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Preparation is unnecessary anymore – True Social is here.

With True Social, you now have the ability to get yourself into a social zone instantly, where conversation flows and your mind is on point.

Combining both subconscious and conscious technology, True Social will remove your social anxiety, focus your mind on the moment, and unleash your social genius to the highest levels.

With each listening session, you will be able to let go more and more, allowing you to become more and more comfortable with social interaction, be it flirting with women or making friends with men.

The perfect way to start your day or night off, which will leave you feeling good and ready to have fun in whatever way you want.

You will no longer need to rely on alcohol to remove the stress of social interaction – you will now naturally be comfortable more and more with every listening, and have fun while interacting.

With every repetition, you will be more attuned to the social intricacies that surround us, and gradually become a master of all the social games, in a way that resonates with you and puts you at ease.

Start your nights right…

Pre-Order now.

True Social Questions
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So, True Social is an supercharger for Daredevil and enhancer of social side of any sub? :slight_smile:


Built to complement Daredevil, but yes, will enhance the social side of any subliminal.


Hi, when will this sub be released ? Thanks


Bad news. True Social is delayed for a few days. I’m having quality control issues with our voice actress and after she finishes this project, we will have to find a new artist. Apparently, she went on vacation and attempted to complete her voice acting work from a “mobile” studio. The end result is a catastrophe – she misread large parts of the script, and the sound quality of the file is horrid. I won’t release it in this condition.

For those wondering about refunds, with pre-orders, your 30 days begins from the date the title is RELEASED, not the day it was purchased. The delay won’t hurt your ability to get a refund.

Sorry for any inconvenience.


Its quite strange that a person failed to deliver designed quality after Saint, I’m 100% sure, had given EXACT instructions.


Yeah, and I actually hired her to do some voice work for my day job too. The voice file she sent back was noisy and I had to spend hours in Audition cleaning the shit up so I can finish a rather important promo video.

Either way, True Social will be out THIS SATURDAY. I’m also throwing in a surprise bonus for the delay.


Will he be released today?


So who does the vocal tracks that are used in the subliminals? Curious about that, as while we can’t consciously hear the voice, I would guess the performance on those needs to be spot on, too.


Universe willing, yes – but I haven’t gotten the vocal track back yet and that’s all I’m waiting for. This is becoming a hassle.


Depends on the title.

The early, early titles used high quality TTS voices. While we spent A LOT on those voices and they still are effective, it was still just TTS, and we wanted to see how we could push the envelope.

Calling on my audio engineering skills, I actually developed a new process for New Dawn that employs a different method that enhances the quality of the vocal track.

Thing is… we actually did some tests – it seems that the vocal track itself doesn’t affect results as much as the way the subliminal is scripted. You can have a shittier vocal track with solid scripting and get better results than a perfect recording with bad scripting.

We fully expect that this industry is going to blow up within the next 2-3 years. We’ve already heard rumblings over emerging new competitors. Soon, it’ll be common knowledge on how to make subliminals. The scripting method is what will differentiate between producers.

We welcome the challenge. It’ll keep us on our toes and force continued innovation.


A continuous error occurs. Have you tried changing the system?


I’ve already addressed that once we get True Social completed, we will search for other providers. Companies run into issues. Ours is a good one – we’re expanding so rapidly that soon, we’ll need to bring on more staff to handle infrastructure issues.


When is this problem solved? How soon is it expected to be installed?


Does the technical fault continue?


Will it be released on Sunday? :slight_smile:


Chaps any further news ?


Nothing yet guys, still in a twist with the vocal track. We’re working to resolve it as quick as possible.

On a brighter note, something good is coming soon, for one of your favorite programs.


Does that mean Preorder dates will be extended, I bought it kinda late :slight_smile: