Early Emperor v4 Impressions Thread


I’m thinking it’s just working different. As a matter of fact v2 the emperor behavior works instantly for me, v3 I haven’t listened enough to recall what exactly it does to me but it doesn’t feel as straight forward compared to v2. Emperor v4 the healing was indeed very profound, v4 feels really different somehow.


@Hernit Emperor 2 worked instantly for me too.


Most definitely because of the scripting technology used in v2. I’m actually wondering whether or not it will take me more time becoming Emperor if I’m running all three of the scripts at the same time. It probably will be, but I’ve also gained most benefits of all three of those scripts then, making me the SUPREME Emperor.

Currently I am trying to figure out what v3 is feeling right, how it affects me differently compared to v2 and v4.


Making the anti-piracy scripting work properly was a hassle and started to slow down the development of our technology. Also, there was a chance that it affect loyal, paying users. We decided to believe in the goodness of people and just remove it. Last year was quite profitable for us without it, and when everyone sees what we’re going to reveal soon (if everything goes as our initial tests are indicating), we won’t even need to worry about piracy. :wink:


The subliminals didn’t stop working, he just became normalized to its effects. When you first start running a subliminal, there’s a period where the reality it’s trying to manifest seems alien to you. Eventually, you begin to embody that reality and the sub’s effects aren’t as profound. Rest assured, however, you’re still getting results – you’re just used to it.


The different experiences are less to do with the methods of script/build, more because of changes made based on customer feedback/demand.

Instead of typing an essay on Emperor history, I’ll use @blackadder’s Marvel Superhero analogy:

  1. Emperor v2 = Hulk
    Key Modules: Evolution, The Natural.
    Pros: Gets shit done. Grows fast.
    Cons: Easy to anger. Takes irrational risks. Can’t hold a job. Wants to be left alone.

  2. Emperor v3 = Captain America
    Key Modules: Limitless v2.
    Pros: Rational. Strategic longer term thinking. No unnecessary risks. Gets most important tasks done. Would stay if the job earns good money & respect.
    Cons: No longer Edgy. But still an asshole to idiots, doesn’t enjoy life.

  3. Emperor v4 = Iron Man
    Key Modules: New Beginnings, Quantum Limitless Lite, {Social King}.
    Pros: Innovative, can build an empire out of a junkyard. The Popular Asshole. Does whatever he wants.
    Cons: Workaholic, stays busy in his basement all night. Has random moments haunted by demons from the past. Too intelligent to hold a job.

Above is almost accurate description of experiences.
Below is just jokes - not to be taken as serious feedback.

Well, lets see…

v2 + v3 = Hulk + Rational Captain = Professor Hulk
… Good for nothing.

v4 + v3 = Iron Man + Rational Risk-managing Captain = Iron Patriot
… Shit. Another good for nothing.

v4 + v2 = Iron Man + Hulk = Iron Man in Hulkbuster armor
… Ya, you feel BIG & STONG, but its just Tony Stark with additional luggage.

v4 + v3 + v2 = Iron Man + Professor Hulk = Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster armor
I don’t even wanna caption this.

Enjoy. :smile:

Self Development Road Map

That’s funny. So, I guess that Quantum Limitless would be the Vision. And Alchemist should be Doctor Strange?

Out of those three versions of Emperor, version 4 does sound the most appealing to me personally.


Love Simons expanded analogy. I would say V1 and V2 are more like the hulk. V4 is absolutely Captain America.

Sovereign did explain that the only difference between V1 and V2 is the removal of the anti piracy. I cant get my head around it though because V1 seemed like the most potent of all the iterations. Perhaps it was just me and my lifestyle at the time. V3 to be fair I only used it for a very short time seemed to be the weaker of the 4 versions. It seemed to lack the push of the previous version.

V4 gives me a hard time when it comes to rest and sleep. As my mind seems to keep rationalizing when i am listening to it. So I have took to only running V4 during the day. Then running V2 at night.


@blackadder I think that’s a good combo( for me)

Think I’m going to try:

-PM Nighttime around 7pm-9pm turn on Emp v2-3 and khan 4 1:1
-AM Day time/when you wake up Emp v4 with khan 3 repeat 1:1

@Simon that is a pretty epic post bro hahah… :joy::joy: :1st_place_medal::1st_place_medal:

@what do you mean when you say haunted by demons from the past. Like actual demons that appear in your head and feel like you’re seeing shit or?hahah


It does seem like emp4 is hard to listen for sleep BUT I’m thinking maybe it keeps you up because you didn’t complete the moves you planned on completing and becauae of that there is a problem with who you are which makes you confused and when the lights out you can’t stand your self so you think thoughts that stimulate cortisol release and that stops things like our body producing its natural melatonin and Gaba in the doses we need

Or it could just be the scripting being heavy and the sub itself causing the cortisol to spike as we get use to it.

*****All speculation I don’t have any tracking or technology set up what so ever.

Will try to work up to emp4 being played in sleep. I feel like shuffling around in gama,theta, delta etc is much more efficient than working the scripting in through beta.


v5: Iron Man + all 6 infinity stones?

@Fire and @SaintSovereign: DO IT, PLS.


The sole reason for piracy is probably the lack of money from certain people. I wouldn’t even worry about that to much, if they ran a subliminal from subclub they would have money soon enough to buy every program on the website :wink:


You’ve been on the NZT, haven’t you, haha. Couldn’t of explained it better. One thing I actually never had from any subliminal’s here, not even Emperor v2, is the aggression. It might just be because I’ve been into spirituality for a long time and I have my emotional garbage under control. Also I meditate allot, but honestly I’ve never even had any aggression come to the surface in the past 5 months.

Thanks! I’m going full option Bruce Banner in the Hulkbuster armor, lol!


Yesterday and today I got a sharp pain on the right side of my neck while listening to Emperor.
Wrote about it in my journal here


@UPLSO the theories you have proposed sound plausible perhaps you are correct. I think its hitting 27 days on emperor V4 for me. I have been consistent in listening to V4 despite changing the number of loops on a daily basis. Some days 10 loops other days 4 loops. Now I am down to 2 loops during the day.

Maybe V4 is performing some changes internally that I am not aware, because I am also running V2 great things are happening but I no longer know whether this is V2 doing it or V4.

More women taking an interest in me, libido seems much higher, I feel the need to manage my time more efficiently. Well despite this at least I see positive fun things happening in my life :slight_smile:


I mean things like these …

Regrets. Excuses. Wasted Times. Family/Relationships Drama. And more.

Some can articulate it in Words.
Some are having higher variability in their Emotions.
Some are seeing people repeatedly in their Dreams.

One way or the other, everyone using Ev4 is coming to terms with
their PAST, their Future – their Existence, their total Life’s Narrative.

Beyond the productivity towards goals, there is some deep work going on here.
We can’t put a handle on it. We all have to do it our own individual way.
There is no escaping it. And we all know that it’ll be worth it.

Happy New Beginnings. :smile:


yep thats it.


Yeeeeeeeep. :wink:


I’m looking forward to this. I’ve only been listening to Ev4 for about 10 days now, and so far only experienced a few random bad moods. I’m definitely having more frequent interesting dreams than usual though, e.g. this one from last night:

I was tightly surrounded by some kind of barrier, it held me and I couldn’t move. It was translucent and through it I could see the vague shapes of demonic creatures surrounding me. The barrier was actually some kind of portal to a demonic dimension, that they could pass through but I couldn’t, so for me it acted like a barrier. These creatures would reach through the barrier and tear a small piece of my flesh off and eat it. Initially I felt some fear but that quickly turned into rage. I was screaming at them in fury and trying to push the barrier back, but it didn’t budge, I was trapped there while they feed on me. I tried to call down Divine light to burn the demons, but it couldn’t pass through the barrier so they were unaffected. In an act of desperation I called out to the Divine beings for help, and a flaming sword appeared in my hand. The sword could pierce the barrier so the demons moved the barrier back a bit to keep away from it, which gave me some room to move. I swung the sword in a 360 and the flames pushed the barrier further away. I then moved along the barrier striking the demons through it with the sword, and as soon as I touched them they burst into flames and disintegrated. After around half the demons were destroyed the rest closed the portal/barrier and disappeared.


Hahahah gotcha. I couldn’t tell if that’s what you were referring to or or if you actually were experiencing some demons haunting you like in movies/TV etc from using empv4 that’s why I was like uhhhhh… the fuck Hahahaah

thanks for the clarification. Yes, I have lots of past shit that I still need healing from I’m sure of it.