Main Discussion Thread - True Social (Supercharger)


What about listening to this back to back with libertine, before going out? Recommended or not?


Please forgive the rudeness, but… it’s only been 13 posts.

I’d be interested if people that try it tell us if it’s better to run Libertine first and True Social after or the other way around though…


I think True Social is one of the best super chargers to come from Subclub so far. I have only used it twice but it has proved remarkable.


@DarkPhilosopher I am currently using true social and Libertine back to back at 2 loops. Will report back in a week or so with progress.


Could you elaborate? Perhaps a journal entry? :wink:


The first day I ran True Social for 2 loops it was after my run of Emperor. I didn;t think much of it. However what happened after the second day running True Social at 2 loops was remarkable. Will explain why.

The second day I listened to 2 loops right after I had been working on my laptop. About 2 hours later I wondered out to the coffee shop. As I began walking past people in the shopping centre. It was almost lile I felt this inner happiness fill me on the inside.

This cute blonde walked right past me I turned my head like I was on auto pilot and shouted “girl with long blonde hair stop right now”. She immediately turned round smiled and walked upto to me smiling she said hi and we began chatting away to each other. It was like my charisma switch had been turned on. From there I was just flowing. I immediately began hitting on other girls. Emperor gives me the mean alpha edge however true social helps temper the meann edge and gives me a much warmer charismatic vibe. Its like the subliminal gets me into charismatic state straight away when I am around people.

I am going to experiment stacking Libertine and true social with emperor.

Comments/Results make no sense and not believable

Is that so…
Good, because Libertine Remastered is on the way. :wink:


Isn’t it a bit concerning if the influence of the sub causes such brash unconsious (auto pilot) impulses? Sounds like that could end up having negative reprocussions in some situations. Do you end up having less awareness to filter yourself?


@nwaterlowford you think too much go out there and take action the subs will guide you accordingly.


Let me answer that first with a question:
Why are you asking about Alchemist on the True Social thread when it has its own dedicated thread?

Next, by quoting from said Alchemist thread:

I know what you’re thinking:
If Fire creates scripts dozens of pages long, how can he still be a man of so few words?
Awe inspiring, isn’t he? :wink:

Even though the Alchemist product-line has since grown, I think that if the intent to provide an upgrade-option was there at the start, it should still be there.

And for any follow-up questions about Alchemist, see line #2.


Your absolutely right, i downloaded true social today since its just the cost of a lunch. I seem to think that all hell will break loose if i say the wrong thing in social situations.


@nwaterlowford i use to think that there is an old saying “he who hesistates masturbates”.


Guys try running 3 loops of true social and 3 loops of Libertine before you go out. I think both chargers compliment each other. Last night I had one woman literally laughing all the time at my dumb jokes. Then I went to order my drink she asked me “should I pay for your drink”. Two women kept standing close to me whilst I was at the bar for no reason.

Had guys shut up and go quiet as soon as I began talking.


Good fucking game! What is your main sub @blackadder?


@friday My main sub is currently Emperor


do you think the order you are going to listen has an impact?


@Rising i dont know but i listen to it right after emperor.


I mean do you think there is an impact if you listen libertine first and then true social or visa versa?


I dont think there is.


Well, you can’t have 2 auras at the same time, methinks. So whichever one you listen to last will be your dominant state, even though both have an effect on you.