Zero Point: This is NOT a journal

You guys have done it. You cracked the code.

The competition should pack their things and just surrender. It is over.

Zero Point is how subliminals SHOULD have been but NEVER EVER had been. It feels like something incredibly warm and beautiful inside me got awakened and is now instructing me to become the best version of myself.

It is nothing external, it does not even feel like a good friend, no it feels I am guiding myself. If I would not know it better I would think an A.I. is adapting the scripting to my current needs every time I run another loop.

It feels like I got taken on the most authentic journey of self-development by my own mind leading my ego-consciousness and (re-)connecting me to the truest most beautiful part of myself which was always present but got hidden by masks we decided to put in front of us.

It is just a few days and I feel like a bunch of social conditioning got stripped away from me. It feels like freedom. I feel like myself (again).


What’s your stack?

I want what he is smoking :smiley:

Yep, the beauty of ZP.

Truly brought me HOME!


Congratulations, mate! What stack are running?

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He is smoking… reality itself. :wink:


I have the same experience

Only difference is : I did smoke some weed 5 hours after the first loop

I couldn’t believe it, I wasn’t even realy high, my state was stronger than weed and it felt so natural and new that I didn’t recognize this state as my state in the beginning, then I was guided trough some unhealthy states without effort to the point where I could relax, knowing that I follow the right path in life and help myself.

I found my inner guide



Okay, one of the most profound parts about ZP could actually be the dreams.

In general, I am an exceptionally vivid dreamer and any new subliminal upgrade has always further increased my vividness, but that’s not what I am talking about here.

The dreams on ZP are DIFFERENT. At first, I did not even notice it as I am no longer writing down my dreams as they were never more than a random cocktail of past emotions, thoughts and experiences with not much benefit when interpreting. But since running ZP, they actually deal about… stuff.

My dreams no longer feel like dreams, it is like I am playing a videogame the moment I fall asleep, where I need to do quests, solve riddles, fight demons to solve my unconscious as well as conscious mental blocks which are currently holding me back to become the best version of my self, where achievements I make while dreaming actually translate over to my real life when awake.

In the last week alone, I have had multiple dreams that directly deal with my most limiting fears. Some of the stuff is so deep and personal that I do not even mention them here. Those dreams no longer feel “random” in any way, but seem to be like intelligently crafted experiences to teach me a certain lesson.

Once, showing me that an old reality I was clinging to is no longer my current reality…

Another time, showing me absolutely frightening images which I realized were nothing more than the crazy perception I had in mind about the thing I was most afraid of, showing me that it had nothing to do with reality but that I behave as it would…

Today, playing through my actual seduction style; analyzing how people react differently based on changing real hairstyles I had in the past…

That’s not even closely scratching the surface to what I must have already experienced in my dreams.

I am going to keep a close eye on this in the upcoming weeks but if I truly developed an AI videogame which is teaching me to become the best version of myself during my dream state, on top of the absolutely crazy results of the subliminals during my awake state, then I am telling you one thing: One day, I am going to come for your job, your wife, your social circle and there is nothing you can do about it :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

By the way, I am running Diamond ZP + Khan St4 and my results have been phenomenal. It seems that the ZP Primer actually has a quite strong effect also on other non-ZP titles based on the content of my dreams.


I wish we had dreams ZP to run in a 45 day stack and gain permanent lucid dreaming powers.

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@friday After reading this I realized that anytime I deviate from my wealth stack that I am allowing my fears and insecurities to take over

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Thank you for posting this!

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Its crazy how it works.
I can change so naturally.
Its amazing

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ZP has a quite dramatic effect on my music taste:

All that songs in this album have been picked since I listen to ZP titles. There are quite a few songs that are totally different to my usual taste, like everything from Maneskin (Rock), LA Girls by Charlie Puth (upbeat boy pop) and even Ghost by Justin Bieber (melodramatic pop). First time in my life I regularly listened to a song from those three. The common theme in all those songs is love and women though. This would fit to me listening to Diamond ZP.

I then started to add Khan St4 to Diamond ZP and my music changed again:

This time developing a much “darker” and much more sexual music taste.
Subliminals were certainly always influencing my music taste but never to such a degree.

Here I added some songs so you can hear yourself:

1. DiamondZP (solo):

2. DiamondZP + KhanSt4

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I think I prefer the following listening pattern (for advanced users only):

Day 1: 1 loop of DimondZP followed by 1 loop of Khan Qv2. Repeat up to 2 loops of each maximum.
Day 2: Rest
Day 3: Repeating pattern of Day 1 or taking another rest day.
Repeat until Day 21 where you take a washout for 5 days.

The washouts and rest day come naturally when listening to ZP. For example, I did not even know that it was already Day 21 when I decided to take a small washout for 5 days.

I am wondering, did ZP change my dreams or did it change how well I am able to understand and comprehend them?