2 months after I started I dont feel changes yet. Suggestions welcome

Sorry this might be a bit of a long question-post

Here is one of my first posts that explained what I wanted to get from listening the subs.

A summary of what I wanted was to change my unconcious limiting beliefs that were holding me back in terms of dating (i havent been able to get laid with a cute girl for more than 7-8 years and last one was from picking her up drunk at a bar, I only had 2 very short term 'girlfriends" back 19 years ago before i moved to canada) and to get a better paying job (I have been working in the same low paying position for almost 7 years now and I find hard to overcome the fear to apply for another more demanding job)

I am 46 years old and I am lucky that I look very good for my age (almost no belly, I run on the gym and push myself very well) and i am told i look in my middle 30s at the most (I also have a very decent wardrobe so when i go out i look sharp, nice shirt, nice pants, smartwatch), however financially I am doing terrible compared to people my age, i still rent and have 3 roommates (to be fair here in calgary the rental market has become too expensive, before this i was sharing a condo with one dude only) instead of living by myself. I did university in canada and got a bcomm with an accounting major but i wasnt able to land a decent accounting job and i ended up giving up and now i work selling cellphones to regular people for a telecom dealer.

I suffered severe bullying since i was 7 years old until i was 13, after it wasnt that bad but the damage to my selfsteem was HUGE in many areas of my life (I also develop depression that was getting worse year by year), i felt like garbage and even though i had high testosterone i couldnt talk to girls cuz i was feeling not worthy, i also believe that this cause a lack of selfworth that has been reflected in me not having a desire to pursue more difficult positions (to get more $$) in the previous jobs i had, although to be fair I didnt really like those jobs back then.

Fortunately a little miracle happened when i was around 29 and i was finally able to find my way out of depression so i was able to finally enjoy peace of mind and joy that i had no feel since i was 7 years old. Since then I was able to start talking to girls and enjoy life more, but i believe the unempowering unconcious beliefs i developed since i was 7 years old are still holding tight to my psyche and thats why today I am still a single dude that has no luck with cute women (at least decent looking ones), last time i made out with one (late 20s) she was a 5 in face and kinda obese and she was trying to recruit me to do a threesome with her bisexual boyfriend LOL, I declined btw) and financially I am way behind where i am supposed to be in life.

In the past like more than 10 years ago I read many self help books like “awaken the giant within” by tony robbins, i wrote my list of goals to accomplish, i even force myself to get out of my confort zone some times and in the end i FAILED (i think due to my unconcious beliefs fucking my efforts of me trying to get ahead in life), i also went to psychologists (during university here in canada) and also after i graduated, I also bough some PUA material (to become better with women) but at the most i would get numbers from women who would never reply texts the next days and maybe once in a while i would get a make out with a drunk chick, i also bought john arasaf program “winning the game of fear” (that promised to reprogram unconcious beliefs) and didnt work for me either. Probably there are other things that i have tried in my life before to increase my self confidence and self worth that i dont remember but the point is that I have TRIED (in case some people here think i am a bum that havent tried proactively to get ahead) my last attempt was to get a hypnotic program (mythos of masculinity) from Hypnotica (a famous PUA back in the day) and while researching reviews of that program i found subliminal club and decided to try the subs instead.

Thanks to the recommendations provided (by you guys) in one of my first posts i chose to start with “Ascension: Become an Alpha Male Subliminal” and after stack it with " Primal Seduction: Enhance Your Romance and Sex Life, Achieve Sexual Freedom and Dominance"

I started my 1st cycle end of october with Ascension listening 2 loops (15 min each) every other day for 21 days then rested for 5 days, then for 2nd cycle i stacked PS and i followed this sequence

1st day (1PS 1Asc)
2nd day (rest)
3th day (1PS 1Asc)
4th day (rest)
5th day (2PS)
6th day (rest)
7th day (1PS 1A)

at the end of the 2nd cycle i wasnt feeling any change in my confidence, i didnt feel better, neither with more wishes to accomplish something better, i still went out to bars (by myself mostly cuz i moved to calgary 1.5 years ago and i am trying to rebuild a network here and havent found a wingman yet) and besides the 1 makeout session with the obese chick (with the bi bf) nothing else. I mean not having a dude to talk with makes it hard to feel comfortable in your skin and thats part of the problem (feeling uneasy being by myself at the bar) but i was hoping that Primal Seduction was gonna make it easier and natural to talk to bartenders, make guy friend at the bar and after feel confident and go to talk to women BUT nothing of that had happened soooooooooo

for the 3rd cycle I decided to ditch Ascencion (temporarily) and only listen to PS and did the 2 loops (15 minutes) every other day , with the hopes that I would start feeling confident around women or even better have women approaching me, so far nothing so since 4 days ago I stated to listen to up to 4 loops per day, today January 7th (more than 2 months since i started listening) is the last day of my 3rd cycle but basically I still feel the same EXCEPT that I am taking basic steps to get a better job in the same company i work for now but i kinda had to force myself to take those steps i cannot say that one day i woke up and felt this energy to talk to my manager and ask him about positions in selling Biz to Biz instead of biz to consumers , its something that I decided to do cuz my paycheque wont increase and i need more $$ and i thought about this for the past month and a half(I dont think this decision came from listening the subs tbh).

Before I start my 4th cycle it would be great to have recommendations or feedback of what you guys (and girls) would recommend to me so I can accomplish the 2 basic goals I have:

  1. Being able to feel the confidence that I can try to succesfully connect with women (in their 20s to early 30s) in a bar or a cafe, mall etc etc. Right now if I try to do that (and I have) i dont have that confidence and cockyness that women love, last time i did it in a mall i was able to talk to the woman and did a so so convo (i wish i knew how to banter) but i didnt see any signs she was into me and when i ask for her number she politely declined.
    The only times i can relax and be more upfront and tease and feel confident is when i had been drinking HEAVILY and usually i buy them drinks but the problem is that I am too sloopy by then my ‘game’ is almost no existent, girls and I might be talking and laughing but they usually end up leaving me after a while.
    Once I have sleep around for a bit i would be ready to have a long lasting relationship with a woman that i could possibly marry but first i want to experience what i missed from my teens and all my 20s, casually dating and fooling around.

  2. Feel the confidence that I can get a better paying job and perform well in it , ideally it will be in corporate sales since I have been doing retail sales for 7 years now , i read some book on sales techniques and find the prospect of making 80K CAD or more very alluring, i am now making around 46K CAD and thats no longer enough in this economy, but at the same time I am afraid that i wont be able to perform, I am still trying to decide what industry i would like to try, I am trying to network with people that will reveal to me what industries might be the easier to break into. I know that is better to do it in an industry in which the product or service gets renewed and salesman gets a bit of passive income when that happens , if you guys happen to know what INDUSTRIES those ones ARE feel free to let me know lol.

2.1 sometimes do i wonder that instead of transitioning into corporate sales maybe i can do some programing courses on line and jump into the IT field , i always had an interest in management information systems but sometimes i wonder if this is a consequence of my uneempowering beliefs that are telling me 'GO DO THE EASY ROUTE, GO TO SCHOOL AND IT WILL BE EASIER TO GET AN IT JOB AFTER U HAVE THE DEGREE" instead of manning up and jump into corporate sales and never looking back.

So far I think one of my biggest problems is the SELF-IMAGE i have , and if i find a way to start changing my self image then it should get easier to get girls and also feel like i can take on a corporate sales job eh?
For example, i joined a dodgeball team (to meet more people back in september) and we finished our games in early december, there was one girl that i like and she is super nice (besides being super cute) in her late 20s, i saw that she used to interact more with other guys in our team than me (still we would talk sometimes though) so that tells you that she had no interest in me. I made the concious decision that in case she was going to continue playing with us for winter season i would never ask her out (i didnt want to scare her and made it ackward for her if she declined the invite) but she let us know after our last game that she wouldn continue, up to today i havent sent her a text or call to propose the idea. I am thinking “will she feel creep out that a 40s year old dude is texting her for a date?” OR “what will she think of my crappy car?” OR “how will she react when she learns i have roomies?” OR “how will she feel when she realizes she makes more money than me?” etc etc but also what kinda worries me is that I dont feel the urge to ask her out, is like i am still in a dead zone confortable (i remember until sometime in my late 30s i was horny and would have jumped to the opportunity to ask an attrative woman out) and this concerns me, is like i am getting confy with the idea that i am ok being single and i prefer not to be bother with dating issues and this is WRONG cuz life is supposed to be about growing in the face of constant challenges and it seems like the last 12 years of my life after i finished university i have been doing exactly THAT, taking the EASY route.

****anyway question is: what do you guys suggest for me to get results in my 2 goals and also how to start changing my SELF-IMAGE? I am sure that once i start to change that image my 2 goals will be easier to achieve.
****Do you suggest another sub? or feel free to suggest a program out of this community, i will still keep listening to these 2 subs (unless someone suggest other subs) since i already invested 2 months on them, but I beleive there could programs out there that i could still use with these subs
****should i keep listening to both subs (ascension & PS) or should i focus on one of them instead? and why?
****someone from this community suggested I should try to listen to 5 minutes of each sub instead of the regular 15 minutes and this person told me he was getting better results by listening less, anyone else has experienced the same (listening less per look and better results)?
****the headphones i use to listen subs are old and i cant see which one is for right or left ear, are the subs built in a way so that certain info gets delivered into a particular ear? if thats the case maybe i should have listened with my headphones reversed lol.
****are there any youtubers you recommend to listen that will help me with these 2 goals? right now i am listening a lot to old interviews of andrew tate and its firing me up about thinking about my financial future and how to improve it, its been a while since i have been fired up.

POSITIVE ABOUT THE SUBS: I have to say though that lately I had been feeling more desire to start working out more and there is a chance that i might start going to the gym to actually build muscle (i currently go more to lift a bit of weights and run on the threadmill) and this desire started happening since like 3 weeks ago so this could be a result of listening to the subs

I know this post ended up being too long but i felt like pouring part of what i feel now so all of you could provide some feedback that can help me accomplish my 2 goals.

I will be out of town for couple days so my replies might take a while but i will reply as soon as i can and if my phone works ok.

Carpe Diem


Read your post and can empathise with your problems. Here’s my advice:

  1. In addition to listening to the subliminals and taking action, make a journal in the forum. Put down your daily thoughts and what you did each day. That way you have time to process each day instead of a month and the changes you get from the subliminals are more noticeable. Plus others can give you advice on what you can improve.

  2. Your desire for working out and improving your financial situation are signs that the subliminals are working. And even though you aren’t getting laid (yet), your social skills with women are improving.

  3. Don’t come from a place of “I need to get laid” when talking with women. Just be curious, tease and have fun. You will be more relaxed and your chances for having sex will increase. Women can sense desperation because they are more socially calibrated and are turned off by it. Just accept it as a part of life and resolve to improve.

  4. The fact that you are able to tease women when drunk means that you have the ability to be confident with women. You need to be relaxed around them when you are sober and that takes time and practice.

  5. Get Love Bomb for Humanity (it’s free) and run it along with Ascension for 2 cycles. LBH will help you love yourself and also has a loving aura and energy that will help you with your life. Journal daily over here and we will help you as much as possible to live to your full potential.

Happy New Year!


oh yeah, lets go


I would say run Ascension for a few more cycles 2-3 or more … add in primal this go around and get limit destroyer and add that in … Run all that for 3-4 cycles and watch the magic … Then run LBFH


@Floridianninja - personally I think he needs LBH right now. Some self-love and love aura will boost his confidence.

Combine LBH with Ascension and you have a very good starter stack.


thanks for the advice, I did start a journal back end of october if i remember correctly and wrote what i thought it was significant but as more days passed by and nothing relevant happened i stopped writing. But Ill consider journaling again.

I will consider getting LBH and add it as my 3rd stack, i guess i will continue PS cuz not having a dating life at my age is not acceptable and i wont pospone it anymore. Thanks again @Lion for your response.


That’s perfectly understandable :+1:

Happy to help :pray:


limit destroyer, i remember reading about that one before, this could be a great candidate for a 3rd stack. thanx @Floridianninja

Here is my opinion, Ascension in your case has to break through a lot of things before you see results. It’s not that Ascension is not working, it’s that there is a lot of work to be done. Which is okay. Also keep in mind that two months is nothing.
If I were in your first start with healing subs for a good 4 to 6 months before running an alpha sub. Love Bomb For Humanity is probably the best self-esteem sub available here and it’s free. It is know to do wonders on self-love, self-image and self-esteem. You can pair with Chosen From Within. It’s not free but well worth it. Only after running those two for 4 to 6 months that I would try to run an alpha sub.


The narrower and more restrictive that your criteria for success are, is the more that you will tend to overlook results, manifestations, and beneficial changes.

Happens to all of us.

Success = A 2019 red Bugatti Veyron limousine pulls up to your door at 6:37 pm on Saturday night and a Persian-British woman aged 31, dressed in a black Salvatore Ferragamo dress, and 5 foot 7 inches tall emerges from the right-rear door. She walks gracefully to your front door, knocks on it sharply 5 times, and when you open it she informs you that your life has changed. She is to be your companion, your bank account now has 67.3 million dollars, and you’ll be living together just outside of Cannes, France.

Yay! Your vision of success has come to reality.


So let’s say that’s your vision. Then tomorrow on Sunday morning at 11:30 am, while you’re on your knees in the dirt, working in a local community garden to harvest spinach and broccoli, you meet a 5 foot 2 Asian-American woman who drives a pickup truck and who for some reason thinks you’re pretty funny and interesting.

If you’re too fixated on the first image of “Success”, you may not even notice that something good is happening.

By the way, the above example illustrates why developing a habit of Gratitude is so beneficial to effective and powerful manifestation. When you’re thankful for what you’ve already got, it’s easier to expect that more good things are coming to you. And when you have that positive expectation, it’s easier to recognize both the expected and unexpected good things that do end up coming to you.

Anyway, this is a long way of saying, Run that Love Bomb for Humanity bro! Will probably help.


Very useful and wise advice, my friend!


Glad you liked it too :pray:


Stacking = Slower results.

If I was in your shoes starting my subliminal journey i’d just listen to emperor solo for an extended period, it’s literally everything you want in one sub.

Don’t get trapped in the snare of thinking you need to heal all your past traumas before you can make progress in life.


My pov: ascension is enough for now.

Best thing you can do to get out of your head: find a gym and start some boxing, mma or something.

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thanks for your suggestions, i guess based on your answer there have been some individuals who started to get results only after 4 or 6 months. Well I developed my limiting beliefs since i was 7 years old so i guess some healing subs will take some time to f*cking destroy those disempowering beliefs.

BFH (thanks for your suggestion) is being considered along “Limit Destroyer” , about “Chosen from within” i did a very decent search and i could only find two ‘chosen’

maybe you referred to an old version of one of these two? Any moderator feel free to answer this in case Ksub might not know. thanks

i know what you mean and maybe yes there could have been some unactractive (in my eyes) women at the bar who were gazing at me and i didnt notice. However I am a bit concerned that I dont feel any change in my mindset or my confidence (exept having this little desire to go to the gym a bit more often), definitely my self-image seems to be same and I wonder what else i can do to start changing it.

About gratitude, i have a little habit that i do everyday and that is that when i go to bed i always thanks god for having a tasty supper and that i have a very comfy bed lol, then i think of the sirian civil war and all the people that died there and also think about whats going on in ukraine right now. Although sometimes i wonder if this habit calms me down too much and my hunger to achieve more (start dating, get more money etc etc) gets diminished more and more with time. I find that in my 40s is easier to get comfortable and your desire to achieve more winds down faster (compared when your in your 20s and your extremely more motivated to achieve more).

Thanx again @Malkuth for your answer and your BFH recommendation.


Chosen from Within is a title that you get if you buy the regular Chosen :slightly_smiling_face:


thanx for the suggestion, just to make sure you mean this ‘emperor’ right?

cuz there are a couple of ‘emperor fitness’ and ‘emperor house of medici’

what would u say is an extended period? between 4 to 6 months or longer? U mind telling for how long u used emperor before you saw results?

and yes completely agree with u about not waiting until i heal all my traumas, i rather start having some short successes with women (probably they would end cuz of me being needy or clingly) and then learning from my mistakes and grow up emotionally based on those breakups. I definitely dont wanna spend 6 months ‘healing’ myself before attempting to date women.

thanx again for your suggestion

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Yes. This is the emperor he recommended. This will definitely change ur mindset within the 1st cycle and it is a standalone subliminal!

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I’d recommend doing some Healing for a solid 6 months to a year your traumas will definitely hold back any alpha or Seduction scripting due to your blockages.
I’d recommend something like Regeneration or Love Bomb from Humanity. Don’t make the mistake I did and run what you would want,run what you need and based on what I gathered from your post your first stop needs to be Healing.