Consciousness Exploration - Project Disclosure 2020


Let’s talk about reality, welcome to 2020 the liberation of earth.

A quote from Nikola Tesla, arguably the most conscious scientists known to date goes as follows: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration” Let’s re-read that again “secrets of the universe”, I don’t know about you, but that does sound like something important, it could be worthwhile to take a look at…

Energy, frequencies and Vibrations the three components of all there is. Can it get anymore simplistic? None ever said understanding the universe was going to be complex or difficult, you just have to know the roads in order to get to Rome.

I encourage anyone reading this topic to experiment with it’s own consciousness. A wall of boundaries have been built around your personal will, limiting you from creating your reality. Having just understood that everything is consciousness vibrating at different frequencies of energy we can rest assured that those walls can also be put down and in 2020 they will.

Consciousness can be shaped into all sorts of forms and shapes, but may I ask you, have you ever really been free to create your life? How come we have so many unaccomplished desires? How come we think of something we want and it takes us years to get it? Years for the seeds planted by a desired thought to be manifested as a fully blossoming tree in reality. Even though the seeds ever get planted by an action.

This thread is about understanding consciousness so that we can go out, on adventure in our own mind to experience our own individual consciousness without limits.

How come the famous Albert Einstein said that Imagination is more important than knowledge? Knowledge is limited, imagination is not. Both are consciousness, in fact consciousness is creation itself. Consciousness fueled by energy is all there is.

Understanding the natural laws of the universe in combination with imagination opens you up to all possibilities in existence. In this thread I ask for open minded individuals to step out their comfort zone to study & practice natural laws and principles discussed to create reality without conscious limits.

Only those who are ready will truly understand - this is the introduction to my new journal where I will help certain individuals to ascend on all planes of existence and operate within a higher state of consciousness. Our individual ascension helps the grand total of reality at all levels, aiding the ascension of Gaia, the solar system, the star system, the local star cluster, the galaxy, the universe, the multiverse going until infinity. All of which is source consciousness of one and the same fractal, from the smallest particle of physical density to infinity.


Will be updated shortly! 2020, is truly the initiation of the golden age - conscious enlightenment, the return of heaven on earth.


This sounds super cool, excited to see the journey of this journal and hopefully be a part of it, if I get lucky and get chosen.


@myspace123 you will be chosen !. Keep a positive attitude, take action and new opportunities will be presented. Remember Fire and Saint have given you the title Aspirant which means they have already carved your destiny in concrete. A destiny that will lead you to success.


It’s not being lucky or ‘chosen’. The sole reason that you’re interested and not skeptic means that you’re ready.

Everyone is incarnated with a mission and life lessons that go along with it to improve in spirituality as we may call it. Once you start understanding, you’ll know. I you learn and follow the information given in this thread you’ll start to see positive changes in your outer reality.

Some aren’t ready for change and have a lot of life lessons to learn before they can move on.


Thank you for your kind words


you scare me sometimes.

don’t ever change.


He did change. When I just started out, he was curious and innocent and I pounced on anybody talking crap to him. Now he’s bold and has an exceedingly well-developed imagination and I regularly poke him for it. :slight_smile:

Now, I’m going to talk very quietly now so as not to get the boss’ attention, but there is a competitor who tells his students that we are all born with unbelievable power, but throughout our lives we are told the opposite and so we block ourselves off. His subs don’t actually program people to do anything new, they just take away all the stuff that’s in the way. A bit like that Michelangelo story of not creating a statue from a stone, but rather chipping away all the parts of the stone that aren’t supposed to be there until all that’s left is the statue it was already meant to be.

I like that idea, we are all born with unbelievable power, all we need to do is remove the things that block us from accessing it. Unleashing your own inherent power through self-love, self-worth and self-acceptance.


@Hermit I really like where this is going brother!

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Thank you, there is more to come!


I’m liking this! Looking forward to more!


I like the concept of Ascension. It appeals to me, on every level.

A great post there @Hermit.

If I may ask: If that ascension could be explained to the average person with usual words, how would that ascension be described? And what kind of ascension is that ascension?

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Thank you for contemplating @AMASH .

Everything is consciousness, but not everything is of source consciousness as we humans have the ability to create devices, tools, materials that aren’t of ‘nature’ or are not embodied by consciousness. Everything of nature is alive and thus embodies consciousness in various dimensions.

Having said that you should now be able to understand the following paragraph where in I explain the process of ascension in usual words to be understandable by the average person.

Ascension is the process in which living organisms being of a direct connection with source creation raises in frequency & vibrations and thus in consciousness.


What he said. :arrow_double_up:

Sorry, couldn’t resist. :wink:

The strange thing is I actually get it now. Go back a month and I would have had no clue what he was talking about. But nowadays I’m way into this stuff. I think there is a correlation with Alchemist ST3.

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Oh yes. Please stick to the path, you won’t regret it. The path opens up when the student is ready.

Various of events that will happen by the administration of Trump and other political leaders in Trumps alliance will make you run out of popcorn real quick. 2020, is the year of illumination, there’s no reason not to give it your all. Everyone reading this post has been invited to celebrate it along with me.


World War 2 is about to end this year. (Publicly it has ended in 1945, but the truth is, it has been going on since the beginning). The show is about to end and some political leaders are about to be put in jail. After that you can suspect some major changes concerning the economic, politic and educational system. Every single one of them coming into ‘union’ instead of the dualistic system that we’ve been living in.

By the way @AMASH I forgot to mention that we’re moving from a 3D planet into a 5D planet. 5D has currently been anchored in and the 3D dimensional plane is falling apart. The end of the world by the mayas in 2012 shouldn’t be taken slightly. The world as we know it –


Lecture One

Magick is the science (theory) and art (practice) of causing change to occur in conformity with will, using means not currently understood by traditional western science.

There is only one way to success - positive thought accompanied with restless action directed towards a singular goal. Transmuting (energy) into more or less energy by projecting thought fueled by emotion and anchored in with physical action.

Consciousness exists of four worlds, the world of emanations (archetypes), world of creation (thought), world of formation (emotional) and the world of action (elemental energy) {earth, air, water, fire}.

Don’t look at the four worlds in a physical sense, understand that everything is consciousness vibrating at different frequencies & vibrations and using a variable amount of energy. While the unconscious humans keep looking down into the deepest rabbit holes of physical reality - please look up, there’s nothing to look for downstairs.

How does it come that subliminal’s work astonishingly for one person but nothing happens for another. How come it is always ‘you’ with bad luck?

This can be explained very easily as it all comes down to one of the three principles that make up the so called ‘complex’ structure of the universe. So how does it come we have been dis-empowered for all this time, well let me ask you this: what’s the main component used to create anything and everything within our consciousness. What keeps the conscious running and experiencing for ever and ever? The answer is ‘ENERGY’.

  • Raising in energy is raising in consciousness. The more energy you have the faster and easier you’re going to make changes in your consciousness. Why is it that some people feel so drained and get nothing created in reality? So many great ideas, you can think, feel & see the idea in your mind’s eye. But why didn’t it manifest?

Your energy has been hijacked by a corrupt deep state elite government.

To be continued…


Damn ur back, welcome back

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@myspace123 I thank you with all my heart :slight_smile:

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I agree. Your disagreement doesn’t mean you are right. Far from it.

You are engaging in a logical fallacy. I honestly expected more from you :confused:


This is your threat @Hermit. I wish you success :slight_smile:

I hope you get to your enlightenment.

I have no interest in arguing. All I love is for our community to grow, thrive, and all of us to help each other, and together grow, and get all our goals, and let go of our problems.



We debate over two different types of outcomes. You lean more towards the results part which is experience, I lean more towards the understanding part. When both of them come together that creates wisdom. I’m still very young and yet to experience many takes, as experience takes time to be experienced. :slight_smile: Once both of those come together I’ll be more wise.

I think you have lots of experience that you haven’t turned into wisdom through understanding. I’m much of a thinker and I believe you’re are much of a go getter :smiley:

Thank you! You’re much of a loving person. We do have much of the same interests and goals only a different way of going about it.

I love these kinds of perception switches because it increases my understanding of the way in which different persons look at the world.

I wish you the best @AMASH