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Hello. I have been taking a bit of a break from journaling as of late. Here is a new journal from me.

Listening Schedule

Sun Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat
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This 3 listening days per week schedule is something I used in the past when I ran Qv2 subs. Listening on Fridays and Saturdays does not work well for me due to my work.

I still use headphones and the masked version of the subs for listening. Foobar2000 on Windows is my music player with usually no more than -20db volume. I listen to subs in the mornings along with listening to Youtube videos.



The plan was to have Ascended Mogul & Limitless Executive in the stack. As ZP upgrades are ongoing during the preview, I thought I would try out some subs that I have purchased in the past.

A separate post will be made on some offline ZP journal results I had which could be informative.

As of February 10, stack is Ascended Mogul ZP & Renaissance Man ZP (one loop each on listening day).


Some Offline ZP Journaling Note Results Before This Journal

Here are some results before I started this journal.

Emperor ZP + RICH ZP - 10 Day Trial

The first two loops of Emperor ZP were very noticeable. Emperor ZP felt like an ultima to me as the effects kicked in several hours later. I felt increased confidence, less self-doubt and a good boost of productivity.

Although the trial was short, I did have a big realization during this trial. This sub did nudge me to really look into programming and web scraping from websites in Python and R. Web scraping is a technique where you extract data from HTML website pages. You can extract tables, text and other key pieces of information this way. This is super useful when data is not available for download in .csv format. You get the data yourself with webscraping. I still continue to practice webscraping as I type this.

One loop of Emperor ZP enough on a listening day. I tried 2 loops of Emperor Qv2 in the past and got some recon. Ever since then I avoid 2 loops of any title in a listening day.


Revisit of CHOSEN + RICH ZP - 7 Day Trial

This revisit consisted of just CHOSEN & RICH ZP. CHOSEN was noticeable in my work. I was less critical, more patient and more warm towards others.

I had played RICH for a long time. Pretty much since its release in January 2021. RICH ZP effects were not really noticeable for me. I could be missing something. After a year, I have parted ways with RICH and am using Ascended Mogul. AM for opening up pathways for wealth.

As I do not listen to my wealth Qv2 custom with AM Core, Stark Core and RICH Crypto Core, my interest in crypto has dipped. I still some of the financial markets and crypto markets through Youtube videos.


Right now, I am still interested in learning web scraping. Working on learning Selenium in Python. Renaissance Man seems to help with the problem solving parts. More to come.


Some updates

Day 1 of AM + RM - Thursday February 10, 2022

It is the usual new subliminal feeling when you are listening to a new subliminal/build for the first time. I am pretty used to this. A bit strong at first but fizzled out.

Day 2 & Day 3 as Rest Days on Feb 11 & Feb 12

Friday and Saturday rest days. Nothing big to note here other than watching UFC Saturday night.

Day 4 of RM + AM - Sunday February 13, 2022

Second loop of Ascended Mogul + Renaissance Man.

Day 5 of RM + AM as Rest Day - Monday Feb 14, 2022 (Valentine’s Day)

I treated this day as an ordinary day. No plans made on this day. I am a single dude.

Experienced a bit of increased fame on Linkedin as I am promoting/sharing some web scraping projects in some Linkedin groups. Some self-marketing. Got me about 10-15 new followers, more profile views and such. A good start with AM ZP.

With web scraping in Python programming language with BeautifulSoup and Selenium, there is more motivation, increased learning and productivity. The productivity and motivation felt were natural with this stack of AM + Renaissance Man. Probably better than I ran the Qv2 custom and Limitless Exec Ultima v2. Will see how this stack progresses over time. I still feel stuck at times with solving some tech issues but I am used to the trial and error phases.

Day 6 of RM + AM - Tuesday Feb 15, 2022 (Today)

Third loop of RM + AM.

Continued work on web scraping in Python & R in my spare time. Increased noticeability on Linkedin as I shared another web scraping project for web scraping soccer league tables from La Liga and English Premier League. Received an invite for a talk about code online. The group is in the USA while I’m outside the Toronto area. Can’t do it as the time interferes with my work. Nice to be recognized.

Ascended Mogul working way faster than I thought and experienced. Very nice so far.

EDIT: fixed some words.


Is it ok if I ask you a few questions? Or is this thread just for you to show case results?

@Light-hearted-sith Yes you can ask questions on my journal here.

How do you think renaissance man ZP compare to other programs?

You said there was slight fame in it, how would you compare it to something like Stark, if you ever ran?

Does RM ZP change you into somewhat of an untrained talent? Like say for example you didn’t know anything about making a memory palace, you tried before but it felt unnatural or weird. Tried again and while you’re not an expert or master at making them, it still feels natural.

In terms of cognitive development and productivity, does RM put you in flow state? I’ve heard of limitless putting someone in flow for hours per day ( I think it was @Invictus) and getting weeks worth of stuff done, and I can only assume the same for emperor since it has limitless, and since renaissance man is both part of the emperor line and a sub specifically to make you a prodigy at just about everything as well as leading you to information since from what @SaintSovereign said to @BeautifulSoulGoddess, that RM also possesses sage immortal to help manifest and find needed information, how do you think RM compares to Emperor ZP or limitless ZP or Stark zp in this respect,

And what pair do you think makes the must sense for a stack? RM/Emperor/Rebirth, RM/stark/rebirth or RM/limitless/rebirth? I’m currently trying to figure out how to make the most of my strengths and weaknesses since I took that personality test, as well as trying to make large amounts of headway in regards to some of my goals for the next couple months, which I hope by then ZP customs are out,

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I’ll try my best with the questions.

With RM ZP alone I cannot say. I know for sure that Ascended Mogul + RM feels much lighter than when I ran Emperor ZP + RICH ZP (before starting this journal).

The fame part from the AM + RM stack is from Ascended Mogul I am sure. One of the Mogul ZP objectives does mention about a celebrity like aura.

As Ascended Mogul is Mogul + Ascension, I would think that AM ZP would have this same celebrity like aura. Would have to see the full objectives when the ZP upgrades are done to confirm this.

One interesting thing is that I have ran Stark as a core in a custom but I have not ran Stark as a main title. Stark does have a fame component and some elements of the Inner Circle sub. Stark and AM may be in a future stack.

Untrained talent part, I would not know. My interest in the web scraping part in programming started when I did my short trial of Emperor ZP + RICH ZP. Renaissance Man in a way is helping me stay interested with the web scraping part of things.

Flow State

Now that you have mentioned it, RM does have me in a flow state of sorts. I would have to measure my productivity hours to quantify my results. Less procrastination and noticeably more motivation in RM. I am pleasantly surprised by the effects of this stack on day 7 (today, Wed Feb 16).

I give the slight nudge for Emperor ZP over RM for the productivity aspect as I pushed myself to do some work near midnight EST before sleep.

I did not know that RM has some Sage Immortal aspects with finding information. Manifesting and finding needed information sounds similar to the Informaticon module from the Custom store. I suppose RM gives a boost with searching up stuff even though I search stuff before thinking of asking a question.

Stack Question

I am not familiar with Rebirth so I cannot say much on it. All three choices will involve some sort of increased cognitive & productivity boosting. Stark is typically more social, Emperor can be social but it is based on putting your head down and get stuff done. With Limitless ZP I don’t know as I have not used it.

Would be best to ask others for more opinions and information on Stack choices.

I do think my long post is here is a result of Renaissance Man lol. Normally I do not post long posts expressing my thoughts like this. Hope this helps.


RM is helping me to express myself more in a smooth and flowy way. I also feel like I’m getting skilled with creating my world (reality) I haven’t been doing much artwork since I started due to being low in supplies but once I get back in the lab I will let you know how it goes


It definitely does, sorry I haven’t responded in like an hour or two, I was brainstorming things when it was time to get started on my area, I’ll definitely come back to continue the conversation thanks brother

Thank you very much for the input, like I said to bro, sorry for not getting back with you in the pass couple hours, busy cleaning my area right now, though I’ll definitely be back for the conversation, thanks. Also did you notice yourself remembering old ideas for storylines and designs? There were a few ideas for some anime and cartoons I had and was talking with my dad some weeks but never wrote them, not too mention I few ideas yesterday but I was too tired and fell asleep before I organize my phone and laptop and get to writing the :fire: down on paper for later

@Light-hearted-sith It is okay. You do not have feel like you have to reply in a few hours. A 24-48 hour time window is okay with me.

@BeautifulSoulGoddess The smooth and flowy way is a good way to describe the expression from RM. To come to think of it, that long post I made earlier went from my brain to text quite fast. Plus I type a somewhat fast speed at around 65 words per minute (WPM).

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It’s ironic you are apologizing about not responding right away because I was thinking the same thing when I couldn’t answer you right away so I feel ya no worries and no need to apologize. I definitely innerstand. Happy I could help. Will try to keep you updated on my progress :wink: I did decide to start a Facebook support group for somthing I’m dealing with to help myself and others in a creative way its somthing I’ve been thinking about do for a while and the idea circled back around to me after starting RM.

Awesome. Any updates this far?

:joy: that’s.

Also this idea you had circled back to since starting RM, would you say that could extend to storylines and other creative ideas? I had a few a couple days ago and now I barely remember them

A few updates.

Wednesday February 16, 2022 - Rest Day

Encountered a little bit of reconciliation. It lasted for a hour or so and then went away.

Thursday Feb 17, 2022 (Today)

Day 8 of AM + RM ZP stack. Still continued interest in web scraping in R & Python. It did not take long to web scrape the Serie A Italian football league table today. I do want to think about taking on more technical web scraping projects and do more in Python than in R. R has great for data analysis and data visualization but Python is just more versatile and more recognized.

Friday & Saturdays are rest days for me.

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I do wonder how Ascension Chamber and Limitless Executive ZP will turn out. The details along with the listening schedules associated with AsCh and LExec. These titles could affect future stacks. Time will tell.

I feel like a custom of ascension chamber, me and the rebirth module with a few other mods, will be considered the new meta or ultimate sub if ya really think about it

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The idea presented by you reminds me of this thread about a manifestation custom idea.

Mind’s Eye and Ascension Chamber (Lifecharger product) could be interesting (if it is safe to do so). Let’s see when AsCh releases on Feb 26.

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Sunday Feb 20, 2022 Evening

Friday and Saturday were rest days.

Sunday as Day 11 of AM + RM stack.

These three days was a balanced mix of relaxation and productivity towards web scraping projects in R & Python. I have noticed that I do not get frustrated when I get stuck during programming. I just push through and find answers quickly through searching on Stack Overflow. Tomorrow/Monday is a holiday in my province. I can get more done tomorrow in terms of productivity.

I have not been into crypto as much lately. Yes, crypto markets not looking great in the last month or two. I am still holding most of my cryptos.

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Tuesday Feb 22, 2022- Day 13 of AM + RM Stack

Monday and today were pretty productive when it came to web scraping. I have been getting a lot of web scraping project ideas in the last few days. These include web scraping the top 100 DJs from DJ Magazine, some best seller electronics from Amazon, some items from Newegg.

I am currently finalizing a real estate web scraping project. Got stuck with working with text and regular expressions. A nice insight is that housing prices in the Toronto area are out of control. A million dollars CAD is not enough for some of these listings. Yikes.

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