Another newbie needing reccomendations

Hi there,
I found this website by chance while i was looking for reviews on hypnotica programs and I was gonna start using his “collection of confidence” but maybe you guys can suggest me better hypnotic (reprogramming beliefs audios) products. I emailed hypnotica (Eric Von Sydow) himself asking him questions about his products but he never replies so dont feel bad about suggesting to me products that you think will help me more than his.

About me I suffered physical bullying since i was 7 until 15, unfortunately I was born being a sensitive guy so the bullying destroyed 95% of my sense of self-worth and i felt like shit almost all my life until a little miracle (its a long story about the miracle but i can post it another time) happened when i was around 29 years old and finally i saw the light at the end of the tunnel and finally started a journey out of the claws of depression.

Nowadays i think i am a positive and mostly happy guy in my 40s but the beliefs that got installed in my head when i was been bullied still had a strong hold on my brain, for example I currently do retail sales (a job for college students) even though i studied university in canada (i am an immigrant though, english is not my first language) to be an accountant, yes i tried hard to get an accounting firm job but the competition was tough and the truth i think i gave up too soon, in my previous jobs i was able comfortable in the entry level positions and never felt like taking on more senior roles cuz i was afraid of the responsibility but also (and most important) anxiety quicks in when under pressure and that makes me forget things and my multitasking abilities go to zero when under pressure. I had situations in my professional life and as a student in which after reading tony robins book “awaken the giant within” i shot for the stars but i landed in the mud (I strongly believe due to my inner unempowering beliefs) and it FUCKING HURT and i am afraid to try again.

Anyway i am going off topic here, the point is that even though I dont think i am depressed anymore I still have unconcious disempowering beliefs in my head that are holding me back in all areas of my life but the ones i need to tackle urgently are “relationships with women” and “getting a better paying job”. As probably anyone can guess when you are a teen with no self esteem you cannot interact with women, you dont have that inner happiness and light in your soul that makes women interested in you, due to that until this day I never had a girlfriend (probably due to a belief such as “I am not worthy to deserve the love of a woman”) thank god though i always had high testosterone so after I was gaining my happiness back in my 30s I finally started to talk to women in bars (after drinking a lot) and started to have my first kisses in my life and maybe once a year i would bring a woman home with me. Unfortunately after more than a decade my situation with women hasnt changed, i tried dating apps, i met some women through friends but i never got a girlfriend, just a ramdon make out session in a bar. So i took a look at my life and i realized i am a low value guy and i need to grow in other areas of my life but most important i need to improve my mindset (rewire my brain and get rid of whatever shit i have in my head) if i want to make more $$ so i can buy my own place (right now i have some savings and an old car and live in a house sharing with 2 other guys).

Because its a TOP priority to get better with women is that I was looking at hypnotica products amongn them, “mythos of masculinity” (that apparently is an unfinished product), “attractor factor”, “metamorphosis” among others, and in that search i found the subliminal club so i hope you guys (and girls) can point me in the right direction.

This is gonna sound a bit strange (but believe me when you are a guy with high testosterone who still have not developed the skills and mindset to seduce women in your 40s you would understand) but right now my priority is to develop the beliefs and mindset that will make it easier for me to feel confident and go to talk to women (without getting drunk) and make them feel interested in me as a man. Probably some of you would say that is better to heal my self esteem first (so i dont get validation or happiness by sleeping with lots of women) and then after i am a more healed guy i should learn the skills.

But please right now i need to develop the confidence to talk to females everywhere (supermarket, bars, gym etc) and increase my chances to meet a wonderful one, once i can accomplish that it will be easier to work on my other issues (like unreleased traumas, or change my mindset about getting a job with more responsibilities or maybe finally forgive my parents for not having realized i was going through hell in school and not pull me out of it). I hope there will be some members here that understand my needs and maybe point me to what products or audios you guys offer here (assuming you think they are better than hypnotica’s).

BTW for being in my 40s i have many positive things to be thankful for, i eat decently and as a result i am probably among the very few older men who have almost no belly (well i also run on the treadmill 3 times a week lol), due to my lack of experience with women i hold almost no grudge against them so i am very open to learn with them, i do no drugs and my alcohol i only do it when im going out to bars, and i am told i have a very “nice guy” vibe (probably more due to me being a bit feminine in my interaction with everybody, and also due to probably me being stuck in some kind of childhood mentality due to my bullying trauma) and im general i am positive and friendly, i can still smile like a kid if i want to (i know it sounds creepy that a 40 year old can still have a kiddy smile but please dont judge).

I am sorry i discover this website 2 days ago and today i signed up, i have many things to do in my plate and i havent had the time to research this wonderful website i am not 100% sure how the structure works but i will figure it out:

what i please need help with is:

what audios or programs or subs do i need to buy (or become a member of) in order to start rewiring my mind to become more successful with women? (apparently there are these “primal” and “primal seduction” audios that i can start listening to?


would you recommend me to do the hypnotica programs instead? if thats the case which one would you recommend me “collection of confidence” or “attractor factor” or “metamorphosis” or “masculine matrix” or “hoponopono” or “the attractivator”

Again I am sorry guys if i sound like a free-loader but there are many things i need to get done and i dont have the time now to dig through all the posts in here (before i discover this site i spent like 1 week going through reddit posts looking for reviews on hypnotica products, asking questions about other hypnotic brain rewiring products with pretty much no answer given to me) since i wasnt planning on doing so but still i hope that i get some replies and suggestions from u guys,

also feel free to suggest other programs that are out of the scope of this website, i heard good things about the “Lefkoe method” and also on “rapid transformational hypnotherapy (RTT)” by Marisa Peer, I would be willing to try them along the audios here if u guys think that would be a better combo that could bring me faster results. Eventually I am even willing to burn my savings on a personal psycotherapist but only if none of this stuff online works and i hope thats not the case, i dont wanna spend the rest of my life alone :frowning:

I’ll try to reply as soon as i can but at work is hard to use my phone but i will reply eventually

Thank you for reading this too long of a post.

Cheers everybody


Honestly, by reading this I instantly picked up on Primal/Primal Seduction as you mentioned. Maybe someone else can suggest which of those for you to use as I’ve never used either, however there’s quite a few suggestions in regards to romance and getting better with women however my first thought was definitely Primal.

I’d suggest you read the sales page for thoroughly and see if it fits your lifestyle and what you want.

Secondly, you keep mentioning limiting beliefs - so maybe Limit Destroyer to aid you with destroying limiting beliefs. Something I’m currently using now. May be good to use in a stack with whatever you choose your main sub to be to help with your confidence levels.

Another possible suggested may be WANTED. Depends if you want the cool as a cucumber kind of guy with a mysterious flair who can romance women and be confident doing so. Primal is different to this however.

Edit: I’ve never heard of the other products you’ve suggested. I personally wouldn’t use any other subliminals or programs other than SubClub. They’re the only company I will continue to trust.


That’s a name I haven’t heard for quite sometime. It’s been years since I was interested in the scene. I also didn’t have the patience for active hypnosis so I didn’t find something to help me in that regard.

I can share about my experience with Primal Seduction if it’s useful. While on it, I approached and I didn’t feel a lot of anxiety. Much of those approaches have been a success. Suddenly I found myself juggling, and then I realized it’s not my priority.

The inner game in Primal (a part of PS) and the skills I subconsciously exhibited helped a lot. Approach, seduction and flirting was a lot of fun.

I was also running it alongside Emperor at the time. If I was in this situation and knowing what I know now, I believe Ascension and PS would help.

There are more members here who could give you their advice and insight.

Looking into journals that centered around Primal and PS would also be helpful. Some of them are definitely outstanding.

I wouldn’t mention other products, and personally I’m only using SC. Welcome and see you around.


You’ve got a lot of internal resources @Incamonk. It’s clear from the concepts and points that you mentioned.

Some of them sound like they’re just below the surface and looking for some more support to start growing above ground.

And I believe that Sub Club subliminals can help you to connect with your internal strengths and resources.

The programs created by Sub Club are ideally suited for the situation you describe.

Main principle: start slow and build stronger and stronger

I’d recommend starting with a light program that’s designed to make that strategic connection between you and the resources that you possess within.

For this reason: I’d recommend starting with Ascension. It’s the foundational frame-building program. It enhances self-assuredness, self-embrace, and strength of mental frame.

On the website, all of the program descriptions have lists of Objectives at the bottoms of the pages. You can read those to get a quick yet comprehensive sense of the focus of each program.

So, I’d recommend starting with Ascension. Play that for 3-6 weeks, and then bring in Primal or Primal Seduction as @Brandon suggests. Or you could flip it and play Primal/Primal Seduction first if you’re really excited about developing that side first. Then bring in Ascension.

These are ‘lighter’ and more focused programs. This means that, in a sense, they’re more specialized and will start to show effects faster. Larger and ‘denser’ programs (like Emperor or Khan) will bring development in many, many areas. But it’s a good idea to start off with something that can give you quick, encouraging, and affirming results. This will help you to feel more confidence in the programs where you may need a longer time.

Once you have your original positive experiences, well, from there… the sky is the limit.

Eventually, you’ll probably want to work with some of the Giants. (e.g., Dragon Reborn, Khan, Ecstasy of Gold, and so on).

But always remember: These tools, no matter how great they are, are connecting you back to the untapped resources that already exist within you. When you do push-ups, it’s your muscles and your body that create the strength. And when you workout for 1 year and significantly increase your strength, power, and attractiveness, what you have done is to express your potential.

That potential is already with you now. The subliminals are going to help you to express it.


p.s. Once you get sorted out and are settled into your groove, it would be great to hear about your miracle experience at the age of 29. It sounds very significant, and could probably be helpful to people here who may be going through similar things.

It’s always good to learn about the circumstances that have helped someone to make a healing shift or an evolutionary shift.


LMAO wait what do you mean “kiddy smile”? What’s the difference between a normal smile and kiddy smile? LOL

LOL, absolutely not. I highly recommend to not use Hypnotica. The guy isn’t congruent…

“masculine matrix” :rofl: oh man

I just scoped his website and he has an article named “How to impress a woman with text messages” based on being dishonest and making up stories… typical incongruent PUA crap. LMAO.

His audios aren’t anything close to ZP lol… his internal framework speaks for itself.

“You prime her with open-ended questions like these:
-continues to list a bunch of questions”

When you develop actual congruence, you don’t need to learn a set of questions for dating interaction like it’s a freaking job interview.

He’s compensating for lack of internal congruence which is very telling about how effective his audios are (not effective).

But I mean, it’s all up to you to do whatever you want.

You can choose amateur level stuff or the most powerful subliminal products on the surface of the earth. Up to you honestly, lol.

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Even mentioning such amateurish companies in the same sentence as Subliminal Club is a form of blasphemy in my opinion.

It’s like comparing sticks/rocks to alien plasma technology. Like, no. LOL

I don’t go around comparing iPhone 2G to iPhone 15 Pro Max because there is nothing to talk about except for how utterly inferior the iPhone 2G is - on all levels.

Of course you didn’t know, since you haven’t used Subliminal Club… so it’s okay. Time to catch up.

You got some great recommendations by some very smart people here. If you so choose to consistently run those recommended subs for a few months, while taking action… I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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Hypnotica is anything but amateur.
Subs are fun too of course.


As for subs to get better with women, Primal Seduction, Wanted and Libertine would be amazing together on a stack.



You seem pretty confident about that… are you speaking from experience? :laughing:

I can’t believe he actually sells this stuff

What a load of crock :joy:

This 47 year old guy who sounds like he’s on TRT has videos on Pornhub like this, with 20 views.


You have got to be kidding me, that his company is even brought up in the same breath as Subliminal Club.

If people want to compare this nonsense to Subliminal Club LOL, by all means go ahead but I want in on what’s being smoked.

I read something about how in 1 of his courses they have to approach 20 women a day for a WEEK. LMAO. Approaching 140 women in a week :laughing:, jesus christ.

This is way too funny, I refuse to believe that this is real. It has to be a meme or something.

I agree it’s not amateur. Rookie is a better term. Rookie, Novice, Beginner - perhaps even Clueless. LOL

Yeah, anyone who wants to try that stuff, good luck. Bring me 1 person who has even 5% better results than all of the results here on this forum.

Nothing these other companies do, can even beg to hold a candle to what Subliminal Club has accomplished with ZP. Not even close, period… and if anyone disagrees then prove it.

I can disagree without needing to prove myself to you :wink:

This isn’t the right thread for this, in any case.


@Brandon , thanx for your quick reply. You confirming my thoughts about primal and primal seduction were appreciated. I did the description (sales page i guess?) of both and if i have to choose i might go for PS (since apparently that one has removed all the “emotional healing” and supercharged the seduction scripting, i would use another product to tackle the healing aspect) cuz it seems it would help me faster with my goal about women.

I will definitely check “LIMIT DESTROYER” and WANTED tomorrow. I love this problem, having to check many products cuz there are so many that can potentially help me.

Thanx again Brandon :slight_smile:


@Apollo , thanx to u too for the quick reply.

what did you mean with “…I found myself juggling”? i hope u meant that you found yourself with so many women that wanted to go out with you at the same time :wink: ?

I appreciate your suggestion about doing ASCENSION and PRIMAL SEDUCTION to start with, and i just finished looking into the “journals” section , i found a couple testimonials of guys who saw some subtantial change in their dealings with women after doing PRIMAL, thanks for the tip on “journals”

and feel free to share more of your experience with PRIMAL SEDUCTION, I definitely would love to hear more especially if you had positive interactions with women, but again only if you feel like (I dont wanna pressure anyone into telling their women success stories if they dont want to)

thanx again Apollo, I’m getting really excited about starting using these products!!!


@Malkuth , you are spot on on your suggestion for me to start with ASCENSION and jump to PS after. I decided to do that cuz at my current work sales associate selling phones i deal with customers everyday and when i am faced with an alpha male or female one i feel weaker for some strange reason or at the minimum i get scared to pitch the upselling services we have so i guess ASCENSION would help me feel more confident next time i wam dealing with this alpha customers.

you know if i start feeling confident after using ASCENSION for less than 3 or 6 weeks, can i jump to PS right away or is better to finish using ASCENCION for a minimum period of time before leaving it and trying a new one?

I cant wait to start ASCENSION ill buy it tomorrow after i am back from work :smiley:

Thanx again Malkuth!!!

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@Malkuth please feel free to send me a reminder (or private message) about this later on (maybe in 1 or 2 months), ill make a new post telling my story, i think there are some key elements in it that can provide some helpful clues to people. Again i need reminders please lol

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Actually, once you give yourself a chance to get used to Ascension, you can bring Primal Seduction onboard and play them both at the same time. You do not have to finish Ascension first.

The truth is, it is also completely okay to start out with 2 programs at the same time. The reason that I recommend to start with one is that when your brain is processing one single program, you’ll see results faster. The more programs that you are processing at the same time is often the longer you’ll need to wait to see results from them.

I hope you have a great time with your first subliminals. Once you get warmed-up, get some benefits, and feel ready to start looking around, there are a lot of good ones for you to check out.

Three in particular that I’ll recommend for you:

True Sell

Ascended Mogul


I always think that people should get R.I.C.H. somewhat earlier on in the subliminal journey; since it can help you to manifest the money you will use to buy other subliminals.

But True Sell is another clear choice for you since you are working in sales and since you want to practice communicating attractively and persuasively with women.

Each of those three programs that I just listed above will help you in its own way to generate more wealth. So there’s no pressure to rush to get all three of them. True Sell alone may be enough.

Anyway. Happy journeying!


your right about the kiddy smile lol, i shouldnt have mentioned, its just that when i look at photos of myself in groups and it was a genuine moment of happiness to me (when the photo was taken) i find my smile creepy and many times i think “what others think of my smile since i am too old?” it was a stupid comment i did about my smile, i shouldnt have.

and about yoour comments on hypnotica, thanx for them, i dont know (yet) what ZP stands for or what exactly “internal congruence” is (but i know once i inmerse myself in this forum i will). You guys showed me the light , i have pretty much decided to buy ASCENSION and PS after.

Thanx again @Luther24 for your feedback

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They probably don’t think anything about your smile, lol. It’s all your own insecurity/self-perception.

It’s like a woman who has a great body and looks fantastic but they’re so dialed into their own self-perceived flaws that everyone else is oblivious to.

Through your healing you’re going to realize that most grown mature adults are not invested into nonsensical, trivial stuff like that. People are way too busy about their own flaws, lives and trauma to be invested into your smile like that LOL. They might think you have an interesting smile for like 2 seconds then go on about their day thinking about how to pay their bills. That’s why I never understand the whole fear about “what will people think” because nobody is special enough for someone to be thinking about them that much. Life is difficult for most people and there are more important things for them to worry about. We’re all just humans at the end of the day and if people can’t understand you on a level of high maturity like that, then they’re not worth your time.

LOLL, glad to help :laughing:

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@Palpatine thanks for your suggestions i didnt know about Libertine, i read the reviews and one of them got me to the journal of one guy who used extremely successfully. Quick question, is it advisable to do the 3 subs (PS,Wanted, Libertine) at the same time (1st day PS, 2nd Wanted, 3rd Libertine, 4th back to PS…)or is better to finish one and right away follow with the other?

would you say that any of hypnotica programs could be of some use in the future after I have finished the subs suggested here? At the moment I will abandon my plans to listen to hypnotica since the subs here seem to actually work but i wouldnt mind listening to hypnotica in the future if there is a chance that can make my game (on women) better. You can DM if you prefer.

Again appreciate your reply and suggestions!!!

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With 3 subs, the official recommendation is 2 subs one sub day, then the third sub by itself the next sub day.

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