Will there be name embedding for major titles at some point?


Will named embedding be an option at some point for main titles like Stark, Emperor, etc.?


Looks like next year


Yes, eventually, ALL titles will be name embedded at the time of purchase. Yes, that does mean you may have to wait a few hours after purchasing to receive your order, but all of your titles will be name embedded.


Any idea when ?


I don’t have any problem with waiting a few hours. I know you may not want to commit to a price, but any idea on a ballpark range?


@dorfmeister - I remember SaintSovereign saying that it would be significantly cheaper thanks to the computer that makes Q subs. Since it will be computer-generated as opposed to doing it manually before, it will be more economic. Don’t remember the possible price he mentioned though.


I hope he can do them now…it should be cheaper than the Q store.


As close to the current price as possible, but I’m not sure if we’ll be able to pull that off. Aiming for under 49.99.


That sounds great. Name embedded subliminals at that price point should totally blow the market up. I’d be buying them even if they ended up being somewhat higher priced than that.



Later this year / early next year. Our programmer is already working on the technology and we are meeting with him this weekend to discuss logistics.


That’s the best way to stop piracy too, although I’m sure I saw a post where you said the name embedded subliminals give a much deeper reconciliation. And that you still run the non embedded subliminals.

Did you guys plan any workaround that?


Name embedded subs can cause deeper reconciliation because it hits deeper, which causes better results. I’ve been running a name embedded version of what may become Ultimate Producer (music), and every night, I have music related dreams and other amazing effects. Name embeds are definitely the golden standard of subs and fear of reconciliation won’t stop us from pursuing that.


I’m in … can even pay for it now…
Can’t wait for this now…


That’s a steal for that price…


In your experience even though the reconciliation hits deeper does it resolve faster?


Looking forward to that hard hitting name embedded reconciliation! :drooling_face:


Name-embedded Khan ST1 at Terminus Level


Ah, I see you too are a man of substance.


A name embedded Elixir Ultima would be a thing of absolute beauty


I like the sound of this, but… this may sound funny, I know, but I dislike my name and I’m also using three nicknames, one as kid and used by my family and one I adopted when I was a teenager because the nickname is kind of made for… a kid.

I guess my OCD alarm is reacting. Whenever I play RPG games, I always get at stuck naming my character… . :thinking:

I guess the petname as a kid would be best because it’s used by family. Ack… why am I worrying about this right now, I’m only beginning my journey.

My OCD aside, I’m sure it’s going to be great, and I am very excited to try my first ever personalized sub. This is certainly next level.