Best for insecurity and jelously


What sub is best for removing insecurity and jealously within a relationship?



Hello! Welcome to SubClub. At first I thought I would recommend a healing stack like Elixir Ultima + Regeneration but there are other options.

One option is to work on your relationship and make it more loving which is what Heartsong does.

There is one more option though. Some of us need more success, status and wealth in our lives in order to feel more secure in our relationship. In which case titles like Ascension, Ascended Mogul, Emperor, Khan etc will help to demolish insecurity coming from lower status.

Maybe a stack like Elixir Ultima + Heartsong + Ascension could do the trick.

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Thanks a lot,
how many loops should I start out with on the Elixir Ultima + Heartsong + Ascension?

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Start very slow, these subs are powerful
Day 1 - 1 loop Ascension
Day 2- 1 loop Heartsong
Day 3 - 1 loop the Elixir
Day 4 stop and see how you react

Week 2 increases the loops to 2 per day if you feel like it’s a good idea

There are a couple of ways to do this. One way is how @Dragonrider has explained (as in 1 loop of one title in one day).

The other is to play 1 loop of all three titles in one day for 5 days a week and take 2 days off (this is the official recommendation).

Still another way is to play 1 loop of all three titles in one day and take the next day off (basically alternating days).

We do also have to consider that you might be new to Subliminal Club in which case, a good way of doing it is:

Month 1: Elixir Ultima + Regeneration (create a base of emotional and mental healing)

Month 2: Ascension (get yourself a stronger frame, be more masculine and alpha)

Month 3 onwards: Ascension + Heartsong (increase masculinity and relationship)

PS: I didn’t ask if you were a man or a woman. For women, they just have to replace Ascension with Ascension For Women.

khan st1. Since using it, many old patterns have disappeared.

welcome buddy

jelousy and insecurity are often signs of traumas and old patterns of childhood or maybe memories that hasnt been dealt with

i reccomend you to take a look at regenration its healing sub

you can never go wrong with a healing sub :smiley:

HEARTSONG HEARTSONG HEARTSONG HEARTSONG!!! Seriously, Heartsong is all you need for insecurity and jealousy.

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The key to subliminals is focus. Elixir + Regeneration + Ascension + Heartsong will pull you in multiple directions all at once, and you’ll get a tiny bit of results from each of them. It would take 6 months for all those subliminals to reach their full effect in you.

Meanwhile, I got a 90% reduction in my girlfriend’s anxiety/insecurity/jealousy within the first week by listening to Heartsong by itself. That’s the power of focus. My results might not be typical for everybody though.

Another thing I would say as well… we haven’t learned much about you yet. If you’d like subliminal recommendations, it’s important to share where you’re currently at in life, what you struggle with, and what your goals are. We don’t even know if you’re 18, 28, or 55… we don’t even know if you’re a guy or a girl!

I believe that with Heartsong, there is a LOT of healing, so there’s no need for Elixir + Regeneration. Also, my girlfriend started listening to regeneration after reading @raphael’s journal, but unfortunately, it didn’t help. It wasn’t specific enough. MAYBE it set the groundwork for Heartsong to be effective, but listening to regeneration actually caused a lot of jealousy and insecurity to get worse as a symptom of reconciliation.

In my opinion, you should listen to heartsong for a month by itself to see if that solves your problem. Listen to it with your girlfriend at night while you guys both sleep, just play it on laptop speakers and turn the brightness off of your laptop. If Heartsong doesn’t solve the problem, come back into the forums and we can investigate what else might be causing the jealousy/insecurity.

What do you think the cause of the insecurity is, by the way? Is it just because of anxious tendencies… is it because of a lack of trust (maybe being in a relationship with someone that doesn’t inspire trust)… is it because the person who’s jealous feels like they’re not getting results in life?


Thanks for all the replies, seems like there are a few different paths. I’ll speak about myself somewhat and see if we can get clearer about what is best for me.

I am 33 years old man, I have just completed my foundation year and I’ll be going into year one out of 3, doing a business-related BA, come this September. I would love to have my own business, but I have no business idea or sense of direction what that would even be. I gave myself until I finished uni, to come up with something, ideally, I would love to start something on the side during my studies. I also don’t have any skills where I am a master or proficient at, that I could “sell”.

I currently live with my GF, in rented accommodation and she moved with me across the country whilst I study. She has her own business and that is her passion.

My personality type is not really good with working for people, as I am not a fan of doing things I don’t want to do. With work in the past, usually affects my mental health and before long I start feeling like I want to quit at the last minute. In my recent part-time job (the last 7 weeks) I worked as a bouncer, but a few weeks ago I gave in my 4 weeks notice but ended up quitting last night on a whim as I just couldn’t take it anymore, my mental health was being affected because of it. I came so close to quitting right before my shift, but I was able to get myself to go into work by saying I will quit after, at least that I wasn’t quitting at the last minute, so they won’t have to rush to find someone else to cover. I know it was not great, but I had to think about my emotional well-being. I won’t be able to add this to my C.V or get a reference, but at least my part-time job before the pandemic I gave and finished my 4 weeks notice and left on a good note, so I will just keep that as my last job. That was a big achievement for me, as my job history before that I would get to a point where I would quit without giving notice or give it and it would feel like I left it too late and deteriorate and have to quit on a whim.

With this recent job, I had signs that I didn’t like it, but I kept forcing myself to continue, as I thought it was just contrast and growing pains (which it probably was also, up to an extent), as it included dealing with lots of people, like lots, lots of confrontation, drunk people, which is just not enjoyable really. It affected me emotionally, I felt emotionally drained after each shift. I can deal with confrontation, that was not the problem, but I also felt like I picked up and held negativity from all the people, which took me days to release. It really felt like I picked it up and held onto it, as it stayed with me, so after working it felt hard on my system and after my weekly shifts all I wanted to do was just be alone, recharge and clear my energy. Then the shifts would come around again, and then I would have to go through the same thing all again. Hence, why I got to a point I couldn’t do it anymore and had to quit on a whim. I held out for quite a few weeks though, forcing myself to do it because it was good “growth”, so I didn’t quit at first signs of contrast, I forced myself for quite a few weeks before I got to this point. I turned in my 4-week notice after I didn’t go into a shift one day as I had very strong opposition to going in, I took it as a sign something is wrong, I then was confused, as I didn’t know if I should continue to force or if it is my intuition telling me this is not right for me. Anyway, that day after not going in, some drama, emotional turmoil and then some relief, I released I had been forcing to do something that I do not want to do and basically not listening to my inner feelings. It felt like the war was going on inside of me because I was forcing myself to do it, even though I didn’t want to. Anywho, I still don’t know the fine line is between what is genuinely my intuition telling me something or if it is just growing pains. Well, I know for a fact that I am an introvert and I forced myself to do an extrovert’s job, so that is growth, but long term I can’t function like that man.

For my second year of university, I have an opportunity to go abroad for a year to study, I told my girlfriend that I wanted to do it alone, as she has travelled much more than me and had the kinds of experiences, but I didn’t want to not have the solo experience of that, as I feel like I would regret it for the rest of my life. Eventually, she came up with the idea of going to another country for a year also, whilst I do that. So if I go in that direction that would be 1 year from now. Obviously, I don’t want to miss an opportunity like this, but at the same time, I do not know how it is going to play out between us when I have to make that decision a fact at some point in my first year. I also don’t know how that will play out during the year apart, from doing our own thing. There are lots of unknowns. I mean there is a part of me that would not do that for the relationship, but I know that I have to put myself first, otherwise I will regret it for the rest of my life is not taking an opportunity like this. I am sad thinking about it, because I have been living with her for 1 year now, and by then it will be 2 years. That would be an extreme change. I also feel weird about doing it together, it wouldn’t feel like my thing if I did that. I really want my thing.

Touching on the insecurity and jealously, it comes up when I think about her out and about and my imagination imagines her flirting with other guys or guys are flirting with her, it gives me yucky feelings. As I feel quite strongly, these feelings can sometimes make it seem real as if they are happening at the moment when I am thinking about them. I know she wouldn’t do anything and has no bad intentions, she is not like that, (I wouldn’t be with her if she was) but the thought of her flirting with other guys sometimes makes me feel like I am not good enough. This is so very strange as there are times when I feel the opposite! LOL. So fuck knows what is wrong with me LOL. This also comes up when I look at old pictures on her friend’s social media and see her there with other guys she met on holiday, as I know she made a few passionate connections when travelling abroad at different times. My mind makes it into much more people than it was though, my emotions and maybe my thoughts can be pretty black or white at times, like if I feel something I feel it strongly, if I think something that is all there is. I have got much better at this though! As I have to function (or act) as a normal human being at least some times.

The weird thing is you wouldn’t know I had any insecurity or jealously thoughts come up, she would probably think I have the opposite as I am pretty withdrawn, in my own world, I give her shit load of space and freedom, just because I love my alone time so much. If anything I probably come across as indifferent as most of the time I am, as I have this feeling of not wanting anyone to get in the way of my freedom.

I feel like a paradox sometimes, as I feel like I can see, feel and think so many things that can even be in opposition to one another, that I can’t know sometimes what is real and what is not real.

Hope this helps, feel free to ask any more clarifying questions that can help recommend a subliminal that is best for me and my situation. Thanks for all your help, I appreciate it.


Really appreciate you putting it all out there and being ready to take your problems head on.

The first thing I have to point out is the “long distance relationship” you guys will be doing. Will not sugarcoat it, my friend. Mostly, it doesn’t work. You have to ask yourself this question: “Do I want to deal with the pain of breaking up now or later when you find out she found someone else?” The reason why I say this is because, as you said, she is a very outgoing woman. And she has loads of choices to have encounters which fit her mood and lead her astray even if she doesn’t intend to do so.

Maybe a subliminal like Heartsong could bind you both together but it also has the power to help you breakup if she is not your best option, so you will have to consider that too.

Regarding wanting to work for yourself, the subliminal Emperor will help in working hard on a business or passion that will increase your power, status and wealth. It’s a bit of a dense title so mixing it with other subs at first will lead to a lot of irritation, anger and emotional release especially in the beginning.

And going to your need for healing your emotional and mental scars due to working as a bouncer, I do feel that Elixir Ultima + Regeneration will be good for you.

But we have to be practical of course and think about what you can do immediately.

For that, I recommend a lighter stack like Ascension and Heartsong. Ascension will help you have a more stronger mental frame and help you be more attractive and alpha. It helps with money and career too. Heartsong meanwhile will heal your relationship (or even lead to a breakup incase it won’t serve you).

Personally, I would straight up break up because long distance relationships don’t work but this decision is up upto you.

My suggestion once again is start with Ascension (or Ascended Mogul) + Heartsong. It will serve you well.

If you really want to heal while doing the above stack, add Regeneration OR Elixir Ultima to Ascension + Heartsong.

When you are a month or two into Ascension or Ascended Mogul, you can get Emperor and improve yourself even more. You can start with Emperor too but like I said before, it is pretty hard hitting for a first sub.

Hope this helps

Thanks, buddy, that does help.

As I have not set going abroad for my 2nd year of the university into concrete fact yet, as that will have to happen sometime in my first year, maybe I will have to make that decision with the university within 6 months time. There are still unknowns and right at this moment I don’t feel inspired to just break up, for a multitude of reasons.

I do like the idea of using Ascension or Ascended Mogul with Heartsong, though. I imagine Heartsong could help show me if she is the one for me or not within 6 months, right? Which could ultimately impact my final decision when it has to be made.

Whatever happens, I just want to make the right decisions, with as much clarity as possible.

How is best to decide between Ascension or Ascended Mogul?

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Yes. 6 months is more than enough time for the sub to work.

Ascension is pure alpha make along with some career related benefits.

Ascended Mogul is Ascension + Mogul but many people over here have said that it is more alpha in relation to career.

So depending on what you want to focus on, you can decide. If you want to focus on Masculinity alone with some career benefits, go for Ascension. If you want to focus on career along with some masculinity benefits, go for Ascended Mogul.

In your case, my guess is that Ascended Mogul will serve you well especially to get your career and money in order.

Ascended Mogul + Heartsong will be the best stack for you in my opinion.

And just to be clear, you’re not experienced with subliminal club subliminals, right? This would be your first product with them?

Emperor and Khan are generally bad ideas if you’re not already very experienced with other subclub products.

(I will fully read your post and respond after the gym! I just skimmed it once but will deep dive it thoroughly.)

Maybe it’s just pulling up what’s underneath the 10% of conscious recognition and shows what’s realy there.

I expirience it like that : the moment a topic pops up I can choose to ignore it, don’t care, watch it, try to figure it out or dive into the stream, pul the energy I feel out of my body and destroy it or send it into a mountain with lava,
When you dive into the stream you swimm downwards to the point where you feel :that’s to much. Then you reached 50% if you let ( I don’t recommend this to try out, because you need a lot of experience to do this) yourself fall to the ground of this emotion, you end up at the root cause after 5-10 minutes.

The root cause is always a small little point of energy ( similar to a corn of rice, and without much power) saying one word/sentence like: don’t let me alone.

When you get there, usually it’s enough to tell the these rice corn :i will never be alone, I find the right people, and then the whole negative energy collapses and flows out of your body for minutes/hours

Maybe Regeneration pulls her trough that emotion and it starts to getting worse because it guides you to the ground :wink:

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Jealousy is the opposite of : to grant someone…

Jealousy wants to have what others have for free or stealing it from them

Jealousy forbids others to have… and in the same time closes the door for yourself to have what others have/experience

Its a stupid bitch- beat it to death

or grant everyone what you also want, so that you allow yourself to have it

Absolutely. I’m aware of that, but my point was that it wasn’t helping with the issue that she was facing of dealing with those emotions already. Not everyone wants to go through a bunch of reconciliation before they get results. Especially if it’s their first sub.

And there lies another problem
Maybe greater than the other one

If you find a solid way around, keep me informed

Well, lookee here. The reason I’m going to be at least $35 less burdened by money when I get home.

What a fantastic compilation you’ve got there.

How I deal with recon…

I only play subliminals while I’m sleeping. That’s huge, it’s honestly my biggest tip. Listening to Q’s during the day hits me with hard recon, whereas listening to them at night gives me wild dreams but I wake up feeling pretty happy and motivated. I listen to one ultima per day, during the day… anything more than that and again I get big recon.

Another thing I’ve been noticing is that the more a subliminal isn’t in line with your personality, the more reconciliation it’s going to give you. So, Ascended Mogul gave me a decent amount of reconciliation, but I was able to cope with it because I’m already kind of entrepreneurial. Meanwhile, The Executive and Limitless Executive give me INSANE amounts of reconciliation because I’m not a “grinder” with the Executive Work Ethic.

So to “prep” for The Executive, I would listen to more of Ascended Mogul, to make me more subconsciously willing to take action. It’s like dipping my toes in the water before diving in fully. I might also listen to Godlike Masculinity, which is a very light sub that generally doesn’t cause big reconciliation, but it ALSO makes people more driven and action oriented. Ascended Mogul, Ascension, Mogul, Godlike Masculinity, PCC, and Inner Circle are all examples of light subliminals that have high upside and low downside. Listening to them first might be advisable before listening to major programs like Emperor. I haven’t experimented with Quantum Limitless, but ST1 and all the other stages seem like good foundational subs to align you for greater results around productivity/action/business. But I don’t know how dense QLQ is…

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