Custom Q: The Stark's Power of an Inner Artist while in Ecstasy of Gold


Hello Community!

Last week I’ve received an email from Sub Club with the official Instructions, where Saint highly recommended the rest days. And, as I would have observed later, he was right.

I 've been on Q standard products from August, then in November I’ve ordered my first Q Custom title, then in December my 2nd, and these days I plan for the 3rd.
But I 've hardly taken some days off during this months, only when I was feeling very bad (I have an early journal where I mention these issues).
I have always had this mentality regarding subliminals (more years of them on youtube stuff) that more is better and that I would lose opportunity on rest days.

The Sub Club guys do a great job in subliminal research.

On Friday last week I took my first day off in weeks, then I kept on resting Saturday, Sunday and Monday morning.
On Monday morning I’ve got a great euphoria, I felt very efficient at my daily multi-tasking, my attention was clear, my head very light, I was generally grounded with a good amount of energy, I was speaking very clear with a smooth articulation (I usually don’t), great focus.
The moment I’ve noticed this behavior I was thinking that Saint was right.
Now I believe that in the past weeks I’ve reached the Stonewalling level (as he says), beyond Reconciliation, in a rapid manner since the Q Customs are supposed to be stronger than the Q standard.
So, back to Monday noon (yesterday) I thought to try again some loops: 2 loops of Custom 1 and 2 loops of Custom 2, continous without pauses between tracks (C1-C2-C1-C2). In the late evening I’ve got some fears, a little bit irritated, losing ground, not able to fully focus/organize on my evening routines so I’ve got in bed late. Today is a rest day, I feel like Monday morning. Great.
What is interesting is that I do notice these changes.

From this observation I am aware now that in my case I could start from 1 loop/day for a custom title, rest one day, and repeat. I am glad that I have a lot of room to grow, step by step, loop by loop.

I am also inspired by this Saint’s post and this friday’s post.


For the journal record, these are my actual Q Customs:

Q Custom 1: Stark, Power Can Corrupt, Invincible Presence, Earthshaker, Direct Influencing Aura, The Oath, Emperor’s Voice, Dragon Tongue, I.Q. Booster, Secrets of Akasha, The Architect, Omnidimensional.

Q Custom 2: Inner Circle, Ultimate Artist, Leader of Men, Power Unleashed, The Spotlight, Auric Overdriver, Chiron, Sacred Words, Ultimate Writer, Sexiness, Secret Source, Sultan, All-Seeing, Metamorphosis, Merger of Worlds.

I am also thinking of a third.

For the beginning I would focus on the frequency (loops per day + rest days) and on how I feel (physical, mental, emotional).

LATE UPDATE: I’ve just ordered the 3rd Custom
Q Custom 3: Ecstasy Of Gold ST4, Financial Shifter, Business Tactician, Blue Skies, Rebirth, Virtue Temperance, Aura Of Craving, Male Enhancement, Informaticon, Temptation, Focuse Arousal, Yggdrasil, Deus.

As I look behind past year, for me have been a lot lot of money on subs. Now I see it as an investment in myself.




I think you got a good set of customs for success!


Yes, it does feel like this, more on the rest days. There is an overwhelming internal presence of “something” great to happen.


In the following weeks I will keep the next frequency formula. Let’s see how I feel on it.

Day 1: Q1 x 1 loop, Q2 x 1 loop
Day 2: rest
Day 3: Q2 x 1 loop, Q3 x 1 loop
Day 4: rest
Day 5: Q1 x 1 loop, Q3 x 1 loop
Day 6: rest

It is far less than the general instructions, I quote:

1.5.1 For Q-Strength Subliminals:
You’ll want to listen to 2-6 hours per day for five days before taking two days off for processing. So, if you listen Monday – Friday, take Saturday and Sunday off. If you listen Sunday – Thursday, take Friday and Saturday off, and so forth. Do NOT skip these two rest days.

Anyway, there’s enough room to improve in the next months.


First big notice: the Physicality Shifter – Sexiness module is acting pretty fast and very well.
My face is starting to beautify in the way I wanted it. What I start to see now in the mirror are traits of faces which I’ve always admired in the past (actors, singers…). So, this is my celular memory of what once I wanted to be like - that’s pure insanity, of course in the best way of it :sweat_smile:
Tried some real selfies (not mirrored) and I start to like it, more appealing to see myself as others see me. Great!

Now this is a big change also in the terms of the new split protocol.
Before this split, in the first couple of weeks of Custom 2, the time period when I believe I hit the Stonewalling, I was noticing in the mirror a kind of uglyness.

I wonder if, technically speaking, this phenomenon is possible:
Stonewalling-> sending you to the opposite of what the subliminal in intended to do, as in module Sexiness->to Unsexiness.


A light reconciliation in the late of the rest day following the Q3 loop.
Anxiety, lack of grounding, restlessness.
But the mind is still clear and is holding on the positivity.
I know, I know, in Q3 I went straight to Stage 4 of Gold, plus Blue Skies which is said by Saint to be very heavy.
I think I would give Q3 more rest days.


I am going to allow 2 rest days to my customs.

The reconciliation is still present:

  • doubt for the future
  • some light panic attacks
  • fear of poverty, fear of becoming homeless
  • lack of grounding
  • general fear (without cause)

Nevertheless, things are manifesting:

  • I was talking to a relative that I want to take some courses and instantly he offered to pay for them
  • people are reaching for my presence, ask for advice, are praising me
  • I am writing essays and lately my cognitive-creative connection is very fast, words and ideas come very rounded; new concepts are emerging which I have yet to put them in a easy to digest ideas for people; what I’ve noticed is that every word comes in the moment I am starting to write, from that moment they flow as they waited for me to manifest them
  • my everyday speech is getting very clear and I notice my voice a little bit deeper
  • there’s a touch of a new beautifulness on my face, hair and body

So my new split would be:

Day 1: Q1 x 1 loop, Q2 x 1 loop, Q3 x 1 loop
Day 2: rest
Day 3: rest



The last hour recon hit harder. Right now I doubt all my choices and am afraid of what may come. I feel that an auto-cancellation program is rising from some forgotten subconscious clusters. I have the feeling that I have created a false reality, based on some illusory beliefs. What are the beliefs anyway?