'Chart' your sub use with your Astrology Chart

I’m starting this thread to explore how to use your Astrology chart to map out which subs to use


You two seem the most versed in this, what do you recommend?
If it’s a science-what’s the path?
If it’s an art- what’s your path?


It’s a long and nerdy process. :smile:

The Astrology part is Sciency - not in the physics sense of the word, but that it has an established canon. So, when a person says “My North Node is in Pisces”, all Astrologers make the same meaning out of it.

The Art is in connecting your subjective dots, based on your own desires, experiences, tendencies, etc.

And tailoring those conclusions to SubClub products is of course, a whole new field of study being pioneered by us. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Love it :star_struck: so once I have my chart-do I want to match subs to compliment strengths and/or attend to weakness? Do I go in the direction of my chart, or opposite etc…

i.e. what had you choose to run Survival Instinct?

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Zodiac : Tropical Placidus Orb : 0
Sun Pisces 25°52’ I ASC Sagittarius 15°53’
Moon Pisces 0°02’ II Capricorn 20°38’
Mercury Aquarius 29°46’ III Pisces 0°24’
Venus Taurus 10°50’ IV Aries 6°18’
Mars Capricorn 15°24’ V Taurus 4°14’
Jupiter Taurus 1°37’ VI Taurus 26°22’
Saturn Capricorn 2°00’ VII Gemini 15°53’
Uranus Capricorn 0°53’ VIII Cancer 20°38’
Neptune Capricorn 10°01’ IX Virgo 0°24’
Pluto Scorpio 12°19’ R X MC Libra 6°18’
Lilith Leo 23°24’ XI Scorpio 4°14’
N Node Pisces 23°14’ XII Scorpio 26°22’

Sun in III
Moon in II
Mercury in II
Venus in V
Mars in I ASC
Jupiter in IV
Saturn in I ASC
Uranus in I ASC
Neptune in I ASC
Pluto in XI
Lilith in VIII
N Node in III
masculine 1 fire 0
feminine 9 earth 6
cardinal 4 air 1
fixed 4 water 3
mutable 2

Planet Aspect Planet Orb Value
Sun Square Uranus 5°01’ -21
Sun Conjunction N Node 2°38’ 265
Moon Conjunction Mercury 0°15’ 662
Moon Sextile Jupiter 1°36’ 191
Moon Sextile Saturn 1°59’ 235
Moon Sextile Uranus 0°51’ 199
Moon Opposition Lilith 6°38’ -47
Mercury Sextile Jupiter 1°51’ 164
Mercury Sextile Saturn 2°14’ 199
Mercury Sextile Uranus 1°07’ 171
Mercury Opposition Lilith 6°22’ -47
Venus Trine Mars 4°33’ 109
Venus Conjunction Jupiter 9°13’ 56
Venus Trine Neptune 0°49’ 121
Venus Opposition Pluto 1°29’ -301
Mars Conjunction Neptune 5°23’ 192
Mars Sextile Pluto 3°05’ 105
Jupiter Trine Saturn 0°23’ 128
Jupiter Trine Uranus 0°44’ 73
Saturn Conjunction Uranus 1°08’ 373
Saturn Conjunction Neptune 8°00’ 72
Saturn Square X MC 4°18’ -17
Uranus Conjunction Neptune 9°08’ 17
Uranus Trine Lilith 7°29’ 2
Uranus Square X MC 5°25’ -3
Neptune Sextile Pluto 2°18’ 49
Neptune Square X MC 3°43’ -8
Lilith Trine I ASC 7°30’ 0
3383 -444 2939

Fortune Capricorn 11°44’
South node Virgo 23°14’

I feel like I just posted a nude pic…:upside_down_face:

Suggestions and wisdom welcome


It’s how I found SC…

I know a thing or two about Astrology and I’ve looked into my chart.

Even with my knowledge…

I knew my success depends on how I think.

So I ordered a birth chart from a profession, here’s a quote from my chart;

“ Your 12th house Aries also shows that you may help a fear of success and initiative in regards to any goal or anything in life, a fear that may run very deep, and sabotage your efforts, due to programmings that sap your self confidence and screw you over from your unconscious mind. Your natal chart shows these problems may be related to inner belief in your capacity to succeed and to make the necessary decisions for yourself. You may have an innate fear of making changes and decisions, and taking responsibility or leading yourself in some way. This Saturn aspecting your Mars can show that you also may self-limit or may halt your progress abruptly as a result of the above. This needs to be dealt with with self hypnosis and affirming love of success, and faith in yourself, and meditation may bring up any other problems that are unverifiable.”

“ Your chart does not have any oppositions between planets so this means that in going after your goals, you are your own best friend and you can be your own worst enemy at the same time…”

It’s the reason why I chose Emperor and will soon be adding Medici.


This is my attempt at matching a piece of the chart with subs to compliment strengths and weakness, there seems to be so much though to account for


Mercury represents communication, Cartesian and logical spirit.

Mercury is in Aquarius

Not necessarily loud or flamboyant, but he often has a quiet way of stirring others up. May delight in exposing what he deems biases in others’ way of thinking. Very quick to contradict others and to offer a different perspective, he enjoys intellectual debates. Amazing powers of observation, and a quirky way of looking at the world. Humorous and interesting. Likes practical jokes and raising eyebrows. Very fair and objective.

Mercury in II: Mercury is in the second house

Intelligence geared toward ways to make money, become rich, or to be independent. All methods are good, sometimes he might be on the borderline of honesty. (Machiavellian :smirk: PCC/EOG/House of MEdici)

You have a very practical mind and intelligence, seeing the obvious, most logical answer to any predicament often before others. You don’t like to be put on the spot or pushed into talking or coming to a conclusion. Studies are similar–you need to work at your own steady pace. You can be quite one-track minded at times, not very happy with multi-tasking, and often quite fixed in your opinions. Sensual stimuli is more relevant to you than abstract concepts. (QL/BLU )

164 Sextile between Mercury - Jupiter

He is intelligent with big ideas: He is tolerant and has a strong sense of justice. He has good judgement, good sense and has his feet on the ground. He has the “gift of gab,” fully enjoys literature and learning. He is erudite and will usually be successful socially. (no need for social sub)

199 Sextile between Mercury - Saturn

He is precise or strives to be mentally organized. He is able to study, concentrate, and focus, and often has the patience to work towards a goal slowly but surely. He may take time to get communications “just so” and prefers step by step directions. Respects tradition and rules, preferring a sense of order.(compliment strength Emperor/QL)

171 Sextile between Mercury - Uranus

He is perspicacious, ingenious. He binds intelligence and originality together with genius. He likes literature, especially fiction. He is spontaneous in his friendships and knows how to turn situations around positively. **compliment strength Stark)

-47 Opposition between Mercury - Lilith

Can be provocative in speech or communications, often challenging and contradicting, and seeing the flaws of a situation. This might be someone who holds back his sensuality. (Address weaknessPrimal Seduction/Libertine)


This would probably be the route to go, to fully Taylor the sub experience to this. I’ll get one done.

you made a vary wise choice, I can see how Emperor is perfect for this.

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Don’t look at everything. That approach will never get you to a small stack. :smile:

Keep it simple.

For me, it all started with the link to a free/donation product that @Malkuth posted.

The teaching in that course limits itself to your Mars, Venus, and North Node positions.
And through that, within a couple hours, I had inferred my core stack.

Everything after this was a choice to see how far the rabbit hole goes.



I’ve studied astrology quite a bit over the years and took a class dealing with astrological remediation with Austin Coppock.


Subs could definitely be used for remediation and it likely wouldn’t be too tough to key most titles to a representative planet.

One of the keys that Coppock talks about is the planet that rules the ascendant, which for me is my Virgo Mars in the 11th house, as I have a Scorpio ascendant.


thanks @Simon!
This is the second time this course has come up for me here,
I planned to get it and then it got lost in the shuffle
I will get it and review and that should narrow things down.
I’ll deal with my willingness to actually change my stack potentially as needed when I get there :joy:

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If others choose to do a similar process please post your findings on this thread !!

Goals are soo last astrological epoch
Navigating life purpose and human potential through subliminal assistance based of astrological charts is the new black :joy:


I’d say this whole Astro thing is most useful in areas where you feel stuck/lost.

If you can stick to a goal, make plans, use subs; you have your habits, neuroplasticity, compound effect working for you. Go ahead. You’re doing great. Chart approved or not, doesn’t matter.

But, if there are goals / life areas where you have been procrastinating or treading water for years, chances are that you are acting against your nature - and a personality test could give some pointers/insights that could totally change things up for you.

And that is exactly what I found Astrological Chart Reading to be - dozens of personality tests bundled into a visual image - and easily readable once you have the training for it.



I’d agree like if I’m trying to be chill and low key and parts of my chart are telling me to be in the spotlight (but not lead) I’ve basically been shooting myself in the foot. :joy:


Paging @Hermit


Of course, I’m not throwing that baby out with the bathwater

This is my main interest in using it/testing it out. Even if it doesn’t effect my stack. There are certain areas where while I make progress, it’s a little too uphill a climb. It would be good to have further illumination on what it would look like to act WITH my nature and/or change things up.

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I have 9 Feminine and 1 masculine in my chart
whatever that means :slight_smile:
but if I remember correctly what @Hermit said, the more masculine in the chart the more Alpha subs can put you into over the top dominance. This may be why Emperor suits me well.
Although I’m still ‘over the top’ at times-

I’m curious how to chart it as well.

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Rabbit hole of books n tings:


Too much work. lol