Comments/Results make no sense and not believable


I am new here but I have been reading this forum for about a month now and I find it quite confusing tbh. No offense to anyone, just an observation.
Most peeps here seem to be all over the place. There is NO ONE here actually reporting that they have gotten amazing results from a particular subliminal alone. There is mentions of dreams, slightly notice on sth manifesting, but what about tangible significant results?
Everyone seem to be using multiple programs with added stacks… How would someone even know if a single subliminal has done what is supposed to do when one is all over the place with different subliminals, switching btw subs, splitting of listening times?
In my opinion this path will be a huge waste of time and money, the two most precious resources we have. What if instead there was encouragement to stick to one subliminal for months without mixing other subs, stacks in the mix, then come here and post your results? To me that would more encouraging for someone who is willing to start their journey with subliminal plus to the makers too. They would a better feedback to know if their products work for sure.
One subliminal would require a minimum of 6 hours for you to even see some results, and maximum of 12hrs perhaps to reap the maximum benefits from it. However, think for a second, that’s a large amount of time to be listening to one program. How on earth does anyone here think that adding extra programs, stacks which would increase your playlist, extra hours, longer required amount of time to listen to the playlist would bring any results?

Most likely NOT, hence the reason the inclination to get that extra sub,Stack in the hope that results would be emphasized and get achieved quicker. If you are not getting tangible results from one single program, there is no way that you’d get results by adding more programs.

Chances are your brain will be confused with conflicting input and info overload. I’d be surprised if the anxiety, lack of sleep don’t stem from the info overload that could be too much for the brain to process.
To be honest after reading this forum for a while, I made enquiries about some products by email. Initially I got response, then I got ignored after a few emails. I still took the plunge and bought Primal Seduction, Limit destroyer, Libertine. I emailed them that I made the purchase and still got ignored.
My point here, time is precious, money is valuable. I sense that there is a bit of sale gimmick happening here. This encouraging ppl to stack programs etc will keep you in a loop of never ending search for results while spending huge amount of time and money without getting a ROI. I am not sure if I made the right choice getting programs from Subliminal club.
My advice to anyone is to stick one single program for a good few months and see if delivered what it is designed for. If not, chances are, no other programs will work either.

“I fear the man who practiced one kick a thousand TIMES, not the man who practiced a THOUSAND kicks” Bruce Lee

It makes sense. The same analogy applies with subliminals! My two cents…


Ps. Don’t mind some grammar etc mistakes. I had to write it on my phone in a rush.

Have good one everyone.


I’ll tell you what I’ve concluded.

I think subliminals work but maybe not in the way most people hope or expect.
Subliminals provide suggestions, and the idea is that it gets the subconscious mind into gear to urge you to act on said suggestions.

But your subconscious mind won’t puppet you around, it already has its default programs (which trigger unconsciously- and that’s a type of puppeting of your behavior if you are not in a conscious state) and the only way to create new programs is by installing new ones. Through ACTION.

EX: let’s say in… idk… Khan, there’s a suggestion that says:

“Whenever I see an opportunity I pounce on it”

Since you’re listening to many loops, that suggestion is repeated over and over.

So one day you notice an opportunity. Say you’re walking in the grocery store or something and you see a hot bombshell. Opportunity spotted.

Now, a part of your mind immediately kicks into gear and says “we should go talk to her!”, but then other parts of the mind, the ones that have been around the longest, SUGGEST that you do not.

The programming from the subliminal is suggesting one course of action, the programming your brain already has is suggesting another course of action.

Now you got a choice.

Talk to her, or don’t.

If you talk to her, even if it flops, the suggestion is now more accepted than before because your subconscious mind is seeing proof of the suggestion. “Whenever I see an opportunity I pounce on it” and since you actually are pouncing on opportunities, the subconscious mind has very little room for argument.

ACTION is the harbinger of results.
Subliminals, self hypnosis, visualization exercises, mental shifting questions or any other tool is to ASSIST you in taking action.

Now there’s also hypnosis and subliminals for inner work, in which ACTION, I believe, is still required. Say Regeneration or Khan S1 brings up some trauma. Or you’re doing self-hypnosis that brings it up.

If you resist it, try to shove it back down into your mind, and basically try anything to escape the feelings and thoughts you’re having, you’re working against the process. But if you were to instead let the feelings flow through your body as they wish to, express themselves as they wish to, and you patiently observe them, the feelings will do what they were originally supposed to do in the first place. Release.

Trauma and other “stuck” energy is mostly unprocessed feelings. The natural process of release was disrupted and the only solution was to store the feelings elsewhere until you’re ready to process them.

So my main point here is…

Results come from action. The results reported would be significantly more “epic” if the appropriate actions were taken.

And mind you there are some amazing success stories on here that do claim quite good results.

Also, it is known if you use a “stack” results are slower.

If I’m going to be quite honest you don’t NEED subliminals.
Humans have managed to create empires and reach levels of mastery so amazing they land in history books without subliminals.

Though mind you most of them did practice influencing their subconscious mind, and that’s fairly important.

You need goals, and you need the ability to achieve them without subliminals IMO.
Suggestion assists the process, it doesn’t run the race for you.

My 2 cents, though with the length of it it’s more like 200 cents lol


Thanks for the input.
I see your point. In my case, I bought Primal Seduction to benefit from it without the strong emphasis on the women aspect, however, since I am married, I wonder if I wasted my money. I read on here that its focus is to go out and meet women. I wonder if I could swap it for another sub? No hope that will happen
What confused me when I bought it is that most subs on sale seem to have similar modules etc. It was confusing to know which one is the most appropriate one for the goal in mind.


I’ve gotten some minor results though nothing close to what’s on the sales page
I think they should tone down the promises in their marketing


It is very difficult to see actual results from Khan because it is still the beginning. There are some very good reviews for weapon-x products in some blogs. People see huge difference while using sex mastery or muay thai. I am quite sceptical with superchargers but i use them less than a week


Emperor for sure works !.
Limitless works !
I have restarted Khan its only been a few days so cannot quantify the results yet.


Exactly. And encouraging people to mix programs and create stacks will aggravate the situation. Eg, if I have to listen to one sub for at least 6-8 hours to see some results, imagine 2 or more subs stacked? There is no guarantee that one sub will work let alone multiple stack of subs.
Some major subliminal makers offer free programs to TRIAL before purchase. I am surprised that subclub does not do such a thing…
I am stopping at my $68 spent unless I see some good results. No way I will keep spending money stacking subliminals unless I know they worked on me. One can become a sublimnal junkie…it is not a good path to be on…


@blackladder wanted to get Emperor instead, but I read is for soloentrepeneurs or sth along those lines. So it kind of put me off completely. Not everyone will go solo and build an empire. Is that even possible in this day and age?


Yeah that can be disappointing after reading all amazing benefits one could expect/reap.


Its possible but it is not going to happen magically and will require elbow grease on the users part.


Yeah I know, but I guess one of the main reasons we use subliminal is to work the subconscious in order to overcome whatever it is that tend to hold us back unconsciously. Be it lack of confidence, motivation etc. If subs can’t work these issues then in my opinion I see it as waste of countless of hours and money . Again I am a learner here so open to different insights and input in order to deeper my understanding


Seems like you are looking for magic pill and instant gratification. Subliminals are only a tool, the same as books and online courses that can help you to improve your life but it is your responsibility what you will do with that. I used all three methods and for my opinion, subliminals are the fastest and the best way for me. However, books and online courses that I have taken before helped the subliminals to make the progress faster I believe. It is important to choose right subliminal for you depending on your goals.


Something that is obviously very important to you and you write it in a rush on your phone?

It is true that there are quite a few people that absolutely love to jump on the next greatest thing, just like there are people that pre-order the latest model iPhone from their perfectly fine current model iPhone simply because it is new and shiny.

But there are also people that stick with either one module or a small stack of modules for months. AMASH is a good example, for results and sticking with products for longer times. You should really spend more time looking at the journal section. As intimidating as journals with 100+ posts are, those usually indicate 3+ months.

As for stacking, SubClub is about choice. The bulk of the product offering is designed to complement each other. There is some form of Limit Destroyer in Primal Seduction, but adding the stack module reinforces and strengthens the effects of that part of PS. In the same trend, you’ll often see Limitless in a stack. Most other products have some form of Limitless included to enable faster adaptation. Adding Limitless broadens that to general learning.

That said, although SubClub enables and might even encourage people to let their intuition guide them in assembling a stack of programs that works for them, you’ll find that there are definitely some recommendations when it comes to size. It is not recommended to stack more than 2 major programs for example. When adding stacking modules, start with one or two and run those for a while before adding even more. Listen for at least 6 hours a day.

Furthermore, it has been stated multiple times that when you go nuts and combine things like Khan, EoG, Emperor, Limitless and so on, that this will either take a long time to work, might not work at all and/or you might experience some headaches or other symptoms from taking on too much. As such the really big stacks should only be done by those that have been running subs for a very long time (we’re talking years here) and/or are in a really good place in their development.

But nobody is going to stop people from trying if they want to. Instead, we ask them to journal their experiences so we may learn how they adapt to such a large stack and improve future products.

Let me be a bit cocky and quote myself from another thread:

Hey, would you look at that, a martial artist 1000 times metaphor! And trust me, that wasn’t the first time I made those recommendations.

You also mentioned some results are all over the map. That could be. SubClub subs are scripted to allow the listener to determine their interpretation. If you believe that a seductive man should have a fitness body, the sub will work on your health and fitness. If you believe a seductive man should be wealthy, it will work on that. The listener sets their goals and has an image of what “success” means to them. The sub will work towards that.

Of course there are limits. A sub like Primal Seduction may over time help you pay your bar tabs easily, but if you want wealth manifestation you should pick a different sub.

Which brings me to your complaint about Primal Seduction maybe being the wrong sub. I read through the product page and it’s pretty clear to me what it is meant to do. Women and seduction. No ambiguity there. If you wanted wealth manifestation without taking the solopreneur route, there have been many recommendations for Ascended Mogul that would serve that purpose. It seems to me you were once again rushed and simply didn’t look through the offerings well enough or ask on the forum which products you should buy.

However, if you haven’t received your products yet, you may be able to exchange your PS with AM if you ask Saint in a PM. See the paragraphs below this one on what else you might mention in that PM.

SubClub did have a free offering of Ascension, which they pulled because it had become outdated. You should know this because the thread for it was bumped to the top a few days ago. But, even though that sub is not available, you can still ask your money back if the product you purchased doesn’t work for you. To be polite, provide a reasonable argument and preferably some indication that you at least gave it a shot or an explanation why you didn’t.

Now I’m certain your mail didn’t get ignored. You mentioned multiple times how precious time is, and I can tell you that Saint and Fire could use more of it. I will point them here and let them know you are waiting for a response. I trust you kept your email a bit less frustrated than this thread. If you used an email/username for the store that is different than the one used for this forum, be sure to PM Saint so he knows who you are.


That’s because a lot of people here really are all over the place. They’re trying to solve their problems and lacks all at once if possible. That’s why they stack so many subliminals, in the hope that maybe some improvement will manifest. And to be fair you can’t expect some amazing changes when you stack so many different subliminals. Now, even if you were to listen for a long time to one or two that compliment each other, there’s still that element of actually getting engaged in whatever activity you’re looking to improve in, if you really want to make a difference, not to mention if you’re looking to bring in significant changes. For example, I wouldn’t get Primal Seduction because I too am married and I have no interest in going around clubs, bars and other locations looking to meet women. So yeah, I would say that you have wasted your money on that one and it was entirely your fault for not reading all the details. Someone who gets Primal Seduction but refuses to leave the comfort of their living room and to go out there and to actually meet women, will probably not see much of a difference from using it.


From how I see it, these subliminals make you want to prove the statements to reinforce them, so it becomes a habit. I dont think they are designed to manifest a clean room out of thin air for example, but they push you to do it


This is exactly what is the main goal of subliminals


Yes sounds like I burned some dosh on this one. I guess I was looking at the other benefits the sub offers. Using it as experience to make better choice next time. Cheers


@FearlessLion, your post is full of a lot of misinformation. I may sound a bit harsh when correcting this, though the intention is not to minimize your concerns. It’s simply to get the right information out there.

First, you have to realize that our subliminals are built differently than others. You’re making a lot of assumptions about our titles based on what you heard about OTHER producers. Running multiple SubClub titles at the same time will diffuse the results due to less exposure (which we don’t hide, anyone who asks is told this, so please don’t accuse us of lying), but does NOT "confuse the subconscious.’ That’s a statement that comes directly from one of our competitors, in relevance to how HIS subs are built.

That producer’s subliminals used to be stackable too until he decided to make a business decision to exchange stackability for focus and power. There’s nothing wrong with that and I understand that decision was made – but it’s not how @Fire and I decided to go about things. We developed a proprietary way to link all our subliminals together (literally, there is scripting that “locks” them together like puzzle pieces). Your subconscious will NOT get “confused” by stacking our titles that correspond to your larger goals, but results may get diffused.

For example, Khan and Ecstasy of Gold share a codebase / built on the same scripting platform (New Dawn), which was specifically designed to do two things. One, completely eliminate the use of static affirmations and allow us to create scripting that isn’t based on any one person’s thoughts, but would instead adapt to YOUR needs and beliefs. And two, increase stackability without losing results. This is why you’re hearing people say EoG and Khan are the smoothest subliminals they’ve ever run.

Anxiety and fatigue is common to ALL subliminal use, not just ours. If you go to any subliminal forum, you’ll hear people complain about it. Please don’t come here claiming that our users are the only ones that experience it.

What an absolutely untrue statement. There are many people getting results that they feel are amazing. It’s not fair to other people for you to just come in and say they aren’t based on your own singular desires and expectations. Are you insinuating that the people getting good results are all wrong about their own lives?

I’m going to stop there – these reports are littered all over the forum. I found them in about five minutes just based off of memory. I’m not sure how you managed to miss them unless you were skimming, or subconsciously not WANTING to see them. It’s true – this is a common form of reconciliation, where an individual dismisses people’s good reports as some kind of strange outlier, and everything else as canon. Like, seriously – the only journal I’ve read that focuses solely on dreams… is the journal of a person running DREAMS, a title designed to enhance your dream life, lol.

You need to realize that this is a limiting belief that’s going to stop you from getting good results with ANY subliminal. I’ve seen people struggle for years to get results from subliminals because any time they start getting results, they’ll immediately say “I don’t think it was because of the sub,” or something similar. If you consciously discount all of your good results, you cut off all of your manifestation paths, and you’ll get absolutely nothing.

Over the course of 2 weeks, you sent about 9 inquiries. We answered 5 of them within about a day. Then, you sent a two page email on July 27th with a bunch of questions we had already answered, so I placed it in the queue for us to give a very thorough answer to, since something was being lost in translation. In-between that, you sent 3 more emails asking basic questions. I added those questions to the ticket for your first long email, so we could answer them all at once. To summarize, in the course of a week, you sent about 3 pages of questions. That takes TIME and our new support agent is still being onboarded. We would never toss a situation like yours on them – @Fire and I would have to answer it personally. We get about 50 emails a day, plus forum messages, plus other duties.

We’re currently installing a new ticket system that will allow us to break larger tickets into tasks, but again, be patient. We’re doing the best we can.

You purchased Primal Seduction and Limit Destroyer on July 31st – 3 days ago. You purchased Libertine just yesterday on August 1st. You haven’t even had a chance to evaluate the programs you’re complaining about, and your complaints and thoughts are based on the instructions of another producer’s programs. Don’t you think you might’ve jumped the gun a bit?


Thanks for your points. It actually took me a while to decide on buying a sub. It’s my bad I got blindsided with other benefits that the sub delivers rather that seeing its main purpose. I am pretty much a newbie when come to subliminals so I’ll make better judgement next time when purchasing. Cheers