Luther's WANTED ZP journal (ChosenZP then PSZP added later)

Mostly interested in how this compares to Wanted Qv2.

A little background about me:

I’ve used Wanted Qv2 in the past and after listening to it these results become very apparent to me from the Qv2 version:

  • extreme nonchalantness to the point where it’s hard to get any type of reaction out of me. Essentially I become very laidback, chill, playfully easy going and approachable. Defintely not forwardly dominant or “strong” masculine" like say Emperor.

  • coquettish/playful/flirty type of changes in my personality with sexual undertones.

  • strong confidence in the way I look, better body image etc

These were the mental/personality effects. The physical shifting was very impressive.
When I looked in the mirror, my hairstyle and face were more harmonious and attractive in an elegantly beautiful way (not in a primal way). Facial features changing to become more attractive, better skin and thicker, shinier hair. Changing my style and attire to look better. More toned and muscular body.

All of that combined, created a stronger attraction from women. Without getting into details, I went on multiple dates and found a lot more sexual opportunities. You become physically attractive in general and on multiple levels sexually irresistible. Most women will be attracted to you at first glance but it’s when you start interacting with them, especially repeatedly, they get pulled in to your whimsical flirtations. None of it is forced, it’s pretty much just automatic because you’re just being yourself. The title name “Wanted” couldn’t encapsulate this subliminal any better.

The physical shifting of Wanted Qv2 is good but the personality archetype and such felt like it pushes you towards a coquettish attitude if I am being completely honest. The nonchalantness was a little too much for me as well, I didn’t feel assertive or dominant enough at times. Not blaming the subliminal but that’s just what happened :man_shrugging: lol

I’m curious to use this Wanted ZP because it apparently “removes the script’s author from the equation as much as possible. You no longer have to worry a bout whether the script is attempting to
instill beliefs that aren’t aligned with who you want to be” and for multiple other reasons,
one being that the concepts that the ZP tech is based on seem, intuitively more “my style”.

I just listened to the 15 minute Wanted ZP preview (note: I am extremely sensitive to subliminals),
and it’s very effective. I only need 1 listen to without a doubt know that this is better than WantedQv2. It feels a lot more personal and powerful because of that.

This ZP stuff is a gamechanger

Feels like an immediate shift after 1 listen:
I’m feeling sexy vampire vibes. Perceived sense of self attractiveness is through the roof after one listen. I can feel the chemistry in my body and skin changing (I am also very sensitive to physical changes). Body temperature rising, my body is burning fat or my metabolism is higher and I feel like my body is more anabolic. Looked in the mirror and I actually feel more dominant in a sexy and attractive way, compared to WantedQv2 which seems to nullify my dominance. This Wanted ZP feels like a super tailored subliminal…

I haven’t felt an inner shift this powerful on any of the Qv2 subs… and this fast too. This is powerful and deep.

I will keep updating


I looked in the mirror today and stunned myself,

The physical shifting is way stronger than it was on WantedQv2, and way more personalized

My jawline is more square and my skin looks darker in a sexy way. My hairstyle somehow looks way more attractive. I subconsciously run my hand through my hair and it just settles perfectly. My eye has more of a curve, I had to google this but it’s called an Inner Canthus, mine is becoming more attractive and also my eyes have a shine to them. My arms are more vascular in a sexy way, my body is burning fat in the right areas. I know this for sure because last night my body was super heated like a furnace and the heater was off. I also look bigger muscular wise and feel stronger. My appetite has increased in the last 2 days, I had to eat something before bed last night because I was so hungry I couldn’t sleep, despite eating dinner an hour before that.

I’m getting some type of sexy dominant non-chalance, it’s more the primal type like I desired and it seems like I’m just getting all the results that are in alignment with me. It’s like a mixture of dark, sexy, primal and beautiful with the personality shift and physical shifts, in a way that is irresistible to women.

I was crossing a busy street earlier with lots of people around and I got so much attention from women, stares and looks its almost bizarre. Never had that on any subliminal that fast, it’s like WantedQv2 but stronger

Wanted ZP will definetly clear any mental hangups about how attractive you see yourself and I think it will remove any body image or physical self image issues. It really changes your beliefs and it gets reflected back to you,

I feel like this is a completely different sub to WantedQv2 because of how personalized it is,
this is truly a different level,

I was skimming posts about ZP and saw some people didn’t like the hype,
well the hype is justified

Excuse my language but this sub is fucking amazing lol

will keep updating for sure


Tomorrow I’ll be able to see if there are any changes in the bedroom, so I will update the day after

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Just got Spartan ZP, I’m going to run it with WANTED ZP and make another journal.


I was talking to my girlfriend on the phone and she was asking me what I want for Christmas.
The way I was talking to her, I’m not sure where it came from but I was very playful and flirtatious, my voice and everything. This is most definetly from WANTED ZP and it was good too because I got her laughing.

I’m looking at DIAMOND ZP, it’s very tempting but I will hold off on that for now and focus on it later.

Also, I forgot to explain what my goal is with WANTED ZP, its:

  1. Increase attractiveness on all levels (become wanted)

I’m not trying to attract new partners or anything, I’m honesly just having fun with the idea of being extremely attractive to women. I’m not emotionally invested in this too much or trying to fill up a void through seeking attention.

I’m just genuinely curious with how attractive a man can become and what kind of experience it is to be incredibly WANTED. I actually have a comedic outlook on this sub lol


wanna have some fun?
after a few days of running ZP subs, try to have some kind of intentions and fantasize about different kinds of women randomly (for example: milfs), and let us know what happens :wink:
be sure to tag me when you try that out :wink:


Seems like a cool idea but I’ll pass


WANTED ZP physical shifting is stellar. I’m also using Spartan ZP and noticing a lot of changes happening in my body such as my hormones and other things. I’m also drinking a lot more water than usual.

In the bedroom I noticed more passion with my partner and it surely seems like the playfulness/flirtiness from WANTED ZP spices things up by creating a stronger connection through attraction. Noticing little things from my partner lately such as being more physical clingy and touching me for no reason. Gazing into my eyes longer and the playfulness that I’m creating is making the relationship better. More lighthearted, sexy, intense, warm and at ease because my coquettishness is funny and makes her laugh lol. We both laugh, it’s funny

I heard that someone made a post about placebo today. Well my body is burning fat and gaining muscle and my face, eyes and hair are literally becoming more attractive… These are real physical changes lol and it’s not in my head because I’m getting compliments from women at work and my partner is responding.

Placebo my ass


OR, since you said you’d pass… just start fantasizing about crazy things that you want your girlfriend to do, like randomly tell you she wants to blow you in the parking lot or tell you she’s giving you an all-oral-for-you day. Whatever you fancy.



WANTED ZP can make you look like a supermodel, easily.

This sub is designed to make you irresistibly attractive to women physically and that’s not even taking into account all the mysterious aura, allure, and personality shift that just adds even more to your attractiveness

What a subliminal


I might have to get on the ChosenZP next, it seems like something that would fit me very well,

Either that one or PSZP to become a sexual/primal seductive beast.

I may have to run both at some point.
Also if EmperorZP or StarkZP is released, I will be on those immediately.

I will stick with WANTED+Spartan for now and throw in something else on Christmas


WANTED ZP is amazing, lol
Women just love the playfulness

My girlfriend has been texting me non-stop lol
We’re having 1 super long conversation of sexual innuendo and flirting, it’s too funny


You’re going in the exact direction I have been in, I’ve been following your journal, and I can tell you, you haven’t seen much yet :wink:

Just a quick tip bro, since your results are starting to seem similar to me, on WZP, you might sometimes get a bit cold (it’s part of the archetype) and you might come as an ass to your girl, so keep it in mind sometimes.

However, I haven’t really seen that happen since adding Chosen to the mix, nonetheless, I like your progress so I just wanted to let you know about that :grin:


Wow, now I’m excited lol

thanks for the insights and tips, I really appreciate it


If you ever have any questions on WANTED, then feel free to ask me or tag me, I’ve had quite a bit of experience with it since the day it first came out :grin:


WANTED ZP just keeps getting better as the results ramp up,

When I got into the shower today, I noticed that my hair is way thicker and it actually surprised me. I continue to experience physical changes all around. I don’t know what else to say except that WANTED ZP does what it sets out to do. My girlfriend is all over me lol and I’m getting more and more attention from women


I got good night text from girl…lol
I ran wanted only once and ps & limitless twice…let’s see what future holds

Alright, 1 week in and women are starting to give me the “deer in the headlights” look and looking at me for a lot longer in public places as if I’m a celebrity. I can feel the aura of mystery and allure around me too as it kind of projects from me like a mist and gives me some kind of halo effect. That, combined with being increasingly more physically attractive… its becoming impossible for women to ignore me. I’m starting to become aware of this effect I’m having on the ladies and entering places with the intention of not drawing too much attention or causing a ruckus, but of course it doesn’t work lol and they stare and flirt through eyes and body language. I went to the store today and I realized that the looks/attention I’m getting is something I have to get used to.

The type of attraction I’m creating isn’t like the overbearing primal type that makes women nervous. Instead, they are extremely intrigued and openly attractive, almost mesmerized, openly checking me out and trying to meet my eyes. When I meet their eyes, they either become starstruck, give me a lustful look, or their face lights up and they smile. I’m very approachable, non-chalant and casual on WANTED ZP but it changes you in a way that draws women in on many levels, like a magnet. Effortless attractiveness.

I get the impression that my girlfriend is way more attracted to me since I’ve starting using WANTED ZP. She wants to hug, cuddle, kiss and stare into my eyes more and lately she’s been extra touchy such as touching my face or my hair, coming out of nowhere and massaging my shoulders. There is more passion in this relationship for sure and more affection and lust. She can’t keep her hands off me. I actually haven’t initiated sex a single time since starting WANTED ZP… lol just realizing this now as I type.


Ok…I heard wanted today…I think it’s time to hit the store :slightly_smiling_face:

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I notice the same thing happening with WZP. The shoulder massages have been good. She normally barely touches me lol. After 17 years and 3 kids she’s into me again. Good evidence that this stuff does work.