Great to be here + question

Hello all

Just found subclub a few days ago. I’ve listened to realsubliminal and just in the last two months tracks from innertalk. I have to say, this site is unlike the rest.

I have yet to purchase, but thought I’d say hi and ask a few questions.

I’m 37, male. US. I work and live 3rd shift. I’m a big introvert and have turned into a loner. I can be social when I need to be. I have a lot of emotional damage from being raised by a feministic single mother. Toxic relationships, bullying, school expulsion, child abuse and alcoholism that resulted in 2 drinking offenses. I’ve been sober 7 years.

Now, my absolute goal is dragon reborn + sanguine.

But I’ve lurked enough to understand this is not for beginners.

From what I hear chosen is a great track for a foundation. I keep reading about chosen from within but I can’t find it anywhere? Was it removed?

I find myself drawn to wanted as well but not 100% on its goal.

Ascended mogul looks interesting but not really part of my goal at the moment.

I don’t feel interested in elixir or regeneration if I’m going to run DR. I’m a less is more guy. I’m looking for one sub to run 3+ months then hit DR if that’s an healthy option.

I seem to think running subs other than DR would be counter productive? Since I’d be removing or tearing up my foundation to rebuild. So running subs beforehand seems counter. I’m sure I’m wrong on this but need clarification.

Basically what must I run to develop a foundation to run DR + Sanguine for a year?

Thanks in advance and it’s great to see such a helpful and focused community.


The breakdown/Stage 1 subliminals remove bad programming from subliminals. They won’t remove “good” programming.

As for what to run first, it really depends on who you want to be after running these for X number of cycles.

I want all my toxic, emotionally damaged behaviors gone. But I don’t believe starting with DR is a smart move.

Can you tell me where to find chosen from within? I’m thinking that’s a good foundation. I just don’t want to overwhelm myself.

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Welcome :sparkles::sparkles: wishing you a great journey :muscle:

This the cohoosen thread , CFW reviews on this thread

When you buy choosen you will receive 2 subs

2) choosen from within


I forgot I wrote that

Ah, thank you very much. No wonder I couldn’t find it.

Do you listen to both or one or the other?

I remember reading cfw is internally focused and chosen is externally focused.

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Welcome, to Sub Club. Enjoy :+1:

I listened to Chosen ZP earlier today. I was get emotionally exhausted and burned out from my job and was looking for something that would help with optimism
I completely forgot about Sanguine

By the way Welcome
If there is anything I can help with let me know

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Sounds like your an “Instinctive” trainer! Gut feeling around what works for you! Knowing not all things work for all people at all times! You certainly know yourself better than anyone else here! Be true to thyself! Your searching for an answer that seems you already found quite well on your own!

From what I seen and read overall many posts here is, even the custom made programs will still need your gut instincts to get you through to the end, I see there will be hits and misses for sure, I can count on that! Building a house is much easier to building a new life and it too will take time.

Welcome! You’ve found the right place. The difference between those other companies you mentioned and this one is like the difference between a Model T and a new Ferrari.
I have a lot of the same stuff going on as you do (a huge amount actually), or had it before spending a year on DR.
My suggestion to you is to start with Ascension. It’s the most basic of the “Alpha” programs.
It should give you the fastest boost in self esteem, confidence, and it has some healing in it.
It should give you a good start with some fast noticeable results. I wouldn’t jump onto any specific healing title until you’ve gotten that initial burst of results. Say, at least three to six months.
I also wouldn’t run DR for at least a year, and until you feel you’re in a better place.

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I just bought chosen 5 minutes ago. First purchase. I’m indecisive about running more than 1.

I keep thinking about wanted, it was the first title I felt pulled too but after scanning the forums for weeks, I felt chosen was best to start with.

Ascension was the only other I was thinking as a beginning title. Do you think ascension would go well with chosen? Or just do chosen?

So far I was just planning on chosen for 21 days per instructions.

This morning I got cussed at by my supervisor. All I did was say okay twice. That situation pushed me to get chosen. I thought ascension might cause my ego to flare vs. Chosen with building a shield against negativity and creating mental fortitude.

Any feedback is appreciated


Hey Geoff and welcome to the club for cool kids! Let’s just say that you are in the right place, and I so relate with you :grinning:

I did Dragon Reborn for 2021 and I give it 7/5 would suffer through it again haha. But like you said it’s not an easy sub and it’s a long commitment to run it. In time I would definitely recommend you run it! The healing is deep and profound, and you’ll be a different man on the other side. Indeed, you won’t be a man at all anymore, but a dragon! :sweat_smile:

Jokes aside, since you already purchased Chosen, try the bonus version Chosen From Within. It sacrifices the leadership scripting and has instead scripting from Love Bomb and Regeneration.

Before I did Dragon Reborn I primed myself with a month of Love Bomb, so CFW would be a perfect starter if you are in need of healing and want to feel better right now. I am sure DR would have been way more difficult for me if I hadn’t first started with a month of pure LB before getting into the multistage. Also! if you do DR in the future you can also add CFW to help you through the roughest patches of the transformation.

Other than that, Ascension is a great candidate (and Ascended Mogul thereof as well). There are reasons why this is a meme :smiley: (you have to click on it for some reason…)

Wanted is a great title, but give CFW a spin first and see what it feels like, since Wanted don’t have that same healing scripting. Then add Wanted on top of that for potentially amazing results :slight_smile:

Also, I’m just gonna throw this out there as it helped me, but I dearly recommend reading the book No More Mr Nice Guy written by Robert Glover. It sure as hell helped me get rid of the Nice-Guyitis! :grin:

Thanks Athanax for a thorough reply.

I started 1 loop of CFW last night (its 3am here now) follow by a 2nd an hour later.

I read through the CFW thread and I’m really curious about running chosen + CFW together every other day for 21 days. I did not see anyone who tried this. A few suggested running chosen, rest, cfw etc.

I saw a few remarks on possible recon running together however Saint mentioned they are different programs so I’m not sure.

Any thoughts?

Since I just started with cfw, I can just stay at it for 20 more days then pause for 5 then chosen…or stack them and continue on.

I have read the book. Covert contracts, are like the AA saying. “Expectations are premeditated resentment”


As far as i remember its better to do the two loops back to back. No gap between is better.
Imho saint mentioned that.

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Yes, I agree. I ran 1 loop, got on forum to find out exactly that, then ran a 2nd just because.

I will be doing Back to back from now on.


@Geoff : I just read your first post.
Here is what I can recommend.

Chosen From Within + Ascension
Regeneration + Ascension

Whichever one you pick, stay with it for 6 months. Yeah, I know it’s long but you don’t fix life long issues overnight. I know because I was in your shoes just to years ago.
Ascended Mogul + Regeneration + Limit Destroyer did wonders for me.

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You’re already on the right path by engaging with this level of introspection. For this situation, use Chosen rather than Chosen From Within (both comes with the Chosen purchase).


I’m still running CFW solo, 2 loops every other day. No headaches, not really any unusual fatigue. No desire to increase listening nor decrease it.

Doing good.

I was thinking of buying God Like Masculinity to add in after this cycle is up. But I was reading that Regeneration has it and thought itd be a better choice.

If CFW has a bit of Regeneration in it, will stacking them cause problems or no?

I was looking for some masculinity but with zero sexuality for now. My goal is pretty much 90% inner work.