Jules’ Journal: Dragon Reborn Extended Cut

I started Dragon Reborn three days ago. Not sure how to journal but will read into it more. Is it to keep track of the days and cycles (using the thread as a log)? I used to just run subs for hours but with zero point I’m sticking to the schedule. That would help I think.

Anyway, I chose DR because I think it will help me overcome my past. My past isn’t crazy dark or anything, but I was depressed for many years and came out of that in 2015. I carry a lot of hurt as tension in my body as well (in my shoulders especially) from that pain. I think I’ve heard of it as “emotional armor” before. I’d like to overcome that too.

I chose limitless executive because I just started my first company and would like to be successful in that. I used to run Emperor and then also Stark a lot. I think ZP is quite groundbreaking, I never had crazy results from subs (even up to Q) but after deciding to check in with subclub after a hiatus I saw ZP. I ran Stark ZP for the first time on April 27 and that very same day filed for my LLC. Wow. I’d been putting that off for two years. So immediately I saw that ZP is different. So, I thought if that is that powerful then what I could really use is true inner healing. I have a lot of inhibitions, I’ve come a long long way from them but I’m still very inhibited in deep ways.

I would like to run Stark ZP with these two and might. Maybe once a week from what I’m reading?

Ok, now for some results so far. Just two listens across three days of DR. One of LE.

Immediately I noticed that it was causing me to face my insecurities. Even while listening to it the first time. The next day I had a big fight with a romantic connection with whom things have become very complicated. I started enforcing new boundaries, and some crazy stuff has happened since then. It’s still kind of raw so I’d rather not talk about it here and now. But I’m seeing DR at work.

One positive is that I went out for beers and grub with my jiu jitsu training partners. And was doing really well in a group setting which has always been hard for me. I’ve been training with this academy for a year now and I’d never gone for beers with any of them. I jumped at the opportunity when that is something I might have been hesitant to do, or just not gone, just a couple days ago. I might have still gone, but I would have felt a lot more uneasy about it, I think.

To be honest I’m a bit nervous to run this sub, but excited as well. Those two are the same feeling though, no? Just depends how you look at it.

Ciao for now


7 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x LE

I noticed that the sub has been making me feel uneasy, I think. But only when I’m alone with my thoughts. When I’m being social I feel fantastic.


9 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x LE
Day 6/21 of this stack, though technically was running Stark before though which is day 13/21, should I count that towards the cycle?

To expand on my last entry, the uneasiness feels sort of like stomach butterflies that I used to get as a teenager, but more constant and dull rather than acute and intense. If I think of it energetically, it is definitely an area of my body that has stored a lot of, and possibly the most amount of trauma. I remember feeling/taking many emotional blows in that area and my gut feelings have been dulled ever since. I also notice that I am letting my belly relax more and more. Ever since some woman called me a pot belly as a kid I’ve tried to hide it and suck it in all the time. Heh.

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Reading around I found the answer. The washout after 21 days to give your psyche a rest. So I’m on 14 now then. Today is a rest day.

I still feel the same kind of energy but it is reaching into my solar plexus and heart today. It is not as uneasy as yesterday, almost a giddy warm butterfly feeling. I haven’t had energetic experiences this strong since 2017 when I was doing a lot of yoga and meditation. And I haven’t had butterflies at all since I was a teenager.

I’m thinking about cutting LE, based on forum reading I’ve been doing. Not that I don’t want LE’s scripting, but that I want to give DR all the space it needs to do its thing.


Always ask yourself:

Is that a decision based on fear or is it based on trust?


Probably a bit of both. I fear that trying to do too much will hinder the results but also trust that more experienced members here know more. For now I’m not going to change anything. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”

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I got the exact same feeling when I ran Executive back in the Ultima days. It was really bad too. I think that it was trying to push through what was my normal lethargy and inertia really fast, and my subconscious, which was used to keeping me fairly inactive REALLY didn’t like it.
The end result was that I felt like I wanted to crawl out of my skin.

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Fascinating, I wonder if mine is from LE then. Whatever it is, it isn’t bothering me, per se, I actually kind of like it. It disappears when I’m being social or active (at the gym etc).

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11 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x LE
Day 15/21 cycle 1/2 for stage 1

About an hour and a half post listening, feeling uneasy again. Same thing. I like that I can feel something going on but today feeling it very strongly, like the drop of the first hill of a roller coaster or the feeling of falling.

I’m doing a bit better at work. I had been in a slump not being able to get much done. I’ve been doing great during Jiu Jitsu classes, feeling much more involved, receptive and retentive.

I’ve noticed I feel so much less shy and reserved. I’m talking to strangers again and feel like I can connect to others easier. I’ve always struggled connecting to people. There was a period from 2017 to 2019 where I had made some breakthroughs but I was over-the-top and would have been cringy save my sincerity and vulnerability. This feels natural.

I had been loafing around on Tinder the last few months, not sure enough in what I want to talk to people more than a few sentences. A couple days ago matched with someone I am very attracted to and had a great interaction before number closing. I’ll be setting up a date soon and am nervous to do so but feeling confident at the same time. I would also like to do more cold approach, and overcome my approach anxiety.

In regards to the complex romantic thing I mentioned in the first post, we sorted things out and I made it clear that now I’ll be dating again. We had been exploring getting back together LTR, but these subs flipped that on its head. Which is for the best. She and I have a deep connection but not a high level compatibility for LTR.

As I write this, the uneasiness is flipping between uneasy and warm fuzzy.


13 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x PS
day 17/21

I switched secondary sub for now. I realized that I expend a lot of time and energy on sex and seduction in comparison to business and productivity. So that’s closer to what I really want. I will probably work it back in and include LE or Stark into the stack, maybe on the next cycle. I do want to continue working on my business and eventually become FI and not tied to any job.

The butterfly feeling went away a few hours after my last post two days ago, I haven’t felt it constantly like that since then. Still feel it sometimes but it just isn’t a constant thing. Maybe an energetic blockage got cleared up?

Results with PS:
I can feel that I have a sort of “allure” about me after running it. I feel more charming and suave, which is pairing well with my newly enhanced outgoingness. I feel so smooth and natural compared to a week ago. It’s crazy.

NGL I was seriously so nervous to call Tinder girl and setup our date, but I did it anyway and that went well. I’m a quality over quantity guy, big about authentic intimacy and emotional connection, so I hope that PS will deepen that.


15 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x PS
day 19/21

17 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x PS
day 21/21

Not too much to report. Still feel more social. Went to a party last Friday and was absolutely crushing it making jokes and interacting with everyone.

My jiu jitsu professor told me he has seen a massive improvement in my ability to string key movements together and flow lately. I feel like I’m starting to see my purple belt on the horizon.

I think there’s some appetite suppression going on or something, I haven’t been eating my normal amount which is good because I want to get back to about 175. I am doing a recomp and running a hypertrophy program as well which normally I’d overeat by a lot.

Washout begins tomorrow.


Washout done. Cycle 2 of DR ST1 tomorrow. Going to keep running PS since my dating life has been louder lately. Had an old friend reach out to me on Instagram, we’re going out on Thursday. Another date Friday. I somehow managed to find someone incredibly similar to me, that’s cool. Maybe that’ll make it boring or it could be really cool.

The effects of the subs do seem to be waning by now although I still feel extra social which is good. I just feel depleted. But I haven’t worked out since Thursday (by design), and I’ve been eating bad, drinking, and smoking, so, I’m not surprised.

Back to PS, I did have incredible sex on Thursday. It could definitely be described as “primal”, I had no thoughts pop up and interrupt my sexual state, like what might normally happen, I was totally present.

That’s all for now. Hasta luego

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23 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x PS
Day 1/21 cycle 2/2 of stg 1

Feeling uneasy after listening, same as before. Nothing else to report.

I’m actually very much excited to hear more about DR + LE

I don’t think you’d need to cut LE. You do have a present-day business you’re running as well, you can’t dedicate 100% of your time to healing, and healing can absolutely kill productivity for some people.

If you were planning on running DR + Another big title, I’d totally get giving DR more space. But with LE, you’re basically just limiting the negative effects that DR can have on your short term productivity.

Oh well in that case, keep on!

Primal is a lot of healing as well, so these sound like a good combo. Maybe consider changing your journal name to Dragon Reborn + Primal Seduction?

Keep it up! Great journal


Thanks for your reply, I appreciate your thoughts on my journey here :pray:

I would like to either switch to it in a later phase of DR or run all three titles. But I was wondering why my productivity was down. Well, the business is only a registered entity at this point, I’m not operational yet. I have a day job in software. The healing is my main goal right now, so I don’t mind if my productivity is down or my business isn’t ready for another couple months.

So far so good! Thanks again.

I am actually not seeing any option to edit it at this point… I can see the edit button for my newer posts but not the OP. @RVconsultant would you be able to assist me with this?

Some notes for the day:

PS definitely makes me feel like I am so sexy and gives me a bounce in my step.

People from my past keep coming out of the woodwork lately and I’m not sure which sub it is but I think I remember someone else running PS having a similar experience.

My ex from 5 years ago decided to text me tonight out of nowhere. We ended up talking for a while on the phone. I don’t want her back or anything, but it was nice to hear from her. And then two old friends reconnected with me in the past week. I think I already mentioned one of them yesterday. Weird stuff!

I have this feeling like my social life and dating life are about to blossom into something incredible. That has always been what I felt has held me back the most, so, wow.

That’s all for now. Ciao


25 May:
1 x DR Stg 1
1 x PS
Day 3/21

@Billions for interest re: productivity

Yesterday to address the reduced productivity I tried using isochronic tones for ADHD and then for focus. I used to use them with a pretty good effect, especially the ADHD one. I used the ADHD one first which helped a bit but not much. Then one called “peak focus for complex tasks” while doing an analysis document at work, which did help quite a bit. The caveat, I felt like my mind had shifted into an intense focus state and it took some time to relax afterward. I almost felt like it was interfering with the subconscious work being done from the subs, but I’m not sure to what extent.

Since I want my mind to stay focused on the subs I’m running, I think I won’t do that again unless I direly need to get something done (which I did).

Changing the subject, a quick comment about ZP masked vs previous gens masked. In the background, it almost sounds to me like the Willy Wonka everlasting gobstopper machine at work or something. I hear beeps, wowowowowowo, and monkey noises? Just an observation.

In regards to PS, again had an intense sexual experience yesterday, I almost gassed out hahah. I also forgot to write about these but a couple small experiences from last week, first is that a random attractive cashier was showing a ton of interest in me and asking me questions. I didn’t want to take it anywhere bc she looked too young for me (usually 17-19 year olds work at that particular store). And second I had my hair bleached and the ladies at the salon were all over me, calling me Maluma, flirting, wanting to do tequila shots?? lmao. They were sexy but not really my wavelength.

As for DR, how do I know when to move onto the next stage? Is it just a feeling or is there a recommended amount of cycles? To be clear I don’t think I’m there yet, just curious.


At least one complete cycle. Generally 2-3. I’d say at least 2 full ones because you’re running it with a larger program like PS that also has its own healing components. Try 2 cycles per stage.


If you want to change the title of your journal, just type what you want it to say and then tag me.

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