How Buddhism changed my life

Making This thread since a lot of people seemed to want To know more about it.

So I’m actually a coach In Twim meditation I guide people to feel metta(Loving Kindness) and to go through the Jhanas. Not eligble as a teacher to guide into cessation though since I’m only a sothapana with fruition and can’t get into Nibbana on a constant basis yet.

But I’m learning from one of the founders of This meditation style . And also got the Numbers to the other founder. How This happened I have no idea. Never in my life did I imagine I would live and learn from an enlightened person .

They have went through all the discourses of Buddha and found that most mainstream meditation skip steps . For example breath meditation was just used to calm yourself down before the meditation . It was never supposed to help you go into deeper Jhanas.

Twim is the core teaching of the Buddha.

I Have guided several people into 4 th jhana and beyond though which blows my mind. Because it’s not really complicated.

So first of all What is TWIM? Twim stands for Tranquil Insight Wisdom Meditation. And I have never even tried a meditation that progress so fast.

In Twim you use the feeling of metta to slingshot you into the 4th jhana. But the benefits shows up way before that.

In Twim there’s 2 steps purify and retrain the mind to create new neural pathways that are just pure love and compassion.

Step 1 in Twim send metta to yourself either think of a loving memory , puppies or whatever you can to bring up the feeling of love. Then send that to yourself.

This is also creates a extremely attractive energy for yourself and increases your serotonin which is directly linked to status.

There’s tons of experiments on the benefit of serotonin so I’ll leave that for you find yourself if you are interested.

Step 2. Send that metta to a spiritual friend. This has To be a person you visualise and have no illwill or hatred against. Also can’t be of the opposite gender because feelings of attraction.

Step 3 . No use to say until you actually reach the qualificatons and checkmarks on step 2.

This and the 6 Rs

Now out of everything I learned in my life 6R probably have had the biggest effect on my life.

Nervous on a date 6 r become serene. Mind plauged with negativity 6 r and serene state of mind. I rarely have negative thoughts anymore . I can go weeks without a single one .

So What is the 6Rs.

Return repeat

So when you Do the twim meditation hindrances Will show up . Craving (I want it mind) Aversion (I don’t want it mind) sloth, restlessness.

All of these hindrances distract you from the meditation object.

So whenever a hindrance show up you recognize it.
You release the attention from it .
You relaxe the tension that came up with the hindrance (Mostly focus on relaxing the head.
Re-Smile. To reward your brain with dopamine
Return to the meditation object

With Twim some of my clients went into infinite space in a week or 2 . Something that takes a lot of people years to reach .

This is the meditation practice . It also helps if you understand the links of dependent origination.

When I had my first Nibbana experience after it was like I saw the tree felt the tree before I percieved it as a tree.

It’s just such an incredibly rewarding pracrice.

Now there’s more steps to progress deeper faster but don’t want to overload the people interested.

If you have any questions feel free to ask free of charge. This also improves my teaching skill so it’s a win win.

And you don’t have to be a Buddhist to benefit from this. It really don’t matter.

It’s just the best meditation practice I found by far


So if I understood well

You do TWIM until something bothering comes up 6r back to TWIM

And doing that for the time we choose to dedicate to the meditation like 15 or 30 min or whatever ?

Yea , highly recommend you do at least 30 min daily Because of neuroplasticity


How does running subs affect your buddhist practice?

I think they work very well together . Super excited when Revelation of spirit comes with my Buddhism practice .

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That’s awesome. I think the formless clarity module would probably be the best supplement for buddhism/vedanta type practice.

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Yea was defnitely one Module I planned to have .


I’ve tried this after your recommendation, this genuinely works.

Just thought I’d drop a quick review as a thanks lol.


Is there a video on youtube in which someone guides you through the process or explains it at lenght?
Im interested in having the experience.

Awesome to hear

Here’s a guided one as training wheels.

But you can also check out the youtube channel TwimDhammasukha.

Which is the foundation I’m learning from.


I would recommend quite quickly to go from the guided version into a silent meditation. Although the guided is nice to just put on, it tends to become a distraction after a while.

If you want a good book as well I can recommend: The Path to Nibbāna by David C Johnson. Bhante Vimalaraṁsi is the co-author of it and he is the founder of Dhamma Sukha Meditation Center who founded the TWIM method :slight_smile:


You so googled How to spell his name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks! I’ll watch it tonight.

Sure bro! I wanna do it a couple of times with the video to get the essence of it, then do it by myself.

Thank you :wink:

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Actually not, but I did in the beginning. Vi-ma-la-ra-msi, I heard Sister Khema saying it a couple of times with an English accent, that’s how I learned it. But whenever I hear the Indian accent it’s harder to hear lol.


Haha you should hear sister Khemas monk name Susano de pika. Probably not spelled like that at all but it means the light in the dhamma or something like that .

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If you wanna go really hardcore though you can listen to the middle length discourses of the Buddha.

There’s also text of the most important dhammas on their website I think

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Another thing that really helps to purify the mind is the 6 precepts. When you break them tension arises, . And anything from anxiety to stress.

See these as guidelines to live your life. Not rules written in stone. If you break them don’t put yourself down. The reason you Follow them is just to not create tension in the mind .

  1. I undertake to keep the the precept to abstain from killing or harming living beings on purpose

  2. I undertake to keep the the precept to abstain from taking What is not freely given.

  3. I undertake to keep the the precept to abstain from wrong sexual activity( Yes you can still have sex)

  4. I undertake to keep the the precept to abstain from telling lies, using harsh speech, gossip or slander

  5. I undertake to keep the precept to abstain from using recreational drugs and alcohol . ( I still drink sometimes but never to the point where I get drunk) This is actually only on the list Because if you get drunk you probably break other precepts.

  6. I undertake to keep the precept to be loving and kind to myself. The earth and all beings.

If you live by these you will notice your mind becomes really calm.


No clue what happened to the last post with the text :joy: