Back to my roots - an Invictus journal

Yoooo guys
Been away from the forums a bit, and stopped posting on my previous journal due to certain things that were happening with me, especially with my ZPT customs, I just felt like I wasn’t being myself anymore and just chasing goals that seemed interesting because others were talking about them.

Alas, something clicked inside my head yesterday and I ended up ordering a custom, which in a way, is a direct upgrade to this:

And this is how the modules look
  • Stark core

  • Emperor fitness st3 core

  • APS head

  • Apollon

  • Serum X

  • Entranced

  • Ethereal presence

  • Emperor’s voice

  • Gloryseeker

  • Lifeblood fable

  • Fenrir

  • Carpe Diem Ascended

  • The way of ROI

  • The wonder

  • Virtue series: Temperance

  • deep sleep

  • Harmonica singularity

  • Chosen of Venus

  • SPS: endocrine system

  • Dominion

I call it….

The whole reason for this is custom is because deep down, I just couldn’t sit still, jumping from one desire to another, achieving them and yet not feeling content, and I came to the realization why… it’s because I got distracted, and lost the fire in my heart to pursue my biggest passion:

So with that said, I’m going back full force with the custom + Spartan ZP, while keeping an additional special sub in the stack: Chosen: The Way of Nature, I just love this sub.

And here’s a pic I took just a while ago today :stuck_out_tongue:

Now, I already used the custom today + CWON before my workout, and here are the things I noticed:

  • better pumps; I was actually pumped before I even reached the gym, with my veins popping out more.

  • 25% increase in strength on all the exercises I did today.

  • better endurance throughout the workout.

  • less distracted during the workout, and fully being in the moment and feeling each rep deeply within myself.

  • more social with people at the gym than usual.

  • went on a date and the amount of cute moments with my girl were at an all time high (yes, CWON + Chosen of Venus in my custom are more potent than WANTED’s attraction, with my girl).

  • people at the restaurant were staring at me, and a girl that looked like a typical Instagram model was making my girl insecure because of how much she was staring and smiling at me :sweat_smile: (her words).

  • sudden urge to buy a supplement I never considered using, but my intuition told me to get it, so i did (Ashwaghanda).

  • CWON has been making me very chilled out, while increasing my senses to be much more “sensitive” to everything, as an example: when in my car, I can clearly hear outside my car, even with all the windows up (note: I’ve been using CWON for around 2 weeks now).

  • finally, one of the things I did at work when I wasn’t posting here was putting a request for a leave till the end of this month, as I wanna focus more on gym and myself, and at the time I didn’t think of this custom, yet yesterday I just got the urge to order it outta nowhere, so I guess everything was meant to happen, to pave the way for some serious gains :muscle:t3::sunglasses:.

Oh and fun fact:

This custom, as well as the previous bodybuilding one in Qv2 (OnlyGains) were both made in July :exploding_head:



Bro you’ve gotten so unbelievably jacked since you last posted a pic. Wow. I remember your pic you posted a year and a half ago. This is insane. If you haven’t, you should look at that pic compared to this one to see how far you’ve come.


Ayyy thanks bro :pray:t3:
Appreciate you bringing that up, it really amazes me how much I’ve grown, but honestly, the last 2-3 months feel like I was just way too distracted with wanting to achieve sexiness, that I didn’t really put as much heart into it, so I’m going extra hard now :muscle:t3:

So some of you might wonder why did I reduce the power to ZP?

Well, let’s put it this way:

  • I can feel it faster, without any internal confusion and FOMO.

  • I can use it much more often, since I can run ZP on a 5 days on basis.

  • and lastly, because it allows me to run my stack more often without the risk of any recon or halting results.

With that said, I just listened to Legend + Spartan, and I had some things to note:

  • sleep was amazing, and recovered me nicely from yesterday’s workout.

  • I had a stronger urge to have breakfast right away, rather than waiting an hour or so.

  • my weight already shot up by 0.6kg overnight.

  • my whole body and mind feel so relaxed and calm.

  • had a dream about me working out my back and flexing it in the mirror, coincidentally I’m training back today :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t4:.

I’ll update more later at night, as I’ll be going to the gym in a bit, and then seeing my girl for a movie date, so I’ll note down if anything is different.

One thing to note:

Depending on the second core in my custom, Stark’s expression changes quite a bit, while with Mind’s eye it made me feel like I’m an Artificial Intelligence, with WANTED it made me feel like a supermodel, and now with EF I feel like one of those aesthetic crew YouTubers :rofl: kinda similar to the vibe of Jeff Seid and Jon Skywalker (and Zyzz, obviously :wink:).

This shows just how careful you have to be when making customs, and not just throw in a couple of cores together just to shorten your stack, it won’t feel the same way.


This belongs here

CWON results:


well, this is happening again :frowning_face:

good thing I had a back up plan, but i’ll wait for it to get refereshed :wink:
The Beast Within


I love Spartan :frowning:

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The thing is, as much as I love the healthy lifestyle and warrior mindset that Spartan develops, I’m just not willing to change my diet, and I know that I probably should change it for better gains and body composition, but it’s also affecting my smoking habits, and my desire to get high.

What I realized today is that I can kinda see why both Spartan and Emperor feel a bit off to me, and don’t necessarily gel at 100%, and it’s a simple reason:

I refuse to take life seriously

Think about it:

  • I eat whatever and then burn it off with workouts, regardless of how “healthy” it is to push my body like that or how nutrient dense the food is.

  • I go to work high and do whatever I want, even though some of my friends told me to be careful and not to do that because it could get me in trouble.

  • I drive like my mom is about to give birth and I need to reach to the hospital asap.

  • I don’t ever reach to work on time and always get away with it.

  • I don’t really care how much money I spend, as long as it makes me feel good.

  • I don’t really listen to others 90% of the time, and just do what I personally feel like doing.

There are other things not mentioned here, but the point is, subs that have scripting related to Discipline, Masculinity, Stoicism, and/or Willpower, end up making me feel like I’m heading in a direction that doesn’t resonate with my true self.

Note: I’m not saying that I lack those things I mentioned above, but the way I have those traits is already balanced, a personal gold standard, which is why those things are the ones I don’t wanna mess with :rofl: which is also why The Beast Within seems like the perfect replacement, and more appropriate in the stack as well, as it doesn’t have any archetype-based scripting either :wink:


This is very insightful of you, hopefully others and including myself can use this knowledge to better understand themselves and find the subs that works best for them.

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it is everybody’s choice

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This is why I’ve always been an advocate of first doing a deep dive within yourself.

Most of the people I see on the forums here have very general goals, like wanting to get laid, or get more money, but nothing else.

Where’s the depth of the character in those goals?
I’ve been experimenting all of these subs, and at first I wanted to use the opportunity to post, so that others can understand.

Instead I just saw an influx of people just wanting to run WANTED, without even considering how they are as people, and that their reasoning for running has no depth or meaning.

Which part specifically :thinking:


I also understand where you’re coming from. I like to use Stark and Emperor depending on the phase of my life. While I love Stark, Emperor does make me take life a bit more seriously, and since I am ultimately craving solitude and growth overall, and school is finishing up soon I might switch back to Emperor honestly. When life chills out but I’m still focusing on my goals I will switch back to Stark


all of them

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This part is beautiful.

Shows that you do have some depth and reasoning as to why you want to stick with Emperor, kudos to you.

Just don’t end up swayed with new/different subs due to other peoples results.

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Still don’t get what you’re trying to get at :sweat_smile:

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I ran WANTED because while I am extroverted I am also very introverted, perks of having a military father. WANTED also boosts the private side of me like if you wanna know more I have to trust you, but I’m less of a dick about it haha. I am also using it to help me realize how WANTED I truly am in life in not only a romantic aspect but just in general and that’s healing me and making me grow


You know I am trying to be mysterious too :).

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Haha I am getting better with that, I have only been on this for about 6 months and made my mistakes. Plus I wanna try the new Emperor ZP Re-Loaded Update :joy: also I think you have inspired me to try Minds Eye from your previous journals

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Mind’s eye just hits different, I wonder how the refreshed version is like, maybe I’ll try it one day :eyes:.

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As for yesterday’s results:

  • I wasn’t feeling sexual with my girlfriend at all, and was making her walk too much :rofl:

  • I was working out for twice as long, even though it was probably not a good idea :sweat_smile:

  • I couldn’t eat certain things I like eating normally.

  • I felt a bit restrained whenever I wanted to smoke.

  • I got some new fitness clothes.

  • ate extremely healthy.

  • slept longer.

  • got some random discounts and freebies everywhere I shopped at yesterday.