Main Discussion Thread - True Social (Supercharger)


Agreed. I wouldn’t mind to let payment stand for a couple of weeks either. As all subs are longterm projects True Social isn’t really time sensitive.


Any news on this?





Shit happens


So does this mean we might be able to expect new versions of old titles like limitless, mogul, AM, and emperor in the coming months


Why wait for the coming months? Limitless v2 (New Dawn + Additions) is now available under “My Downloads” for those who already own the first version. :wink:


F…ck!!! (Joyful pronounce). My intuition was right - Limitless New Dawn is what we want, is what we need! :wink:


So what are the additions to limitless v2? If you don’t mind me asking

Cool so maybe Emperor and AM will get v3 in the next few monthss with additions on them too.

Also thank you very much for all your guys hard work with these awesome products!!!


True Social’s script has been sent to the voice actress for recording. Not only am I exceptionally proud of the script, the music is coming along very nicely too. We’re also including a gift / token of appreciation to the community for their patience with these multiple delays. Trust me, you’ll be happy. :wink:

True Social is designed for use before going out – whether you’re going to work, or out for the night. It’s shorter than 10 minutes, allowing you to run it multiple times. Also, it’s designed that you don’t have to sit and meditate. You can move around, dance, do whatever you want to get pumped up. Or, you can relax and just let the experience overwhelm you.

Looking forward to dropping this one.


I love your energy, @SaintSovereign! Cheers!:slight_smile:


@SaintSovereign Can this be used back to back with Libertine? For example 2 loops of libertine and then True social before go out?


Yes. And True Social should be ready for release this Wednesday.