark would happen. I’m not in love with the “fame” aspect…only ever got Stark originally for the Terminus build, and only for the creativity boost.


Do you want power? UNLIMITED POWER!?

The trick is being able to shoot lightning out your hands. I’m Palpatine. I am the Senate, and this is my MasterClass


After some help from @COWolfe and @lrw, I’ve settled on a stack that is nearly within recommendations. As close as I can get right now anyway.

Stack 1:
Love Bomb

Stack 2:
Love Bomb


Today is the Mogul one. I ran it.


Was talking to a friend about some shit, and I could feel the subs working. Felt pangs of:

  1. Determination
  2. Anger. Not “mad” anger, but more of a determined “I’M GONNA DO THIS” anger.
  3. Focus

Then I told my friend “I’m not as dumb as I sometimes feel”.

Then I related the story of when I worked in the manufacturing division at LSI Logic assembling and testing RAID arrays.

The shift supervisor gathered us 'round one day to tell us that the company was offloading the manufacturing division to Guadalajara, Mexico.

Naturally, that news came as a sudden shock. We were all there with different temp agencies. I was with Kelly Services or Volt at that time. Forget which.

Most of the people there whined, moaned and complained. “Corporate BS this, Corporate BS that. Corporate greed. What the hell am I gonna do NOW?”

At some point, rather than complain, I did some checking around and found a job opening at the very same company, in the help desk department.

Also hiring through a temp agency, but this was big enough, the temp agency actually had an in-house office at LSI. So I went across the building, asked about it, the guy handed me an application. lol. I applied, interviewed (ran some NLP magic I learned from Tim Vizzini and Kim McFarland) and got the job.

Worked there about a year and a half before moving out of state.

Mogul and/or Love bomb and/or Libertine reminded me that I’m resourceful when I need to be.

But to harken back to a post in my previous journal (2021), I want to learn to be “blatantly resourceful” which I now take to mean being resourceful as a natural byproduct of who I am as a person.

I may run this as follows going forward though to make it even smoother:

Stack 1:

Stack 2:
Love BombZP


The unpleasant parts of the recon have subsided. I was sitting in the grocery store parking lot for a few hours waiting on deliveries. Nothing today really.

I felt myself starting to think at some point about women. I felt like I could easily have any woman I want. Friend or stranger.

Feels like a knowing that I could just apply a bit of edit in the right areas and make any woman want me. It was almost a euphoric realization.

There is another girl at the restaurant who I of cute af. No oneitis with this one. I could take it or leave it. No history there. So I’m gonna just start consciously guiding this stuff and see how she responds. I’ll call her Moonbeam from this point forward.

As for deliveries not happening today other than one I got while on the way home, I decided in the parking lot of the store that I’m done with this shit.

I have side hustle I’m looking into, to determine if it’s someone I can see myself doing.


I’m honored @Palpatine . Looking forward to reading about your results.

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I somehow managed not to run SC subs in bed last night. I still listened to music for a bit so my ears didn’t feel nekkid.

Dreamed a hell of a dream:

I and a few friends went to some other city to go to the home of @Sage_Ninjistic. He was having an all-day-long spiritual retreat with his wife. This group of friends and I went to a restaurant first to eat a nice meal.

We had a pamphlet from @Sage_Ninjistic which showed what access code to type into the keypad once we got to his apartment building.

While at the restaurant, that was fun, and I decided it was time to leave so we’d get to @Sage_Ninjistic’s place on time. The highlight of the spiritual retreat would be going into space on this spaceship he and his wife had haha.

Anyway, I got to the apartment building, then realized I didn’t pay for my restaurant food.
I say “Imma run back and make sure I pay for my food. I may have or may not have. I don’t remember.”

I got back to the restaurant, and some friends are still with me, as if they’d decided to go back with me to make sure if I needed any help (?)

I tell the maître d’ that I can’t remember if I paid for my food. He seems annoyed. Not that I might have dined and dashed (on accident)…but that I came back and am throwing off his routine.

He looked it up, and said “Ah, guess not. Here’s the ticket.”

He hands me a ticket and dashes off to get back to work. I remembered that my bill should’ve been around $20 or $27 or something, and this one was for $58…I flag him down and say “This is someone else’s…Mine should be around $20 or $27”

Then I pointed out that even though this ticket had mostly the same things as mine, it had an extra item or two that I didn’t order. He then got confused and consternated.

This whole time this is happening, I keep saying to myself and friends “I’m gonna be late for the retreat. I REALLY wanna go on the spaceship ride!”

At some point, while waiting on the suddenly slow-ass maître d’ to find my ticket, I see a spaceship shoot through the sky from the direction of @Sage_Ninjistic’s apartment.

It looks like the crystalline spaceship design as from the Christopher Reeve “Superman” movie. The ball with crystal spikes all around.

Then I said “Well, if we hurry, I can still make the fucking wind-down meditation when they get back. I GUESS. This shit always happens!”

Wake up

Definitely something at work here. Dream showing me that I’ve got unwanted thought patterns that it’s bringing to my attention gerhags.




Aziz! LIGHT!

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??? And more characters.

I believe it’s a reference to The Fifth Element.


Yes. Great movie

ok…no subs yesterday (“rest day” and all).
Today was Love Bomb, Libertine, Emperor day. All Zero Point.
I also listened to an audio I have that is for reframing behavioral choices. Cthulhu knows I need that.

Prior to running anything, I got some business advice from a friend. I didn’t react well to the advice. Recon anger. Like bad enough I was driving and had to stop at the library parking lot and just relax. Heart rate was through the roof.

I needlessly extrapolated from that bit of advice to a larger set of possible problems that could arise. Definitely seemed like recon from running Love Bomb, Libertine and Mogul on Wednesday.

I took a break from life, listened to my behavioral reframing audio and then today’s ZP stack.
Felt fine after.

As I was running the stuff, I imagined some sexy fun time with Zelda on a whim. Been kinda suppressing stuff about her lately since I have no real way of seeing her now that she’s gone.

I felt amazing after imagining up the sexy fun time. I think maybe pushing down the stuff about Zelda hasn’t been such a great idea. I’ll just own that it’s still there for now.

Another part of what I did whilst running the stack was to just watch a tree blowing in the wind. I was parked at the local library.

Watching trees blowing in the wind is 2nd only being at the local park where it’s next to a narrows and inlet that eventually spill out into the Puget Sound (SHOUT OUT CASCADIA!)

I’ll explain my theory someday as to why I think watching trees/water helps me so much.

I watched the trees for a bit, it calmed me down. Then I drove to park at the restaurant to wait for a delivery to come up. One came up for $11 from the restaurant.

I went in, and Moonbeam is working today. I told her I’ve got a pickup for whoever it was.
Now, she’s cute as hell. Probably the cutest there of all of them, Zelda included.

Normally, if I want to say something flirty to a girl, I’ll think of what to say on the way there, and end up feeling so damn nervous until I say and up to 10 mins AFTER I say it.

Like I totally psych myself out.

Today, I was in there, and just asked “How late are you working tonight?”
She said “I’m here all night!”
So I said “Awesome. I’m coming back later on so I can get some fries and say hi to you, because you’re fun.” (wtf?)

She smiled and said “Awesome! See ya soon then!” (Not sure if this is the typical “be friendly because he’s the paying customer” or not…but her smile is a bit intoxicating, so I’ll take it)

It just came out…no nerves…no time to psych myself out.
The only thing I felt is shock that those words just flowed out of my mouth cavity.


Holy Nug!

I forgot to report that the wife woke up up early this morning wanting sex. I, characteristically, didn’t appreciate being woken up. Even for sex, it’s hit/miss with me. I told her “I was sleeping REALLY GOOD!” and went back to sleep.

Fast forward past today…and tonight…I’m back home…she sends me a text message, across the living room. “Wanna get naked?”

I send back “aight” (lol)(

It ended up being the 2nd best sex we’ve ever had. I say 2nd best because the 1st best was in 2003 and that’s my benchmark which would take a LOT to usurp. Not that sex is bad when we have it, the 2003 sex was phenomenal because I PhotoRead a TON of sex books one day before driving from Connecticut back home to Virgina for the weekend. I was back at the submarine base in Groton, CT for some LAN/IT/LAN security training, which they called NSVT at the time.

Anyhoo. That was #1 best sex EVAR. Today’s was #2.

It was just far more passionate than ever. More passionate than the 2003 sex, the 2003 sex was better for other reasons lol.

More passion, I lasted a lot longer.

This is from EmperorZP, MogulZP, LibertineZP and Love Bomb ZP…I’m still alternating Emperor and Mogul on listen days.

Eventually I’ll pick one or the other, so I can squeeze all my M subs into one day, for a total of 3, without needing to rotate anything in/out each day.

Bit More Detail about the sex, possibly NSFW

When we first started making out, she had Alexa put on R&B. Out of character for her.

During the deed, I found myself thinking “I wonder what this would be like with Moonbeam,” and each time I indulged a thought like that, the wife responded.

Like orgasms getting more intense, also just getting more into it. It was as if she were reacting to my mental queries.Or like she was unconsciously “competing” with Moonbeam to one-up her. She doesn’t even know her. so not sure about that.


It absolutely doesn’t matter. You did it, and even if that one was just being polite, if you keep doing stuff like that you’ll find some who are doing more than that.
Awe fricking Some!

Oh, and competition does, let’s say, drive excellence, with girls.
Back in the day whenever I had casual things with more than one girl going on, they seemed to put in a lot more effort.


I unliked and then reliked it after that edit you made. Since I was still in the window. We need “superlike” buttons in Discourse I guess haha

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“This is the best thing I have read today.”

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