Wanted Khan [2022]


Module List
  1. Khan ST4
  2. Wanted
  3. Inner Circle
  4. Divine Self-Image
  5. Stress Displacement
  6. Transcendental Connection
  7. Ethereal Presence
  8. Edge of Danger
  9. Code of Loyalty
  10. Lifeblood Fable
  11. Limit Destroyer
  12. Untouchable
  13. Fearsome
  14. Fenrir
  15. Rogue
  16. Wayfinder
  17. Science Adept
  18. The Way of ROI
  19. Fusion Optimized
  20. Yggdrasil

I am going to run a version of Khan for the rest of the year, so I figured it deserves a new journal :sunglasses:

Currently stacking Wanted Khan Qv2 with Diamond ZP and planning to add ExecutiveZP to the mix.


It seems like I reached a point, where I no longer need to run subliminals.
I could leave today and happily never come back. It is not like everything is perfect and as if I reached all my goals and dreams yet, no I just like who I am, I am happy and fulfilled. I don’t need to develop a new character, I already feel comfortable in my own skin.

Last year, I was still brute-forcing my mind running 12 hours a day of Q subs. I wanted to download a new archetype and develop a new me, hence seeking the best way to do so. And it worked, but honestly, it was nothing more than a way of self-harm and disgust towards my self.

Now, thanks to ZP, I dropped my loops significantly, running one loop once or max twice per week. For me, subliminals no longer have the purpose to turn shit into gold, now they are only there to give me a small nudge, push me in the right direction, make diamonds out of the gold. But I don’t need them no more. I could leave and never look back, and I would be as happy as I am right now.


That’s very good, @friday.

I look forward to when I’m at the point that I can say this also.

Humans will always grow more complex and advanced desires, the importance is realizing that each and every accomplishment makes every new desire less important. It’s like a chain – the first ones weigh very much, and the chain gets progressively lighter, until you’ve reached the point that the desires you find yourself having do not actually impact your life much.

This is what some very successful and powerful people often forgot – instead of their chain weighing less with time, it weighs more (they get addicted to the chain!), that they find themselves cannot be happy regardless of external circumstances.

This is why it’s very important to never forget the journey you were on to get here, and think back to how much you have accomplished and see it from the perspective you would have before you achieved it. Let it have that much meaning for your life. This is gratitude and it will keep you happy and calm whatever life throws at you.

Good luck my friend!


I am happy you reached this point
But worth it to wait for some ZP titles and customs​:grin::wink:

Review: 50 days

The first month of 2022 is barely over, and I have almost reached all my social goals for this year haha. Wanted Khan seems to be the most profound custom I have run, and one which I have integrated and executed the fasted ever.

The crazy part is my current listening schedule: I am only running one loop of Wanted Khan and one loop of Sex Mastery ZP every 7-12 days, meaning I have only run 4 loops of Wanted Khan Qv2 in total this year so far! :open_mouth:

My results :+1::

  • My social life has turned upside down. I am not only dominating social circles, I am literally taking over them. Friends introduce me to their friends and I end up hopping from one circle to the next, connecting with them sometimes deeper than they are with the friend who introduced me to them haha. My good friend just commented yesterday how he cannot believe how well connected I am. In the last month alone, I made around 15 new close friends, and reconnected with people I have not seen in ages. It really feels awesome to be back to the Khan level lifestyle.

  • Whenever I take the subway, people are STARING, sometimes full-on smiling at me like I am a celebrity. I have had that on Khan but nothing as CRAZY as what I am experiencing right now. I am waiting for the day somebody asks me for a picture or signature hahah. Also, strangers, in general, became very nice and respectful towards me.

  • Got a ton of new clothes and leveled up my style to a whole new level. It is getting quite common that people compliment me on how well I am dressed when they see me. I am also noticing that my face looks far more symmetrical.

  • Khan helps you speak the language of women. I am noticing an instant connection with almost any girl. It is like we are speaking the same language, they instantly get what I am saying, they get me. This does not mean that they all like or love me, sometimes (though very rarely) this level of instant understanding also leads to the opposite effect haha.

  • I became very comfortable approaching and talking to strangers, something I have struggled with for a long time. It is now like second nature, and also often includes flirting with when I like what I see.

  • There are multiple women currently interested in me, texting me, asking me to hang out, etc. Sometimes my life feels surreal on Khan haha. Another friend just told me that I am hitting his social circle like a bomb, sharing with me how the girls were commenting on my sexual demeanor and aura haha. Also getting comments like “As always, you are very mysterious :smirk:

  • But no matter how wanted I feel, I am currently just having eyes for ONE wonderful girl :innocent: I am very picky with girls when it comes to potential relationships and she is everything I was ever looking for and never could find in one girl. She looks absolutely stunning, adorable cute face, perfect body: big breasts, petite figure, and a butt to die for. But getting to know her personality, it is clear that her looks are only the second-best part about her, having some traits which are unbelievably rare to find. We share the same values on a very deep level, a connection unlike I ever experienced with somebody else. She makes me smile, blush and aroused, and there is something about her that inspires me to become a greater doctor. Sadly there is an issue… She is currently in a relationship (1 year)… which she only told me on our third “date“… after I coincidently asked about a DJ set on her desk… Just a few minutes later her boyfriend called her, noticeably jealous, as he „saw us flirting in her room and wanted to stop us“ lol. I have seen a pic of him on her instagram and he is looking great, very handsome and tall, almost model-like. She quickly ended that call and we continued talking about sex and potential affairs lol (not between us but in general). My sexual tension & coquettish behavior was off the charts, and most importantly such a natural and congruent part of myself. There were many moments where she was literally directly reflecting back to me how perfectly I am expressing the Khan and Wanted script.
    I am openly expressing my desire and affection for her, and it feels soooo good that I reached a level where I can do that with success. That‘s what Khan‘s social dominance is all about: Doing whatever the fuck you want / what feels right, and getting away with it. After our date, she texted me „It was very nice with you :heart:“, for the first time using a heart. I am not quite sure what she is up to and it probably would be wiser to keep some form of distance to not get hurt but to be honest, I am not asking her for anything or needing anything, I feel so self-fulfilled and the most comfortable I ever been in my skin, there isn’t even a way I could feel rejected no matter what happens lol. Anyway, she asked me to meet her next Saturday.

  • The Fearsome + Fenrir module combination is expressing very nicely for me. I have manifested two situations, one in which I was directly involved and another where I was asked for help. Both cases were about “fraud“ where people tried to take advantage of me or my loved ones. One was my dentist trying to make me pay an invoice for 700$. I knew this could not be right, so I contacted a friend of mine who is also a dentist and ask for his opinion on this matter. Together we filed a complaint which I am sure my dentist did not expect haha. One week later, I got a new invoice for 150$.
    In the other case, I also won grandly! :wink: Call me Harvey Friday Specter!

  • People are increasingly loyal to me, especially noticeable with my closest friend from university who always had some issues in regards to loyalty. I am also noticing people are opening up more to me, sometimes I am astounded by how much they share with me.

  • I have developed a strong desire to consume medical knowledge, most likely a result of Science Adept. I am actively studying peer-reviewed papers and made a 5-step-plan to cure my myopia, which involves accommodation training and circadian light behavioral changes. If somebody is interested in Neuroscience for self-improvement, I would warmly recommend the Huberman Lab podcast which I am listening to almost daily. Inner Circle Core also has helped A LOT with manifesting INFORMATION and knowledge!

  • I am the happiest, healthiest, fattest, and most confident I have ever been.


Story and a look into my emotional self

I just came back from a date with Lisa. The date itself was great, but deep down I came back insatiable sad…

I listened to a loop of Libertine right before knocking on her door. The moment she opened the door, there was a noticeable sexual spark between us. She introduced me with some innuendo, clearly showing her interest. She was much more openly flirty than usual… We ended up laying near a fireplace drinking a bottle of natural white wine. Very close eye contact and proximity. It did not take long and we talked about sex. She suddenly burst out asking if I ever had a threesome. We shared stories we experienced with past lovers, she did not mention her current boyfriend once. We shared more stories of the past, making plans for the future… the time flew by.
The story between Lisa and me began 5 years ago when we meet at a dance ball. I still remember the crazy boner I had when I danced with her. She wanted to go outside to smoke and I went with her. Outside another guy approached us and started to flirt with Lisa. She dropped me like a hot potato. I then left them to not further waste my time and enjoy the ball instead. She later opened me again and we had a quick exchange, and that was the last time I saw her… Forgot her for 5 full years. Until she texted me 3 months ago and magically reappeared in my life.
The date further escalated, including rating her perfectly formed ass, laying next to each other under a blanket, touching each other and having short moments of strong eye contact with only a few cm apart. At that moment her boyfriend called, this time even more jealous than on our last date. He asked her to say out loud „I LOVE YOU“ on the phone, to shout it so that I hear it, which she also followed through upon, noticeably awkward. She acknowledged how jealous I am making her boyfriend and the sexual tension slowly faded out between us. She later accompanied me to my bus home, giving me a We-are-more-than-friends-I-would-love-to-kiss-you hug pressing her cheeks strongly against mine.

I think the reason why I am so sad coming back from the date is because of one detail she shared with me: 5 years ago, on the dance ball, she actually ended up sleeping with the guy who approached us outside. And isn‘t that exactly the same situation I am in again with her? She goes on multiple dates with me, shares with me sexually-charged moments, but in the end, it is her boyfriend who gets to fuck her tonight… not me. The only difference is that I am now a Khan, and this time she is actually interested in me.


But I am also confused about my feelings… On the one hand, I am pretty certain that if we further meet it becomes inevitable that something will happen between us. On the other hand, the imagination of her dropping her boyfriend for ME frightens me because I am not sure about her… For one, she prefers not to use condoms during sex and instead “makes sure that her boyfriend does not come inside her“ which as a guy who suffered his whole life from Premature Ejaculation is one of the scariest things you can say to. Further, besides all the great points that are unique and perfect about her as written in my last post, I am now aware that she does inhibit some red flags, like that she once caught one of her boyfriends cheating on her, might have then cheated herself on another boyfriend (not sure), and now the whole situation with me…

Input is very welcome :pray:


I fucking love your journals @friday

There succint, detailed, storied, full of data, I get such a sense of your world, aliveness, success, and challenges (the I wouldn’t have it any other way kind of challenges). They make me feel more alive reading.

I’m assuming Lisa is the girl from the above post- the only girl you have eyes for.

Here is my contribution to your welcoming of input.

She is either keeping her bf around to have someone around, not that satisfied in that relationship/ looking for more, likes him for the status (he is model like etc.) and security and/or she is the kind of girl
who genuinely doesn’t have a lot of authentic loyalty and goes where the strongest gravitational pull is.

As the Wanted Khan you are currently the strongest gravitational pull- 5 years ago- it was that other guys she dropped you like a hot potato for.

Sounds like you could have been the one to fuck her almost anytime during your story.
I could be misreading this-but I would say -it didn’t happen because of a choice you made without realizing you were making it-not some external factor.

I believe you held back so as not to be ‘the bad guy’

let yourself be the bad guy :slight_smile: She sounds already completely complicit in her own seduction here

She is spending 1 on 1 time with you consciously with a clear sense of where it could go - shes essentially already being 100% disloyal to her bf.

Was part of you waiting on getting physical so as to not to violate the ‘sanctity’ of her relationship and perhaps even waiting for her to do it. In these situations you’ll have to be responsible for breaking that sanctity and honestly, I’d say go for it, 1. sounds like it’s worth it 2. It’s likely now or soon, if not with you she will with someone else.

For the overthinking–

I would just continue the trend of fully owning you, what you want and what works for you.

You owe her nothing even if she drops her bf for you. (unless you stated some promise or expectation otherwise)

She is likely not a great person to be in a monogamous relationship with (no offense to her just based off her behavior with you), but sounds like a great person to be in an open relationship with, or just hava a lot of fun with.

If she wants to fuck you and your not comfortable not wearing a condom, wear a condom. She can have her preference and you do what you want/works for you. Woman/ people always like and respect that more in the end than bs accommodating.

I’m sure your already aware of most/ everything I’ve said so hope that reinforces something positive or offers something of a least a bit of value.


I agree 100%. She gave you all the signs you need. You just need to pull the trigger. Remember, she is a woman and women generally don’t like to seem easy…also she is trying to hold that “faithfull girlfriend” frame, at least somewhat consciously (subconsciously, she is all over you). Girls need someone or something to blame for their “bad” behavior, and if she is somehow swept by the moment, she will not blame herself for cheating as much and that would be acceptable.

Another thing is, many girls are staying in dysfunctional relationships for the sake of conveniency, they don’t want to be alone or whatever. That don’t mean they wont leave their current BF.

So next time you found yourself in a similar situation, just go for the kiss man. :slight_smile: Be careful, if you don’t do anything in near future, she will lose interest eventually. Because in her book, she is giving you all the signs you need, and probably is wondering why it is taking you so long.

Also agree. Better safe than sorry, also there are STDs…

Good luck with that Lisa girl, man, you got it!


I agree, it’s like you want her to take the first step.
She is literally under a blanket with you, drinking wine and watching a fireplace while her boyfriend is at home. If I was her boyfriend I would call that kinda cheating. :joy:

The guy she slept with, maybe they’ve known eachother earlier or his intentions were clear(you said he approached her in a flirting manner) and he took the first step. At the same time, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t like you. Being sexually interested in multiple people is natural.

Then again she reminds me of this girl at work who also has bf but she seemed to enjoy validation. She would get guys hooked on her and just as they took the first step she left them.

Anyway, we can only guess the dynamics here. But I will leave with a food for thought: What if you were her boyfriend? Would you like a girl who does this behind her bfs back? Hmmm


Hey man, it seems to me that you have her way up on a pedestal instead of actually getting to know her.
You talk about values, yet she meets with you behind her boyfriend back: she either plays with you for extra attention or she meets you because she likes you. behind his back.
You don’t need to answer here, but more for you: what are those traits that you think are so hard to find? Are they really and does she really has them?
And another question for you: do you want to be the guy who fucks others guys woman? There is no right or wrong answer, just make sure you answer based on your values, not based on how much you want to fuck her because you are horny.

And the best advice I got when I was in a similar situation in my 20s: meet other girls as well. The harsh reality (that you already acknowledge) is that while you think about how perfect she is and fantasize about holding hands, she makes sweet and dirty love with her bf. Don’t settle for sloppy seconds, you deserve better man.
Oh and, please don’t say you are considering a relationship with a girl you havent had sex. That just disingenuous :slight_smile:


to add onto this, @friday please consider something that I had to learn the hard way in life:
if she can meet you behind her BF’s back, and even shares sexually-charged moments with you, as you put it, then don’t you think she’d do the same if she was YOUR girlfriend?

now, obviously she could just not do those stuff if you guys were dating or something, but then you said this:

if she was interested in you, she would have easily left the guy already, for you, but did she? or is she keeping you around as “safe back up”?

i’m not trying to be rude to you, so I hope you don’t take any offense from what I said, plus I’m pretty sure you have much more experience in life than me, but one of my main areas of interest and personal studies has been Human Behavior, and I can tell you that this sentence alone tells me that she’s kinda trying to use both of you, to please her ego;

so, my advice?
You’re a WANTED KHAN, act like one :wink:


Regarding Premature Ejaculation and my experience yesterday…

Subs: Wanted Khan Qv2 + (5 mins of Diamond ZP & 7 mins of Sex Mastery ZP)

  • I decided to meet up with one of the girls who were hitting me up on Instagram. She is slightly below my usual standards, but Sex Mastery ZP pushed me to go out of my comfort zone and use that opportunity to do it for the reference experience.

  • I extra got myself Gingko Biloba and Rhodiola Rosea as there is promising science showing that both help with delaying ejaculation through various pathways.

  • On the way to her, I meet a friend who “coincidently” opened up to me that he had Premature Ejaculation in the past, which quickly got fixed with experience.
    This was the first time, I talked and heard somebody I know in real speaking about that issue.

  • The moment I meet my girl she was totally down lol. Might be because I listened to a full loop of LibertineZP followed by 1 min of SM ZP haha. It got heated quickly.

  • After some fingering and licking, she gave me a blowjob. Woow, one of the best blowjobs I have ever received. That sexy girl knew what she was doing. Only problem, it really did not take long and I noticed: Ohhhhhhh fuck this is not gonna end well. She was holding and sucking on it in a way where I could not relax my BS muscle. So I abruptly stopped her at the last moment. I cooled down a bit and she continued. The pleasure was unreal. I think I really should not run DiamondZP anymore hahah. After a few moments, I stopped her again but this time she was crossing over the mark of no return. I clenched my muscles and prevented myself from ejaculation, so she did not even notice haha. Disappointed that both SMZP and the two herbs did not work well (seemingly making it even worse, much worse than usual), I continued with fingering her. She then told me that she is excessively using sex toys and she never orgasms from fingering, only from penetration. Wow a girl who cannot orgasm and a boy who has severe Premature Ejaculation today, what a perfect match… At this point, I was really frustrated, knowing that there was absolutely zero chance I could properly penetrate her today. I thought this is gonna be the worst sexual experience I ever had, and not only for me haha.

  • I do not even know how but I turned this hopeless situation around, which I was certain that it will end in an absolute disaster. In the end, I had her so turned on, she orgasmed twice maybe even a third time, without me penetrating her. We shared wonderful 4 hours together (just the sex) and it was maybe the strangest but also one of the hottest, deepest and most beautiful love-making experiences I had. When I had to go, she begged me to stay, and later sent me some nudes telling me how fucking hot I am lol.

Some thoughts and conclusions:

  • This experience made it clear to me that I can no longer suppress, avoid or hide away from this issue. Having Premature Ejaculation is a part of who I am right now, and I will to arrange myself with it. I will need to openly communicate that to my partners, preferably before the intercourse. I will need to find a girl who is cool with it and who wants to train with me, preferably on a daily basis. I am thinking about downloading tinder and writing it in my bio, or talking to one of my past fuck buddies who might be down to help me. I need as much sex as possible, and luckily with Wanted Khan, I am in no shortage of options.
    From now on, I am going to admit to people that I have a problem in that regard, and I am proud that I have gained the emotional maturity to do just that even though initially it might be extremely scary for me. People always assume that I am such a player who has slept with hundreds if not thousands of girls, I think even some people here on the forum think that after reading my journals… but the truth is I am young, and while I have certainly had a lot of cool encounters with multiple different women at this point, penetrating sex, especially on a regular basis still somewhat of a novelty to me. My PE issue has always prevented me to commit long-term and have anything more than one-night-stands…

  • I have the strong presumption that LibertineZP is tremendously increasing my Premature Ejaculation. I am going to explicitly test that in the next few days and just HOPE this is not true because Libertine is by far my fav program. But everything is pointing in that direction, so maybe I will have to abandon it :cold_sweat:

  • The two herbs clearly did not work for me. I am going to further experiment with Gingko and a slightly higher dose, as I have seen improvements from that in the past.

  • From now on, I will always make sure to masturbate before going out. I am not sure why I am not doing it, maybe because I am afraid to not get an erection. But Boners are hardly a problem for me. When I was with her, I had such a MONSTER-ERECTION, unbelievable… (that is certainly a result of 2 months of DiamondZP).

  • I will need to look into breathing methods that are proven and effective in decreasing the sympathetic nervous system as the ejaculation response is controlled by it.


I think there is a technique call triangular breathing that can help. Keels should also do the job. Hope that helps if you want something more advanced look up multi orgasmic male, tantric stuff where you use energy to last longer and have dry orgasm.

I lost my fav earbuds at a girl’s place or when I tried to catch the bus. I just mailed the support of the company, and without me asking they are willing to give me 50% off! #JustWantedKhanThings



Is this the custom that you are going to do in ZP?

(5 char)


Stack changes and Reconciliation

After reading a lot of positive reviews, I decided to drop down from QL St3 to QL St1 two weeks ago (review coming soon), which I will be running for the rest of the year to restore my dopamine pathways and hopefully heal my ADD. Even though I have spent adequate time running QL St1 in the past, with ZP everything starts from a blank page again. Before I can enter a “Quantum Focus Mode” with ST3, I need to get back and work on my neurotransmitter balance first.

My current stack is Wanted Khan ZP, Diamond ZP, and QL St1 ZP.
One loop every 7-11 days.

After my second loop of Wanted Khan ZP, a wave of RECON overcame me - which is the first time ever I have experienced (strong) recon from a ZP title.
It started with general discomfort, almost like the feeling you have right before you get a cold. I got invited to a party but I had ZERO desire to socialize, so I stayed home. I noticed that my mood was off, and as somebody here described it “my soul was crying”. The great part about the reconciliation on ZP is that it seems to be far more conscious, you are more in tune with yourself and even get a good guess which issue is causing the recon. For me, it has been authenticity.

I am sharing quite a lot here on the forum about what is happening in my life but not everything. Some of the stories and experiences I go through are unbelievable (especially on Khan and Libertine), and I do not even bother sharing them here. I think the only person who can relate is @Saiyan4Blue. But unlike him, I am not such a self-actualized womanizer. While I am not short on sexual experiences, I have not slept (penetrative sex) with many women in my life. Mainly because of my issues with premature ejaculation and secondly because I had not been satisfied with the quality of girls. I am picky on the looks, but I am certainly also not going to date a woman who is vegan and believes everything the government/media says as 99% do. I am even halfway proud that I have this sexual inexperience because why should I penetrate and biologically possibly impregnate a woman who is below my true standard? The issue is ALL people, especially girls, have this notion of me that I am this playboy who is sleeping with different girls almost every day. To be honest, this comes really handy in the actual seduction process, but it starts to bother me because to cope with my PE I have to feel comfortable, I need to tell them that I am fairly inexperienced. So this recon was coming up, and I was fed up with how other people’s perspectives of me limited me to authentically express all parts of myself which swapped over to a general dislike of my online identity. I wasn’t sure how “Friday” matches who I am in real life and if publicly journaling about some of my crazy experiences in life makes the whole thing worse.

But enough of that. The recon has now passed 80%, still a bit is left.

Ohhhh and what is the number one sign of recon? DESIRE TO CHANGE YOUR STACK.

And what I have been doing? In the past three days, I was working on a new iteration of Wanted Khan, changing some modules around. But even though I had recon, the end result turned out to be an ABSOLUTE MONSTER. I’ll finalize it and share it soon :wink: But I am not even sure if it is legal to run that hahah.


What makes you think that?

Because ZP is as powerful.

QL St3 ZP will actually instruct your body to enter a Quantum Focus Mode of the likes you have not seen before. I glimpsed into it when I was running ST3 but it wasn’t consistent because my mind and body were not prepared for it. You cannot struggle with basic focus and productivity like me when you have ADD and then expect to run St3 smoothly.

The exposure I got on QL St1 Qv2 has only prepared me for QL St3 Qv2, not for the ZP version.

Speaking in pictures,

Qv2 was a fiat car. St1 set up the motor, so that on St3 you can fully push the gas pedal and drive off.


ZP is a fucking Ferrari. You cannot leave the fiat motor in it and expect to get the full potential of results possible.


It is not about if you have run a certain title in the past but if you have truly mastered the objectives in the sales copy of that particular title.

That’s interesting. Thank you for elaborating.