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Similar to my valuable posts archive, however, this thread is specifically dedicated to showcasing journals where the user got a significant transformation with a subliminal.

I’d like to be able to go to people one day and say “hey check out these forum reports on subliminals” for people who are open minded but need something tangible to dive into and learn more about.

And the forum can be a mess. I’m struggling to find a good Ascension journal even though there’s plenty!

Which is what inspired this

Emphasis on journals that are short and snappy so people can see results in short time


Viktor’s Love Bomb For Humanity journey

Love Bomb For Humanity + Mogul as the first stack. Eventually added in Dragon Reborn Limit Destroyer.


Lele85’s Solo Genesis journal

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Luther24 on wanted

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Friday’s initial experiences on Khan

Friday’s Wanted/Khan Custom that he later created

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Not a journal, but describes an experience his friend had running PCC + Stark - and overall great guide