Yardbird's Emperor Journal: Building a Better Life


I’m in my mid-forties and have used subliminal and hypnosis recordings off and on for the past 25 years, so I’m not easily impressed by subliminals and I need to see real, tangible results instead of “I felt like X” or “I had some wild dreams.” I’m already a fairly popular guy and I do okay with women, though I recently ended a relationship and plan to concentrate on improving my finances and get into better shape.

I work for a very famous tech company but for the past three years had been stuck in a dead end position in this company until a few weeks ago. I got a promotion to a different team within the same department working on a product that’s much more important to the company, which means being under the eyes of very influential people in the company. It’s been very difficult because the position is much more technically challenging and I’ve been struggling.

This is not want I want to do long term, but it’s more interesting work than my previous position and it pays more money. Ultimately, I need to do something creative and writing and filmmaking have been my passions since my teens but for various reasons I have given up on them many times over the years. My goal is to be earning enough to strongly supplement my current income within one year and a year after that to quit working and support myself as a novelist/screenwriter and then pursue my dream of directing my first film.

What do I hope to accomplish with Emperor?

Professionally: to be earning an extra $12,000 minimum from creative endeavors over the next 12 months and within 24 months to quit working to support myself full time as a writer and filmmaker.

Personally: to more easily attract hotter and more high value women. I like strong, smart, confident, independent women. Because of bad experiences with women my own age, I prefer younger women 25-35. I wouldn’t disqualify a good woman my age, but the ones I meet tend to have too much baggage. The women will have to wait anyway, unless I meet an extraordinary one. Right now I have little time for anything beyond casual hook ups, but those don’t appeal to me much.

Yesterday was day 4 of Emperor Experimental for me. I listen for about 8 hours total each day.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened for the first 3 days. Today, a few things happened that I felt warranted my first public journal entry.

  • My boss is a younger man and a huge rising star in the company. Everyone kisses his ass because he’s got a huge future in the company and is already very influential within our division. He’s also a hard partying guy and pretty popular in the local party scene. He posts lots of pictures and videos of his wild parties on Instagram but he’s never invited anyone from work. The guy who sits next to me started this new position with me but he has a much better education than I do and has been learning our new job faster than I have. Today our boss was showing me some pictures on his phone and my coworker asked “Oh, what’s that?” The boss looked annoyed and said “Nothing” and walked away, but then returned later when the other guy was on break and was showing me pics of hot girls in lingerie from his last party (it was a pajama themed party.)

  • There is a very hot co-worker considerably younger than me whose personality I also find very appealing. She’s sexy, strong, smart and we share several common interests. She’s curved or outright turned down a handful of guys in the office, so the rest now are kind of scared of her. This morning shortly after I got to my desk, she came up behind me and brushed a finger across my lips. I turned around and she smiled and said good morning. We chatted for a bit and then later in the day a few co-workers were huddled near my desk chatting. She stood next to me and started running her fingers through my hair. I turned to her very surprised but couldn’t think of anything to say, so I just smiled. She smiled back and said “sorry, I just had to do that.”

  • Today I felt much more comfortable at my new position. After weeks of very little progress, today I felt as though I had a month of experience between yesterday and today. I don’t think Emperor has anything about boosting intelligence or accelerating learning (or does it?) so maybe I just needed some confidence. Whatever it was, it felt amazing to be so relaxed and feel more competent at my new job.

  • I noticed this morning that I’m also more self-aware of my body language. Not in an anxious, self-conscious way. More as in “stand straight as befitting a man of your caliber” or “walk into a room as if you command the admiration of everyone there.”

  • Finally, I was already very popular at work but today I didn’t get more than 5 minutes alone during my lunch hour because people kept approaching me to talk and also I had more visitors to my desk than usual today.

I’ll try to keep future entries shorter, but I thought all of this was worth sharing. So far Emperor is looking very impressive.


It has the “limiltless module”, which is about ultimate speed learning


Hey @gwared thanks! I had no idea but that’s extremely exciting because I had been hoping someone would make an “NZT” subliminal after I saw the movie Limitless. Another subliminal maker created a “maximum learning” subliminal but it did nothing for me.

Anyway, no update in two weeks was because I didn’t listen to the sub for an entire week. It wasn’t on purpose, I just kept falling asleep before I had a chance to leave it playing and kept forgetting to play it at work. Then the following week I’ve been too busy to sit down and post something. Some good stuff to report, though.

Since I’d only listened for about a week when I stopped, the effects wore off after a couple of days. I expected that, though, so when I started listening again, I didn’t even think about results, I just went about my day. About 3-4 days after resuming the sub, things started again.

  • While I was eating lunch, my boss sat with me and told me if I need help understanding anything to ask him because he really wants to get my up to speed ASAP because he expects our team to become a separate department once we meet the company’s minimum size requirement to be considered a full department as opposed to a team on a department. When that happens, he will become the department manager and he wants to make me the supervisor and he wants to bring me along as he advances, so when he becomes a director he’ll make me manager, then when he becomes VP he’ll make me director. I don’t want to be working for anyone that long, but it’s amazing to me to have someone in his position favoring me so much when I’m so new there.

  • After a few days of struggling again at the job, I started coasting again. It’s crazy what this subliminal does for my mind and that’s not even the main goal of the sub. I’m shocked that something this powerful was included in this sub when Subliminal Club could’ve released it as a separate subliminal and made more money, but I’m very, very grateful.

  • A really cute girl on my old team came to my desk to ask me a question and she was wearing a lower cut top than what she usually wears and kept pushing her chest out, touching my arm and licking her lips while talking to me. Later she ran into me on her way to the ladies room and just talked to me instead and walked back to the work area with me without using the restroom as she’d originally intended.

  • I wasn’t feeling well today, so I stayed home and got texts from 5 co-workers checking up on me to see if I was okay and telling me that they miss me. One was the hot girl from my first post, who texted me a few times and told me she made me lunch for tomorrow, if I go back to work.

  • I’ve been working on a novel since before I started Emperor, but the story is unfolding even more vividly in my mind and I have the second book in the series already well outlined in my head while I still haven’t finished the first book. This is unprecedented for me.

That’s it for now.


Yesterday was the first day that I felt bad on Emperor. A bit nervous, very insecure, “shaky” and even angry at times. I was supposed to go out with some friends but decided that wasn’t a good idea because my emotional state was all over the place, so I texted that I couldn’t make it and went shopping instead to buy a good Bluetooth speaker. I’ve been mostly playing Emperor Extreme Ultrasonic on my phone speaker at work but getting very little listening time at home, so I bought a speaker so I can pair my phone to it and listen to Emperor on repeat from the moment I get home to when I leave for work the next morning.

@SaintSovereign or @Fire which is the version of Emperor that more brutally forces you to change? I’m hoping it’s the Extreme Ulrasonic since that’s what I’m listening to. I know a lot of people drop off when the listening experience turns rough with a sub, but I take it as a very positive sign that I’m attacking whatever needs to be attacked.

I’m going to use either PSTEC or Frederick Dodson’s The Enlightenment Technique to get rid of any negative feelings, beliefs or memories that come up. I’ll see which one works best for this.

The day before yesterday, a very good friend who moved out of state two years ago texted me and we chatted back and forth for about an hour. I told her about the book that I’m writing (first person I’ve told) and she loved it. For me it felt good to tell someone because I feel more motivated to write since now someone else knows.

Also, the hot girl I mentioned has been very adamant about not letting other men touch her, at least in front of me. One guy was about to put an arm around her and she stepped back and glared at him so intently that he backed down and walked away. On the other hand she wore a different hairstyle the other day and mentioned no one else noticed when another girl complimented her on it, but I said “I noticed too” and caressed her cheek and she smiled and leaned her head to the side and rubbed it against my hand, That was very unlike me to do. Also about two days ago we were talking in a group and when she said something sassy to me I grabbed her hair and pulled her close to me and said “you wanna be slapped?” and she said “yes, please.” I’m not making any moves on that front though because I’m running Emperor for the financial benefit. The rest right now is just extra fun.

I have forgotten to mention I’ve been very tired every night for the past week and fall asleep either right after eating dinner or even before I get a chance to. I guess it’s exhausting to absorb all the new information from the sub. It doesn’t bother me, though. I see it as just part of the process.


Extreme. Definitely extreme, lol. Among some other changes, Extreme pushes about 5x more data into your subconscious each loop. Note, this doesn’t directly correlate to “power” though, as some people’s subconscious will reject such a high amount of stimuli. But yes, anger and irritation is a good sign that you’re processing and reconciling the subliminal.


@SaintSovereign makes me wish there was an extreme version of Ascended Mogul. Then again with the amount of anger , frustration, and irritation I’m feeling running AM an extreme version might not be the best idea


Awesome! That also explains the fatigue. The Limitless module is incredible, BTW. A friend gave me Adderall a few times about a year ago and while that put me in hyperfocused mode, the feeling that I get from the Limitless module is much better. It feels cleaner, more organic and I actually feel much smarter, as if I’d taken NZT from the movie Limitless.


i like that attitude , go on :+1:


The “Extreme” versions of a subliminal are basically an experimental build method that works very well, but not stable enough for me to actually release that as the core product. Once we have enough data, the “extreme” version will become the more core build and we’ll upgrade.


is it fair to assume then that Ascension Ex Machina does the same thing?


Yes, just at a lower level. 2.5x or so.


@Yardbird that makes wanting to run Emperor Extreme more fascinating. As someone with ADHD and who has taken Adderall being able to focus or hyper focus on the things you want would be awesome. Never mind the increased learning ability


The Bluetooth speaker turned out to be a great investment. The immersion from getting 30+ listening hours last weekend did me a world of good. Monday I felt strong, confident and in control again and the Limitless module helped me tremendously. By Friday I was feeling like I’d acquired two months of experience in one week. Amazing. I think the Limitless module might be your greatest achievement so far. I talked about subliminals with a co-worker of mine who is struggling at work because I really want him to use Emperor and I’d even buy it for him, but he said he doesn’t believe they work and thinks they’re a waste of time. I used to worry a lot about people like that but I learned years ago that you can’t save people from themselves or help people who don’t want to be helped.

I’m sleeping more hours than usual (which is good because I never get enough sleep), but not feeling tired during the day anymore.

Creatively, I see things with more clarity. When working on my novel, the dialogue seems so real, as if I was transcribing conversations involving real people in front of me.

Oh and at work, an executive from corporate headquarters is coming next week and my boss said he wants him to sit with me for a few hours. I told him that’s fine but questioned whether it would be better to have him sit with someone more experienced and my boss said “no, I want him to get to know you, get your name out there so people upstairs start talking about you.”


I’m going to make this quick because I keep getting interrupted every time I’ve started to update this thread for the past several days.

At work, the Limitless module continues to amaze me. I’m very comfortable in my position and although I still have much to learn, I understand things much faster than I did before Emperor. My boss told me yesterday that he’s impressed that I almost never ask him questions anymore.

I haven’t made much progress on my novel because of home projects and errands I’ve been doing on days off, but the story continues to advance in my mind, which is very encouraging.

I’ve also been feeling an increasingly strong urge to learn to speak French. I’ve wanted to learn for years and started twice but quit after a few days because it felt too daunting, but over the past week my feelings have been the total opposite. I feel like I can become reasonably fluent in two years or so and then I want to start Japanese, so I just downloaded the Duolingo app to get started with French and I’m very excited about doing daily lessons.


Something from last Friday that I was going to report but then decided not to because I wasn’t sure that it could be attributed to Emperor, but the more I think about it, the more I feel how could it not be? At work, I discovered that a co-worker (who has a better education and was far ahead of me when we started at our current position) had fucked up by being negligent in keeping up with some work. I was very angry because they weren’t mistakes–I can tolerate that because we all make them–they were simply acts of laziness and sloppiness. A couple of co-workers asked me what was wrong and I told them what I’d found. The guy responsible wasn’t in yet but was soon as he came in I calmly ripped into him. At first he tried to claim that he had done the work but forgotten to save it, but I pointed out all the times that he could have or should have followed up but didn’t. To my surprise he didn’t get defensive or angry. Instead he apologized profusely and assured me it wouldn’t happen again, I am simply his peer, not his manager, so that was not the reaction that I’d expected. Later when he was on a break some co-workers were talking about “Yardbird tearing Mike a new one” one of them said to our boss “Did you know about what had happened?” and he said “Yeah, but I figured I’d let Yardbird handle it.” Our boss sent me a private message later saying “nice, I want them to see you as a leader.”

Today that co-worker asked me when he came in if I’d caught any other poor work of his. I told him I hadn’t and assured him that there was nothing to worry about because I know he knows what he’s doing. He told me again that he’s being very careful not to mess up. Later we were assigned a high priority group project and he checked with me before getting started to make sure he understood the process. I’ve always been well respected and liked, but since Emperor it’s on a whole other level.

The Limitless module is my favorite aspect of Emperor, though. I coast through work now and have people asking me for help instead of having to ask others for help for the simplest things.

I went for a few drinks with some co-workers and enjoyed some fun banter with one of the women from another department. She started to say something sassy to me and I turned it around on her. She’s smart, quick witted and can take a joke, but another guy said that he doesn’t know how I can talk to her like that and that he wished he could but he just couldn’t because his mother insisted when he was growing up that he treat women as ladies. The girl said “Ugh, dude, I don’t need saving and I hate white knights.”

Generally, I don’t ask what’s “under the hood” of subliminals because I think a lot of people get too caught up in the minutiae of what’s in a sub and then use what they learn as excuses to not let the sub do its thing, so I prefer to listen and go about my life and let the magic work. I’m so intrigued by the Limitless module, that I keep thinking about why it works so well and I don’t think it’s making me smarter; I think it’s removing all the self-doubt and toxic ideas in my head that have been holding me back. "Learning that is over your head, so don’t bother." “That’s too difficult for you to learn, don’t waste your time.” " You’re not smart enough to understand that, so forget it." I have imagined those same phrases and similar ones countless times throughout my life, but no more. I used to be called a very smart person when I was younger, but with each failure or setback, I lost faith in myself more and more and I let life beat me up to the point that I started to feel that I’m actually not very smart at all. How did I let that happen? How could I do that to myself?

The Limitless module seems to tear away all the crap that I allowed to hold me back, allowing me to reach my full potential.


Amazing post. I’m glad Emperor is helping with you self-development journey. This is the perfect example of what happens when you “set and forget,” and just living life while taking action.


At work, two women last week took me aside to tell me that the hot girl who I’ve mentioned in other posts (I’ll call her “Jen” from now on) has a slutty history. I found this odd for three reasons:

  1. I have not spent any time with her outside of work, so I don’t know why anyone would think that I needed to be talked out of any interest in her.
  2. I wouldn’t care even if it was true and everyone who knows me should know I don’t judge people based on gossip.
  3. She’s probably the last woman at work that I’d suspect that of because she shoots dirty looks at every guy who even tries to cop a cheap feel on her and she’s turned down every guy who’s asked her out.

When we started working together (pre-Emperor) Jen used to make little jokes about my age. Nothing mean spirited, but it definitely showed that she was very aware of how much older I am. Last week we were talking about music and movies and when I referred to something being before her time, she replied with “we’re in the same age group!” (we’re not) and then asked me how old I am. When I told her my age she said “See? You’re not much older than me” (I’m 15 years older) and made a few more comments trivializing our age difference. When our boss wants to share some important information quickly, he’ll have a quick group huddle and she always stands behind me running her fingers through my hair.

Another day last week she stuffed something down her shirt and another guy jokingly moved towards her as if he was going to retrieve it and she said “If anyone touches my boobs they’re losing a hand…except him” (looking towards me). “He’s allowed.”

Then Friday one of my co-workers, who I’ve known for a few years now, is going to be off next week for vacation, so on my way out I hugged him and wished him a nice vacation. When I walked past Jen, she seemed to be expecting a hug too, but instead I gave her a bro style shoulder bump. She seemed really disappointed. I wasn’t trying to fuck with her and I don’t believe in playing head games, but I didn’t quite feel sorry either because I think it’s important for hot girls to know they can’t get everything they want in life.

Also, I got invited to a party that about a dozen of us at work got invited to and a really cute girl in my department who was also invited kept asking me if I was going. I told her that I’d like to but wasn’t sure it would work out. She kept urging me to go so we could go together. I ended up not going because I had too much to do that day and wanted to relax at home afterwards. She’s married anyway and I’m no scoundrel, plus I’m trying to avoid distractions and keep my eyes on the prize, so to speak and achieve the financial independence that will allow me to devote myself 100% to creative pursuits, but she is ridiculously cute.

On the money front, my boss had told me last month that I wasn’t eligible for a pay increase when salary evaluations were done in November because I had already received one with my promotion and I was okay with that, but Friday he told me that our director had discussed it with other managers and decided that not not giving me any end of year compensation felt like punishing me for advancing, so they awarded me with a stock grant worth around $2,400.00.

Oh and today I started listening to Limitless standard version (ultrasonic) and I’m going to split my listening time between that and Emperor for the next month and then try Limitless X for a month to see which one is more effective on me. I’m extremely excited about ending 2018 on a strong note with the help of Emperor and Limitless and then starting 2019 in total beast mode.


I’ve been dying to get home and share this update for hours…I got a big fucking raise!!! A completely unexpected huge fucking raise!!!

Now some of you are probably thinking “Yeah but that’s from your job for work you did last year.” No! Remember my previous update:

So today I was meeting with my boss to consult him on a few things I wanted a second opinion on and he told me he was hoping to hear back from corporate before end of the day because he had some potentially great news but needed to obtain final approval from our director.

Just as we’re finishing he gets an email and says to me “this is it!” and then explains that he and the other supervisors met with the department manager to discuss where to allocate the funds that had been designated for performance awards. He then told me that he would’ve added another zero at the end if he could’ve and showed me confirmation that I was awarded a 19% raise! That’s by far the biggest raise I’ve ever received in my entire life. He asked me not to tell any of my co-workers because I’m now the highest paid person on the team even though I’m one of the five newest. Not only that, I make more than the starting salary for the position that’s a direct promotion over my current position.

In addition to that, they awarded me another $5,000.00 in company stock! I walked out of the meeting with a huge grin trying not to be obvious. One guy was pleading with me to tell him how much I got, then he broke down and told me what he got, so I told him my raise was 30 cents an hour less than his and congratulated him, but I really got over $3.00 an hour more than he did.

It’s been six hours since I found out about the raise that I’m still high. I’m not done, though, not by a longshot, since my ultimate goal is to be completely self-employed as a writer. Still, all this extra money takes a huge weight off my shoulders.

Oh, and since I’m so elated about the raise, I asked Jen out and she immediately said yes, so we’re going out Friday night.

So to recap:

Before Emperor I had just been promoted to a new position that I was struggling with and was hemorrhaging money.

After Emperor I started kicking ass at the new position, got an unexpected 19% salary increase and $7,400.00 worth of stock, plus I just got a date with a gorgeous woman 15 years younger than me. @SaintSovereign and @Fire you guys are my ambassadors of Quan!

I don’t know what the fuck to say. There was a lot of buzz about Subliminal Club over the summer, so I checked it out, the price was right, so I decided to jump on the Emperor train and I’ve enjoyed the ride but never expected it to yield such powerful results so fast. I have no doubts whatsoever that I’m going to have everything I want in life. I just need to keep working hard and let Emperor guide me while Limitless clears the path.


11-20-18 @ 10:35 PM:
Congratulations on your success and your new raise at work. :+1:


@Yardbird Congratulations Sir. How long have you been listening to Emperor & how many hours per day? Also are you listening to Emperor Ex?