Custom Ultimas Are Here!


A few of you have noticed my lack of activity on the forum this week. That’s because we’ve been hard at work getting the Custom Ultima functionality completed. We’re proud to say that we’ve finished adding the functionality to Q and we’re currently in the late testing phase. If all goes well, the option will be added to the Q store by Tuesday.

Now – understand how much of an undertaking this is. We had to sit down with Q-Programmer (I was on the phone with him for 5 hours straight on Saturday) and develop a method for Q to automatically “Ultimatize” every module. We didn’t think it was going to be possible, but Q-Programmer pulled through once again. What this means is, you can select from EVERY module on the Q store (with a few technical limitations that we’ll get to in a minute) to build your module. The system handles all of the hard work behind the scenes. This means that we don’t have to make two versions of every module we create, which would slow down development.

@Fire and myself spent lots of time debating on how to handle adding cores and the such. We’ve ultimately decided not to punish those who listens to the official recommendations and those who simply want to experiment knowing the potential consequences. We’re not putting any restrictions on how you build the custom, only providing you with the official guidelines that we’ve created based off tons of data. If you want to ignore those guidelines, that’s on you. But, two things: One, there are NO refunds on the Q-store. You ignore the guidelines, you’re running the risk of building a custom that doesn’t work, and we will not issue a refund on that for any reason. Two, if you ignore the guidelines and come here complaining about the custom not working, you’re going to lose access to Q. Of course, you’re open to discuss your experiences – both negative and positive – but we’re not going to tolerate people ignoring our guidelines and then talking about how our technology doesn’t work, or is inferior to a competitors, etc.

That being said, here are the guidelines (and one hard rule):

The hard rule: You MUST have a minimum of three modules, maximum of six modules. This is not a pricing or marketing gimmick. Ultima subs are VERY complex and require a ridiculous amount of computing power. They tend to become very unstable after that amount. The three module lower limit is a necessity due to the way Ultima is scripted. Without giving too much away, think of it like a three piece puzzle.

Next up, if you want to add a core, ADD ONLY ONE. We’d prefer if you didn’t add cores at all, as Ultima was not built for that purpose. The technology was developed to solve the problem of “taking action” and addressing certain issues that you know is holding you back. If a custom Q is a sledge hammer, the Ultima is a handheld one. But, that being said, if you want to add them, you can.

With Ultima, focused is better. Don’t try to cram them with all the modules that couldn’t fit in your regular custom unless those modules have a unified theme. For example, running a wealth / empire building stack / custom and you’re planning on being a public figure (or running for office)? Build a custom with Manipulus, Dragon Tongue, Lion IV and Alpha of Alphas (off the top of my head, I’m sure some of you can beat that). Don’t build a title with a bunch of random modules that you just want to run. Focused is better.

Ultima will cost $149 in addition to the regular $99 build fee. Why? Ultima takes an incredible amount of computing power to create. Right now, Q can work on two or three subs at once. With Ultima, all other background tasks have to stop or the system crashes. Building the load balancer / scheduler was a nightmare, haha. We also can’t fully automate its creation yet – Q-Engineer will still have to monitor their creation, though it’s still easier for them to do so with the latest version of Q.

So yeah, lots of information to digest. Post questions and comments here.

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Is building in Ultima format going to change the delivery time of the sub

So say someone takes 1 day express but Ultima is taking its time due to the processing power, will this affect the time it will arrive?


Nope. We have a load balancer and three machines all running Q.


Do the individual modules have a separate price of $14.99 each?


Since putting name embed in subs make it stronger, does that increase the speed or power of ultima and by how much?

Am making a custom that is 50/50 spilt on modules for carreer building/studying and generating wealth, plan to make my ultima the same way, is this a good way of going about it?

By using the normal Rebirth, GLM or Sanguine can you create a better or more personalized ultima that help on a wider range?
(Keeping it at maximum modules)

This is a more out there question been thinking on it for awhile and i figure you have been too and have vome up with a answer already so…


Yes, it increases the power. By how much? That’s something we can’t answer – depends on the user. It’s pretty much expected to be more powerful.

Find the commonalities between career building and generating wealth, then build a custom Ultima that can help boost those results. For example, both career building and wealth building requires being influential, so that’s one type of module you can add. Will also need some alpha training, so “Alpha of Alphas” is another good choice, etc.

Not sure what you mean? Yes, a well designed custom will always be better than a broad spectrum major title.


Ultima and Q Plus. :wink:


I think it better if i just show you my thoughts on the custom, but i will definitely need you and the community help to build it out fully, I’ll post this later down also waiting to see if module pack 3 will help me out with even more thing i can swap/add

What is meant was if i basically take rebirth module alone then add other module inline with my goal will it be better that the rebirth ultima in the q store but you asnwer it good
Still want to know if both where name embedded which would you pick q store ultima custom build or regular ultima?

Well whatever it is I’ll be waiting also I’ll be running like 2 subs for the whole of next year, without even trying a custom sub out am completely sold on using only custom subs from now on well until this comes out i guess
Wish you and @Fire all the best on this, keep up the great work you really helping out a lot of people i would say for me that it’s more than you know


I wonder how physical changing module react in a ultima format, does the results show up fast instead of months or week?



I sometimes wonder if I need to be careful what I think…

Tonight I was going to review my subliminal journals and note which modules need a good kick in the … and then consider another subliminal to boost.

And then here you go posting about something that will work even better …

Thanks, man!:sunglasses:




Oh, dude… we may not know the true impact of this question for a few months… but once you’ve opened that potentially insightful Pandora’s box, there is no going back…



Well i do hope so with the masculine enhancement :slight_smile:.


I wish I could just add Khan ST1 Core and then get an Ultima on that…but don’t want to risk it. Have you considered Khan U ST1? It could help your users have more success with your other products :smiley:

If such an ultima didn’t exist, then I thought of a healing ultima that is something like this:

  • I AM
  • New Beginnings
  • Blue Skies
  • Attachment Destroyer
  • Spiritual Freedom


If I understand correctly that means:

3-6 modules ($45-$90)
Regular build fee $99
Ultima build fee on top $149

So one 6-part ultima costs $340?

Would you say lighter cores like Ascension, Mogul and Mind’s Eye are still ok with Ultima?

Or would you personally never add any cores to your custom Ultima - no matter how small/light the core?


What’s Q-Plus never heard of it before, is it more tending towards major program subliminal scripting or Ultima scripting?

And cheers/thanks, you guys keep killing it…


Will the current ultimas be available as modules?


I’ve been considering a Kahn St1 Ultima myself @SubliminalUser. Thanks for sharing the other modules, as I’d only had I AM and Blue Skies so far.


I know right there are some of these that are awesome but once you have them on ultima wow just imagine in a week those changes starting would really be nice

Exactly what i was think dude this is some crazy territories were going into, am sure we still have a long way to go in terms of what physical emhancement will do


Yes…time for a GLM/commander/executive fusion. It was a bit tough due to my current schedule to find a balanced way to run all 3 and still get good exposure to my custom. Problem solved. @SaintSovereign when is the expected ETA to begin taking custom Ultima orders?