8 Months of EoG (and others) - SHADOW WORK 2022!

Hi friends,

after realising in my last journal (Be the Change You Want to See in The World (Stark Chosen)) I started with the goal of money and was still sitting at the same issue 70 days later because I been switching around, I figured it’s time to FINALLY get this over with.

I have a ton of placements in Gemini, so I always had a hard time focusing lol Always been jumping subs.

I want to get 2 cycles per EoG stage for each stage going over the next 8 months.

What I want from you?
Whenever you come across this journal and see me talking about switching subs, talk it the shit out of me lol

I know you guys have better things to do, but this is really to remind myself.

I also put down the stages in my Notion Calendar and it shall not be moved! The only rule is LESS subs, if recon hits hard. Never more, and never dropping EoG for these 8 cycles.

Outside of that, I’ll be running Heartsong and PS the first iteration to heal that part of my shadow.
As you can tell, there’s a lot of healing involved here, relationship, sexual, money. All part of the shadow.

I will add Stark after the first iteration and calm down on the healing a bit every now and then, probably also throwing in Chosen.

As I said, the only SET sub is EoG. I want to focus on Stark, however, seems to be my calling.

Currently in a washout. Will start in 5-ish days.

Let’s do this!

EDIT: I already have a good business running which made $23k last year. Still in the starting shoes, but I want to get over ALL wealth limits.


one admin question:

How are you defining a listening cycle?

For example, I’ve been using the 21 days + 5 processing days formula. So 1 listening cycle=26 days total.

2 listening cycles = 52 days.

I’m bringing this up as a little potential encouragement.

Because, if one is following the above formula, then 8 listening cycles (2 for each level) = 208 days.

That means you would actually reach your goal in a little under 7 months.


Yes, you are correct. 21 days + 5 processing days, although I sometimes run 7 processing days.

My notion calendar currently says I’ll be finished on September the 19th, making it 217 days.


Hell yeah!

Remember, outsource/ hire people to do the boring stuff as soon as you are able to.

It will allow you to use your advantage :wink:


I am so excited for this! I look forward to reading your journey. The fact you already have an business with established income stream increases your chances of the results skyrocketing. We all need to beware of t he sneaky recon who is quite scrappy and always desires you to quit. Good luck!


Mind you, I only started this 2 years ago and a big factor for success definitely were the subs I ran.

One of which was RICH, which people don’t give enough credit for. It’s not just money manifestation overload, it also has wealth-ceiling scripting, etc. Great sub!


This is 100% your task and responsibility
Don’t let any holes to slip through open
Close them and patt yourself on your shoulders for doing so-every time

You should’ve read the line after that :grin::grin:

But yes, I agree and I know! Thanks!

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I want to get the most out of Eog and the healing parts so I’m honestly thinking of dropping heartsong and only run Eog stage 1 and primal for the first cycle.

To really get the most of it.

Then again, currently in washout but I am considering it.


DAY 1 - EoG ST1

I was pondering about adding ANOTHER full week of washout, but then still decided for EoG.

Will see how it goes with just 7 minutes. It shouldn’t interfere too much with my current state (which was issue with overload before).

If it makes my mindset too bad until it’s resolved I might need to add more rest days yet again.

Anyway, except for a little headache, no drawbacks so far. Productivity is way up!

Oh yeah and I am dropping HS. Only EoG and Primal.
1 loop each per week.


I’ll be honest, I don’t notice A LOT immediately. But that doesn’t have to mean something.

Either way, I will increase Stage 1 to AT LEAST 4 cycles instead of 2. Maybe even 6.
I REALLY want to get the benefit of removing bad programming in there.

The good thing is, so far it’s not interfering with my every day mood and mindset. So the 7 minutes seem to be fine.


On another note (from my old journal and Chosen Stark runs) I now see what Saint means with balancing.

Only running Chosen made me too much of a Nice Guy. I let too many things slip because I was just in bliss all the time lol
It felt nice and I like being this person, but I came to realise that this doesn’t work in the physical world alone, especially not in regards to women. You need both. The Astral and the Physical.

Which is why when I come back to Chosen or Stark, I definitely need a sub to keep me grounded. Maybe even a Primal Stark combo.

Or I - finally - come back to Khan once I have the groundwork. We’ll see.

But I noticed recently (might be the alpha scripting in Stark) that I don’t have time for bs, or my wife playing games like all women do. I am not resentful, I am just clear with my boundaries. I need, however, go deeper into this and learn how to voice them properly.


That’s good to know. Thank you for sharing.

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Since the title of your journal is about Shadow Work, what resources have you been using in order to so (Active Imagination?).

In this case, it’s really just focusing on the things that I am afraid of telling others, I am hiding from my loved ones, or even myself.

Subs wise this is healing subs, because imo the biggest reason we don’t integrate our shadow or try to hide it is because of traumas, etc.

So no real techniques, other than meditation and actively questioning my decisions and behaviour (plus, reading old journals).


Just read through my old journal, and saw that I was a very different person.

And only after 10 days of Khan QV2 ST1 I found spirituality


That was quick.

I feel like I want to run Khan again at some point, but I am virtually afraid of going too deep into spirituality again, because as great as it felt, it also had a bunch of negative implications on my relationship.



Haha, yeah that is soooo common on Khan.

I think it is because Khan pushes one to look beyond ones horizon, while maximizing having fun. So that‘s why spiritually often comes natural.

But it doesn‘t have to be. For example, I am now personally fueling that drive by diving deep into (neuro-)science and that seems to work quite well. You just need to find something exciting which you want to study that pushes you to look beyond the surface.


That makes a lot of sense, thank you.

Well, I have no issue with spirituality per se, so this could still be a thing, I guess I just need to find a balance to not go too deep into it again :smiley:


Day 3 - Processing


Idk if it’s RICH still flying around and/or Mind’s Eye, or potentially EoG already doing work.

But a few weeks ago I manifested gold coins as heritage from my grandpa.

Today I wanted to have them valued and sold, and I was imagining (without ANY knowledge in this regard) that they be around 5k in value.

And, oh, well I sold them to the guy for 4,950 lol

That was a clear manifestation money-wise.

I also realised that holding on to the coins isn’t helpful at all rn. I rather need the money to make more money with it. That also, clearly is EoG at work there. Mindset about money changed a lot. It needs to be in circulation. No point in saving and getting 0.00001% interest. Make it work.

On another note I now know what INSPIRED ACTION is @SaintSovereign mentioned because I literally had this yesterday. I guess from Stark blooming.
It REALLY got me to finally talk about deeper issues in my relationship with my wife. I was calm and collected, and just clearly stated my needs and wants.
I mean of course she’s pissed now lol, but this change is necessary to finally get my masculinity back. Or I should say, back to the level it was.

Also many deep introspections happening where I realised a lot of my mistakes in this RS and my world-view.


I also learned a lot about myself.

Astrology-wise and looking back on my life I have this gift that money just comes to me.

And I noticed when I stop trying to control life, and just enjoy money, the process of making it, etc. It comes in abundance to me. Surrender to life.
Even when shitty bills come in, in the last second somehow I made the necessary money.

Like in this case with the gold coins which I needed for a mortgage bill.

So, damn. I need to ACCEPT myself, my relationship to money, and how this all works in tandem.

Gain control by giving up control.

(I still check my bank account and write it all down, of course. But there I just observe what’s what. I don’t try to FORCE or CONTROL because money is tight).