"Is module X in sub Y?"-Thread

There are a lot of questions regarding which module is included in what subliminal. This question gets especially relevant when one wants to construct a custom and wants to only add modules that are absolutely necessary or add something new to the core. SaintSovereign and Fire are busy working on cool new tech and products, and therefore do not have the time to answer such questions regularly. So I was thinking to create a thread and use the intelligence of the whole community to share more light on these questions.

What do you think?

It would be good if only people answer who have experience in some way or another with the sub.

I will start:

Is the module “Potentiator” in Emperor? It is definitely included in Khan.

  • Yes. Potentiator is in Emperor
  • No. Potentiator is not in Emperor

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Don’t think so much, just follow your feeling. And don’t be afraid to make a wrong vote :wink:


Is “Lion IV” included in Emperor? It is definitely included in Khan

  • Yes. Lion IV is in Emperor
  • No. Lion IV is not in Emperor

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Excellent idea, @friday. Lets also put in what modules we are sure are in certain titles because of reading the sales page or confirmed by SaintSovereign/Fire and by our experiences.


  • Empath is in Renaissance Man

  • Male Enhancement is in Diamond Ultima and WANTED

  • Emperor Fitness Height Inducer is in Emperor Fitness ST3, ST4 and WANTED

  • Ultimate Writer, Sacred Words, Index Gate, Technology Prodigy, Polyglot, Matematica di Virtuoso and most all skills are in Renaissance Man (this one is an educated guess)

  • Emperor’s Voice is in Emperor and Khan

  • Alpha of Alpha, Leader of Men are in Emperor, Khan and StarkQ


I must get there one day… That is going to rock my world. But first, I need to get rid of my limitations running Emperor.

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@Meng123 I feel like with your superhuman abilities to find things like questions for the FAQ you can find certain modules that might have been mentioned by Saint or Fire that could be in titles.

Tech Prodigy is in Stark - confirmed by Saint in PM


I got no clue to the answers, how do I see the vote results?

I will close the poll in around 24 hours and then everyone will see it. It needs to be private for now so there is not influencing

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Lol,not really.both fire and saint said the majors arent modular so they are pretty careful to not mention what modules are in programs other than in the sales pages.lol.that and alot of the modules that are pulled out are rewritten or contain something similar but not same like hom has something similar to inner circle and pcc but not the actual scripts cause it didnt gel with the program.the rewriting been mentioned since stark,lol


The modules in the Q store are not the exact ones that are in each subliminal.

However, there are certain concepts that overlap and can be found as modules in the Q store.
The goal of this thread is only to give a clearer picture on the modules by linking ones user experience (for example Starks Prodigy scripting) to certain modules that are similar in a way (for example the module Technology Prodigy) to reproduce some of the results.
Sometimes it is not that easy to interconnect one specific effect one loved so much from a product to a specific module, especially if you have not run that title for long. This is where this thread helps by asking the community. Though, all here is still speculation and just helps one to make better module choices.


I agree that its a good thing to speculate.Just that a module is also flavored by the program its in and its perceived modules so adding a module to a custom may not get the same result/flavor as when it was in the major and people might be dissapointed that they didnt get the exact same effect they wanted in their custom by including that module.

Anyways,im enjoying the speculation so please continue :grinning:

We’ve already explained this situation sooooo many times before. It doesn’t matter if “module X is in sub Y,” especially when you are building a custom. The modules within a major title’s core goes to support that CORE’s objectives, with minor effects bleeding over into the larger custom. Thus, if there’s a module you want in a custom, you need to add it, regardless of whether or not you think it’s in a particular major title’s core.


I thinks what people dont realize is that when you building you sub an chosing you module to help you accomplish that goal you should put in what will help you out even if it in that major.
My latest custom has productivity unleashed and i know that in limitless plus that same sub has limitless as a core but i dont care i must get my productivity under control to be successful this year

That’s not the point of the thread. I believe I already made this differentiation clear in my last post.

There are a lot of modules that aren’t not straightforward. Trying to discern in what major subliminal they are, which you run in the past will make you understand better how the module will be executing and what results you can roughly expect from it. Interconnecting your experience with certain scripting to the modules. This knowledge allows you to create far better customs and really discern what you need to put in the custom for your desired goals and effects.

Yes, I know what you’re trying to achieve. What I’m saying is, when you build a custom and include a major subliminal core, the “submodules” in that core supports the MAJOR SUBLIMINAL CORE, not necessarily the new custom, since it’s a different beast. For example, Mind’s Eye contains part of Ascension. That Ascension has been rewritten to achieve the goals of Mind’s Eye. Of course, since it’s alpha training, you’ll still receive benefits in other parts of your life, but that scripting was very much designed to help you obtain enough confidence and belief in yourself to help with visualization.

Including Mind’s Eye in a subliminal and then saying “I don’t need alpha training bc it’s already in Mind’s Eye” is a BAD way of creating a custom, hence why we say, if there’s a module you want, add it. Focus more on the grand picture rather than the submodules. Set a design goal, then add the 20 modules that will push you to that goal without worrying about what each major core has in it.

We’ll allow the thread for now, but if we start seeing a bunch of people doing exactly what we said not to do above, we’ll have to intervene.


Yes, I absolutely agree with you. We are in no way having different opinions.

This thread is certainly more for advanced users than new people, who could make that exact mistake you are mentioning. It is a really valid point.

I don’t even wanna go into much detail about how to built your custom, because this is literally another topic.

The only goal this thread has is to make better module choices.

For example, let’s take Atman and Limit Destroyer. Maybe not the best example because Limit Destroyier is probably in most major subs, and I have no idea where Atman is but I believe you will get what I mean. The descriptions of both of those modules are not at all explaining how the two modules differentiate from each other, only that both deal with limit removal. If you are not proving more context to the modules, which is reasonable because you simply don’t have the time to explain the intricacies of every module, the only way to find out which of those two modules would fit my needs and the custom I am building the most, is by trying to recall if I am already familiar with the script. When I have the knowledge that Limit Destroyer for example is in Ascension and Emperor and Atman in Alchemist (made that up), I see and think about where I had the “better limit removal experience for myself”. Maybe the limit destroying module in Alchemist worked much better for me, so I choose this.

See how this will greatly help in building your customs?

Again, to be clear, this doesn’t mean AT ALL that now you should not add either Limit Destroyer or Atman to your custom. But now you know that 1. there is some sort of limiting destroying in Ascension and 2. out of pure speculation it is most likely the Limiting Destroyer module. If you liked the effects from that scripting, you can now go ahead and add it as module which will influence the whole custom, or you decide I want to build, for example, an Ascension custom, don’t really need the Limit Destroyer scripting but instead I add the Atman module from Alchemist which gave me really awesome results for my specific problem. Or just add both because you need and love both.

Interconnecting your experience with certain scripting to the modules to make better choices.


By the way, SaintSovereign and Fire you are also more than welcome to participate on the voting :wink:

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Paging @Fire



Is Potentiator and Lion IV in Emperor? Still can’t see the results, looks like I’m still locked on that option.