List of Book Gems

So, here we go guys.
These are some really underrated gems I have read and sadly many people havent heard about.
Lets change that. Just post your list of books you think are worth mentioning.

  • The E-Myth, by Michael E. Gerber
  • How to master the Art of Selling, by Tom Hopkins
  • The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks
  • Pitch Anything - The best book I’ve read so far on frame control. However, be aware that this book is too focused on getting power in every situation. When you implement the concepts, keep in mind of the analogy “be like water”. Take the shape of the container. Don’t always dominate, don’t always submit.
  • Atomic Habits
  • Becoming Supernatural
  • Breaking the Habit of being yourself
  • The Alabaster Girl
  • The Completion Process
  • Allen Carr’s Easy Way to stop smoking

The classic Robert Greene series:

  1. The 48 Laws of Power
  2. The 33 Strategies of War
  3. Mastery
  4. The Art of Seduction
  5. The 50th Law
  6. The Laws of Human Nature

PS: the first 4 books correspond to the archetypes of King, Warrior, Magician, Lover respectively


Thanks @anon3072973 for this thread. My best book of the last year:

  • So Good They Can’t Ignore You by Cal Newport on why passion is overrated and how working our ass off in the right direction is the right thing to do.
  • The Sedona Method by Hale Dwoskin which is a method to deal with stress, anxiety and other emotions. It either works for people or not. For me it did.
  • The adventures of a Reluctant Messiah by Richard Bach. Initiatic tale. Short and brillant.

In no order no more mr nice guy by Robert glover.
Rational male especially book 1 by rollo tomassi.
Eckart tolle power of now, new earth, stillness speaks.
Book of pook which I think you can find free on the Internet at this point

Those books I can reread and still learn new things.
I would also suggest day bang by Roosh.
Mel Robbins 5 second rule
Captivate by Vanessa van Edwards
Also I would suggest any book by dr aziz such as the cure for social anxiety
I’ll add to the list overtime these were just some off the top of my head


@Grimm1390 - I also vouch for Rollo Tomassi’s The Rational Male series. There are 3 books so far in the series and a 4th is coming up. (Warning! These books might result in anger against the world for feeding you nothing or worse, crap with regard to knowledge of men and women. But I feel most users in this forum are “red-pilled” enough to have already gone through that)

Amen to Robert Glover’s No More Mr Nice Guy too. It’s an excellent book to start especially if you can’t handle relationships with women and if you want to grow some basic backbone.

I just heard of the Book of Pook being mentioned in Rollo Tomassi’s live stream on youtube 2 or 3 days ago. A person chatting with him had mentioned it and even Rollo vouched for it. So that makes it potentially a very good book.

Day Bang by Roosh is also phenomenal. And real fun to read ;).

Other books on masculinity are

Books by Jack Donovan:
-The Way of Men
-Becoming a Barbarian
-A More Complete Beast

-King, Warrior, Magician, Lover by Moore and Gillette (a classic on archetypes of masculinity)
-Iron John by Robert Bly (a very beautiful book that shows that old tales, and in this case a particular old fable, have deep lessons for boys and their initiation to manhood)
-The Way of the Superior Man by David Dieda (another all time classic but with a softer and more mellow tone)

Other than that, I also recommend the Tim Ferris series (yeah I have a thing for collecting series of books in case you noticed). They are:
-The 4 Hour Work Week
-The 4 Hour Body
-The 4 Hour Chef
-Tools for Titans
-Tribe of Mentors
(excellent books for health and wealth)

Have some more books to recommend sitting on my bookshelves but will do so after I have read them.


Lol i should have put a warning for rollo’s work. I remember when i first heard of his stuff i got his first book and it didn’t resonate with me so i returned it on audible. Maybe 8 months later i was ready for it and it was a total breakdown of what i believed to be true in life. If total breakdown from khan had a book it would be the rational male series. Really though rollos books should come with a warning and to be open minded when reading rational male series.
Rollo just did a episode on YouTube discussing book of pook and its commandments for men to live by here’s the ep

When it comes to no more mr nice guy i would recommend others to not just do the exerices finish the book and forget about it. Its one of those books where its good to read at least twice a year.
Roosh game book is pretty good as well.
I heard great things about tactical guide to women by dr shawn Smith. He does a show with richard cooper on YouTube called before the trainwreck.
As for jack donovan’ ive been aware of him for a while. I just got his way of men book on audible

@Grimm1390 - Woah, I have to check that video. And yes, am subscribed to Rich as well. Entrepreneur In Cars YouTube channel is good stuff and his (same list of) recommended books in the Description of every video is also very good.

PS: I couldn’t agree more with your “If total breakdown from khan had a book it would be the rational male series”

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Book of pook is old like 2005 i only heard about it 2 years ago though. Its a gem of a book.
Its like the redpill book before redpill really took off.
If you google book of pook pdf online its there for free because its so old


Guys, just had to share this

  • How I raised myself from Failure to success in selling, by Frank Bettger

I have just opened it and read the first few pages but man… It’s mind blowing. I instantly recognised myself in these lines “Whatever you do after you leave here, for heaven’s sake, wake yourself up, and put some life and enthusiasm into your work!”
This hit home guys! This statement is absolutely life changing for me. Wow. This book is like a dragon spitting fire unto me! Try it! Read it!

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So a couple of books come to mind, I’m sure I’ll come back and add more as I’m always reading more books but for starters:

  • Psycho Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz - Read this recently and it’s incredible. It’s often touted as the original self help book. Many of the techniques that gurus/big life coaches use to this day are directly from this book.

  • I hope I screw this up by Kyle Cease - Kyle Cease is a comedian so his book on personal development is not only informative, it’s incredibly lighthearted and amusing as a read.

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Never split the difference - Chris Voss

Winning through intimidation - Robert Ringer
(Not quite what the title suggests, but find the original version)


“One Small Step Can Change Your Life” - Robert Maurer, Ph.D.

I’ll edit this if/as I think of others. I’m sure I will…This is one of my go-to’s though.

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I think in the very first chapter of that, where he talks about how he kept his detailed sales call log for a year…and it showed him he’d make the most by focusing just on the first 3 calls and then ditching calls after that…That alone is worth the price of the entire book.

He described the 80/20 rule there. Not sure if he knew it by that term or not, but that was an amazing lesson for me.


Frank bettger wrote something similar about the calls

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My bad. I was talking about Frank. Replied to your comment originally :slight_smile: Maurer is all about making gradual changes and letting it stack up over time.

Bettger’s book was amazing.


Absolutely. Very motivating in terms of how you can actually develop your skills and not see yourself as stuck and hopeless.


I’ve read Never Split the Difference, there are some really good tips for sales but when I read it a lot of it feels like negotiating from the consumer end. There’s a lot of stuff for negotiating a better price or starting salary. But I was able to pick up a few things from it :slight_smile:

I’ll check out that other one, thank you!

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I will look into this and Frank Bettger. Thank you @Palpatine and @anon3072973 for the info :slight_smile:

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