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Thought we could start a thread to share alpha knowledge with each other. Here’s one. Post yours.



Another good one


A quick and dirty read for those new to the alpha concepts:


My favorite book on this topic is:

He’s also got a great blog. Link:



Great topic,
would love it if you could share some of these titles here:


Sexual /emotional tension can really turn girls on and can even make some women wet on the spot
Fearless man discusses what sexual tension is


For me, it’s everything David X: http://davidxseduction.com/


For those who want to dig deeper…

EDDIE ERLANDSON: There are three things that stand out about alphas. One is that they are highly competitive. So clearly, competition is a wonderful way to get things done to, accomplish things even above and beyond what would be normal. And competition can also be running over each other and actually creating much more work. So competitiveness is both a strength and could be a risk.

The second is, alphas seem to use assertive aggressiveness, even anger as a influence skill, to put it mildly. And an influence skill like that can be both positive, there are times where because of the circumstances, you have to bring intensity and passion to something, and there are times where it will cause other people to hold back, shrink back, and have a very negative effect.

Lastly, alphas are impatient. They want things to be done now. And impatience is actually a great trait, because it actually moves things forward. Much more gets done then everybody could even imagine in a short period of time. But it actually can burn people out, and actually takes people down to a lower level of energy. So those three things are a classic example of alphas, but also the spectrum of alpha strengths alpha dysfunctions.


I have thought about this competition-thing for a long time.
My conclusion is, that it is a trap. A very easy way for society and other people to take everything they can from you. I think it is the exact same reason why employers use this “employees of the month”-stuff.
So people try to be the best for no extra earnings and the company profits from it.
My approach on all things in life since then is the way of detachment and individuality.
I dont have to compete because I dont fear other people’s judgement.
I dont have to compete because there is no one in this world who could replace me.
Not to be arrogant, I just mean everyone has a very unique way of doing things.
Think of masters like van Gogh or Lovecraft. They dont have to compete because everyone acknowedlges their uniqueness. And the only reason is because they acknowledged their uniqueness first. I dont know about you but when I figured this out I came to a place of deep inner peace and knowing I will achieve everything I want and more. You dont have any competition in the world.
Just my 2 cents, sorry for rambling


I’ve been one who has purchased tons of “alpha male” instilling products. However, was it me who could not use them properly, or was it the products themselves that were inherently flawed for only targetting the conscious?


Your talking about subliminals ??


@Grimm1390 Talking about books and programs that teach you alpha traits and bodylanguage etc


Being their definition of “Alpha” isn’t you.




Talking about alpha…

For his part, Kaufman has a problem with the division of men into alpha and beta - he thinks it “greatly simplifies the multi-dimensionality of masculinity, and grossly underestimates what a man is capable of becoming, but it also doesn’t even get at the heart of what is really attractive to women.”