In Search Of Wealth Journal

Hi. I am starting a new journal. Dropped Emperor for the lighter script of Ascended Mogul.


Increased wealth, career advancement & productivity.

After wealth accumulation, attracting women would be the next goal with subs like Libertine & the recently released WANTED.



  • Limitless Executive Ultima Qv2 (Morning)
  • Ascended Mogul Qv2 (Morning)
  • RICH Ultima Qv2 (Afternoon)
  • Renaissance Man (Afternoon)
  • Ascended Mogul Qv2 (Evening)


Listening Schedule

Listening Days: Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

Rest Days: Friday, Saturday & Tuesday (new, added 3rd rest day now)

As of June 13:

Listening Days: Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday
Rest/Processing Days: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat


Previous Playlist
  • Limitless Executive Ultima Qv2 (Since Jan 2021)
  • RICH Ultima Qv2 (Since Jan 2021)
  • Emperor Q then Emperor Qv2 (Since Oct 2020)
  • Renaissance Man (Since Mid March 2021)
  • RICH Ultima Qv2

Old Journal Started On Jan. 2021


Good luck!

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Monday Evening May 17, 2021

The transition from -Emperor Qv2 to +Ascended Mogul QV2 so far has been smooth. The first loop of AM from Sunday was noticeable but not too strong.

Rest day 1 of 3 for the week tomorrow.

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I like your listening patter, it’s very neat and reasonable. At first I was surprised you gave up on Emperor but looking at your new stack I totally understand your choice and admire your decisiveness. You just extracted from Emperor what you needed most and gave up on the elements you didn’t find useful. Well done. I was toying with the same idea but the baseline of Emperor is what I need most; transcending all my limitations and especially my beliefs on my capability. Of course AM would help with a lot of them too but I found that Emperor has a broader use in that matter and that’s exactly what I need.

Is there any time limit over there or you want to run it till you get “there”?

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I was experimenting with 2 loops of Emperor QV2 in the playlist before closing the old journal. It worked but I got fiery which would be bad for my work.

I did take an experimental extended rest period last week. Took a review of the old stack and then went with dropping Emperor and adding AM. I wanted the lighter script of AM. Also, I saw people getting good results from AM QV2.

I am thinking of running this for at least 3 months or until Q+ arrives. Then I will reevaluate.

I also bought AM QV2 to hold off on a custom purchase.


Interested in this as I just picked up Emperor. Can you talk more about how your fieriness expressed itself?

Sure thing @summit.

It is more of me getting annoyed with getting nagged, doing more work than necessary, covering for co-workers who are not pulling their weight. This happened from time to time when I ran Emperor in my old stack. It was more noticeable when I doing 2 loops of Emperor QV2 in the stack for two days.

Two loops of Emperor QV2 is a bit much for me. I was okay on one loop Emperor QV2 in the previous stack.

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Tuesday Evening May 18, 2021

  • Rest day 1 of 3 for the week.

  • Productivity at work was pretty good.

  • Felt happy for most of the day. Not sure why but I will take it.


Thanks for the insight @aeiouxyz

Besides greater feelings of annoyance, how did you act out your displeasure? Did your relationships become strained from your behavior?

I’m asking because I already have a predisposition to be forward with people who bring their crap into my space and I don’t want it to become too much.

Complaining towards my boss about coworkers not pulling their weight and heavy workloads, trying to stop people from making meetings unnecessarily long.

In terms of relationships, not sure. It depends on what others view of me. I don’t think it is too severe.

For additional context, I work PT for a Mathnasium location online in a managerial type role. (Being able to work online during lockdown helps! Quite fortunate.)

Not wanting it to become too much is understandable.

I do think one loop Emperor QV2 in a listening day is good. Two loops may be pushing it as you risk getting more aggressive than assertive. Emperor does not like time wasting. This is what I experienced. Rest days important too.

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Appreciate you giving me the details. It’ll help with my awareness going forward.

I look forward to reading about your progress with Ascended Mogul Qv2. Sounds like it’s already suiting you better if you’re noticeably happier.

It is still early days with this new stack. Gotta give it time (larger sample size) to see what happens.

Friday Evening May 21, 2021

Rest Day 2 of 3 For the week. Rest Day tomorrow/Saturday.

This new playlist feels smooth. No or little reconciliation thus far.

I forgot to put that I am running RICH Ultima Solace Version in the original post. This solace mask is pleasant on the ears and RICH Solace is Ultima V2. I did not know RICH Solace was in Ultima V2 until I read the forum in the one thread.


Sunday Evening May 23, 2021

Start of week 2 with this playlist.

I did feel the subs processing in my head after finishing the playlist. Nothing too heavy.

I have quoted one post from Voytek from this thread. Something that I found interesting.

My playlist seems balanced so far. Could add one more loop of RICH Solace but I should not get greedy.

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Thursday Morning May 27, 2021

It’s been a while (for me at least) since the previous journal entry. Been keeping a somewhat low profile.

Productivity is still at a high level at work and outside of work. My productivity level is more or less than the same compared to the previous stack with Emperor. Could be Limitless Exec Ultima kicking in.

Friday Afternoon May 28, 2021

Rest day 2 of 3 for the week.

Yesterday, my boss was somewhat disappointed in me. I ended up being too productive to the point I forgot to leave some work for a colleague for training purposes. Oops.

I did not sleep well last night. One of those nights where I slept at around midnight and wake up at 3AM to use the washroom. After 3AM I couldn’t really fall back asleep. This was because I was self-evaluating of myself of the past, wishing I had done things differently in terms of choice of school, career, etc. I slept again from around 5AM onwards.

Note to self: Don’t look back and move forward.

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Sunday Evening May 30, 2021

Mood and energy much better Saturday and today as I had better sleep.

The latest RICH Crypto seems nice but I do want to still play RICH Qv2 Ultima a bit longer.

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Wednesday Evening June 2, 2021

Yesterday was Rest day 1 of 3. Felt some sadness, minor recon.

There are more and more convincing stories of WANTED. Attraction, body improvements, style improvements and fitness improvement stories here. Must not give in.

Saturday Evening June 5, 2021

Finishing up rest day 3 of 3 for this week.

Other than the sadness mid-week, this week was good.

I was somewhat worried that productivity would take a major dip from removing Emperor but it hasn’t. Limitless Exec has something to with this perhaps. One loop Limitless Exec as a booster per listening day has worked thus far (since Jan 2021).

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Sunday Near Midnight June 6, 2021

Starting a new week of subs.

Felt the subs processing with slight discomfort in my head mid way in the playlist today. Paused the playlist, took a break and came back into it. Mood is stable.