Your Cup Owerfloweth - An AlexSQ Journal

Greetings, friends,

after reading that Saint ran healing subs for 10 months, and having this “call for healing” for quite a while now in my head, I finally budged.
I will come back to the Vibrating Chiron Custom at some point, but for now, it doesn’t serve me, I need the groundwork first.

So here’s the plan:

  • Healing any wealth issues that are left and ingraining it in my mind over time (I dedicate 12 months to running one multiple wealth subs, mostly RICH)
  • The AWAKENED Custom along the path to maximize subliminal efficiency and positivity
  • One healing sub stacked to keep interacting with both these subs and heal generally

Every year at about october/november some sh*t happens in my life. Money gets tight, relationships crumble, whatever it is.
At first I thought it’s just the time of the year I don’t like, but even with a positive approach to it, that’s still there.
So it must be something deep.

Hence why I decided to go on a year healing from now on to see if I finally break the cycle.

The easiest method to see this is money, hence the title of this journal. Your cup overfloweth is also how I named and designed the sub.

Here’s the stack:
*** Your Cup Overfloweth ZP**


  • RICH
  • Chosen from Within
  • Custom
(here's the custom)


  1. Alchemist ST4
  2. LBFH
  3. Blue Skies
  4. The Wonder
  5. Joie de Vivre
  6. Starfilled Night
  7. Avatar
  8. Gratitude Embodiment
  9. Empath
  10. All-Seeing
  11. Awakened Perception
  12. Emotions Unfettered
  13. Everpresent
  14. The Architect
  15. The Flow
  16. Harmonic Singularity
  17. Light of Humility
  18. Dream Traveler
  19. Inner Voice
  20. Khronos Key


I start them all on 3 mins, increasing from there.
There is no set listening schedule, I do this when I FEEL like I am ready for the next one. In case of the custom, this already was 5 days (I ran it before).

Today we start this with SALVATION ZP

Next one then will be You Cup Overfloweth ZP


Good call!! I wish you the best ride on this part of the journey too!!

I got mine on Novemeber/december… usually break ups, but crisis in general…


I wonder if anyone else has this?

Is it just the shifting of energies towards winter? Lack of Vitamin D?


In my case is shifting towards summer… I have a pretty good idea why it is the case, at least for me.
Im going out now, but I might ramble a bit on it on my journal later.


December, even though it’s my bday month, was usually my “losses month”, but last December (first one with subclub), was one of the best Decembers in the last 5 years, without a single death/break up/fight/etc., which definitely was affected due to the Chosen and WANTED run at the time (it was when the public testing of ZP started).

So in my opinion, if your inner world isn’t affected by the sudden shift of energy, and you’re keeping yourself positive, you’ll just attract more positivity, hence why @AlexSQ the third sub I ended up deciding to add is LBFH :wink:.

I’m actually glad both you and @Joa23 brought this up, or else I wouldn’t have even taken this into consideration.


I’ve also noticed something similar though for me I’d say it’s closer to January, which is my birthday month, same case as @Invictus. Though with what I’ve been able to do this year I highly doubt that it’ll happen again, in fact I feel like this January might be one of my best ones yet.

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Could be related to a winter depression, considering that this usually happens in the colder months.

LBFH is in my custom, so Im good I think.
Also, it’s exactly a “sudden” shift, is it since it happens every year haha But I know what you mean.

Still, positivity and healing are certainly the way to go for me so thanks for the reaffirmation!


So far, SALVATION ZP makes me even more positive than I already was.

There was an initial triggered phase for a few hours, but now I am vibin. This is a result, but also a bit of the Trailer effect, so let’s see what there is to come over the next days.

What I did notice is how everyone wants to get in contact with me, asking things, giving me things, abundance flowing in there already.


There’s the recon. A few hours later I was easily irritated and snapped at my son for a second.

But it was good to deal with and felt better later.

Now lots of images from past sexual encounters with my wife are popping up. Specifically around blowjobs which is weird to me, because I can’t remember having any issues around that, specifically not with her. She does that well :wink:
Idk, there must be a reason for it so let’s keep the images coming until I find the lesson.

Overall, CFW is quite nice to deal with in v2. Not as bad as the first time I listened to it a year ago (although I’ve grown since).


I also realized I made a mistake.

This journal is called “Your cup overfloweth” which of course fits, since the cups in the Tarot are about love, feelings, etc.

However, giving this name to the RICH sub is a bit daft, since Pentacles are the wealth cards… idk what happened to my mind there, UNLESS this was a sign, and feelings and love and positivity is how I get my pentacles to overflow in life :wink:
I’ll ponder on that.
Generally I like such omens and “mistakes.” They usually mean something.


Ok so I did a Tarot reading today to get some divination going and it confirms that “omen.”

The fool reversed as the first card told me clearly that I am resisting change. The last card (meaning what is arriving in life) being the King of Cups is a clear sign that I need to let go of trying to control things, being clear to my true self and my actual values (this has 1-2 minor implications on my business), and move in the direction of love, compassion, understanding.

I have been doing this more and more ever since LBFH, and I saw great success with it, so this is just further confirmation.

I am also recently battling a lot with lust vs. love.
I was under the impression for the longest time, that lust is necessary to at least have a relationship running. But I was really basing this on what my wife might think of me. I realized this today (CFW) and forgave myself for being so blind there, and dropping my own values for it.
Sex can work just fine without lust. Driven by love is always something that was soothing to me. And, yes, it can still be passionate and fiery, I realize this now, sometimes even “rough,” but the INTENT where it’s coming from is the key.
Do I REALLY want to get in her because I want to touch her soul.
Or because I want to touch her cervix?

Minor difference, major effect.

This also plays into these blowjob visions I have. In the beginning of course, this was all driven by lust, porn induced, etc. I see now why it showed up. I need to let go of that and have it from a different intent.

On the same page, I am in a SUPERgood mood all day. No recon whatsoever. Just clear pictures and revelations.
SALVATION ZP is a gift, for sure!


I also realized a bunch of things about my wife where I project a lot onto her which changed her behavior in the process.

And I can tell now that I have let go of it she is much different towards me! Way more receptive!!

Also realizations about my mother and my childhood. I only remember negative encounters. I don’t know if I’m suppressing the good or if it really was that bad. But definitely worth pondering over.


Lust is the core of love affairs whilst love paired up with responsibility for someone we love is the core of “marriage” (having the one by your side). I think you already know that. :blush:

What so special about CFW to your eye? I ran this title for the first time only today and I still cannot figure out its features. Maybe because I paired it up with EB:ToG.


To me it’s a cleansing sun. Different than regular healing.

It gets rid of anything that is negative or makes you negative first.

Hence why I’m vibing high so much.
It’s hard to describe what it does exactly, except of course the old traumas it brings up, but it does feel good and changes me in a positive way.


It’s definitely lighter healing for me than DR.

But I know the forgiveness scripting is tough for some.


Currently easily triggered.

Clearly SALVATION and YCO are putting in some work there.
The combination of both I considered to be powerful healing, but also tough to run, so here we are.

Let’s see what it brings up.

I also journal mostly offline, there’s a lot more in there, I try to bring it over here but I quickly forget. Which I consider part of letting go.
Bring it up, see, accept, see the lesson, fill with light, change the memory, let go.


Did some TRE as recommended by @Joa23 (for the first time) and boy is it bringing up stuff.

I cant exactly pinpoint WHAT it is, but there are some STRONG emotional undercurrents happening. Wow.

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I dont wanna spoil the surprise, but you will notice a certain activity getting a lot better after a couple of TRE sessions.
Good job!!

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