Back To Basics (EoG, Wanted & Ascension)

My previous journey was all about multi-subs but it’s likely my mind become very overwhelmed, So In this journey, I will again come back to basics & regroup myself & restart fresh

Subs for this journey

EoG ST1 = For the money (new job, online courses, classes, etc)
Wanted = Of course for seduction
Ascension = Need alpha personality badly (khan made me bold as a fuck but since its a light title…I will go with it)
Ascension Chamber= weekly manifestation

I will stick to these subs until I achieve each objective or at least get on the path to achieving it

In the last journey, my mind is craving for why am I living?, What’s the purpose of my life…I am glad I have found my purpose, While dying at least I can say Yeah I tried

From tomorrow my washout will begins


Washout Day 4

I will keep this short & sweet, Looks Like Finally I have found a solution to all my problems, But I don’t want to rush this time & will take things slowly. Its a fight of 15 years which I fight myself every day


Washout Day 5

First time in 2 years since I bought this band My deep sleep has gone to 2 hours…it was usual 30 to 40 minutes only

I am also working on increasing my focus and specially energy, Thanks to the blood test which i have taken 1 month ago, I wish i should have done this test long ago, but whatever looking forward to what future holds


Sub Day 1
I just started listening to sub now
Let me clear one thing, these are one of the best days in the life
I am feeling more in control of myself
It’s like I can easily spot What I am doing wrong or What should I do now
My focus is increasing & I am making some profound subtle changes that make this cycle more effective than ever
I hope subs will further take me with my newly found focus

I am now feeling the manifestation or people’s attitude towards you, will directly relate to your focus and direction of energy
The more relaxed or energized I will feel the more reaction I will get for example the more I get attached to myself understand myself or be nearer to myself the more people will notice me

I don’t know What Asc Chamber will bring this cycle I am very much excited now

Never felt so close to myself ever

& What about Wanted? Do I will get the more attractive person, I can tell only tomorrow after going out

But more important for me is now manifesting more & more wealth now & while having a True Alpha male personality

I am much happier with paragon this sub I have used on & off, I have done extensive research about my health with successful result, and I have to give credit to paragon a lot


Sub Day 11
Lots of changes happening, you can call them core changes which I was unaware of the last 15 years.
I am still studying phenomena & discovering more about myself & what exactly happened in the past which lead me to depression anxiety poor yelling fights failure & whatnot


  1. Controlling anger
  2. not arguing

I have argued enough all these years & tried to explain myself but nothing happened, I stopped arguing altogether & stop talking to people who disrespect me, I don’t hate them I just don’t talk to them

  1. energy
    lots of energy, it’s like if I need energy I just grab it

  2. confidence, extreme confidence

  3. Focus

oh boy I craved for it my whole life, finally looks like I will become the most focused guy after all

  1. Not rushing

before I was rushing everything & living life on random things or choosing to select things without thinking not anymore

there are lots of Financial Opportunities but I am still giving myself time before start pursuing things

Though I am not doing diet & physical exercises but I can feel this “Become the Enigma”

gift a girl on a birthday which I don’t even seduce but have past issues with her friend
one girl begged me to unblock her & call her
less caring about girls but still developing high-value status

help you achieve and experience greater conscious control
yep now I am feeling much more in control of myself & not living life on autopilot

rise to a higher point
yep I can say I am on this path


Sub Day 15

Manifest Wealth

looks like sub is working on other aspects of my life

Be The “One That Got Away

I am just walking away if I don’t get positive response from girls & its getting easy

rise to a higher point

continuos learning how do I get my level to high & high



  • Rising into my professional rank
  • I will do 4 pomodoro session for it today

Sub Day 20

I just don’t understand how fast this cycle finishes up & I have taken a gap /rest of 2 or even 3 days between subs unintentionally

but this cycle contains lots of self-discovery

I tried to fucking understand myself & stick to remedies that are helping getting connected to myself

I found breath training exercises that help me remain in touch with my body & especially my brain

conscious control over your natural manifestation ability

I don’t know about manifestation but I am able to control myself now

WANTED is the epitome of the mystifying, enigmatic man that is shrouded in mystery.

I am constantly learning games & I can say with confidence that people are feeling I am a way mysterious man

Financial Opportunities

I have a plan which needs to be executed


taken master’s degree course in English to go abroad…but no promotion or birthday cake from office

Was or is it your birthday?