Who listens to Emperor v4 + Quantum limitless?


Who ever listens to Emperor v4 + quantum limitless

I think this would be best way to listen it.

At morning or at least daytime before working you listen to at least two loops or more of emperor

And before sleep you listen to quantum limItless st1

I think if I listen both subs at same time it would lead

to no where. And it can be too much since quantum

tech is too strong. Somebody can say

“then listen to only one loops of each or two loops”

But it can lead no where since I am listening to two subs and that has different purpose.

Quantum limitless st1 is about healing and rebalancing so it would be better before sleep time

So while I am sleeping those healing and rebalancing can happen at maximum efficiency.

Emperor needs more effort then quantum limitless st1
That you have to actually work hard at workplace or prepare for your own business while awake.

So listen to at morning to prepare unconscious by subliminal and wire it with conscious when u work hard

This stack goes same until quantum limitless st2.

But from st3 I think quantum limitless should be listened

at morning. Since it is about focusing and in the zone mode I should listen before working. So it needs efforts to get in the zone more and the sub it self can help me to get in the zone.

And emperor can go to before sleep. Since I would have listened about two month. So listening at night wont lose effect much

Finally for st4 to start with it I think it should be listened before sleep and ultimately it can be stacked with Emperor back to back


I tried but it is too much, headaches etc. So I decided to focus on QL first


That is the reason why I separated listening time to

Morning and night

If I try to listen both subs for three loops each back to back it caused me headache too

So three loops of emperor at morning or day time if possible + 1 loop of QL

At night after work Listen to three loops of QL and if possible one loop of emperor


Well after listening to emperor 4 I was becoming impatient which is the opposite of what I want for my job. So emperor 4 seems to run contrary to my objectives with QL


How long were you listening to emperor v4?

Can’t it be reconciliation before positive results?


I’m running Quantum Limitless & Emperor V4 as well. No problems so far, I’m exposing myself to the subliminal’s as much as possible. Most often around 8-16 hours a day depending on the situation.


Wow don’t you get any headaches?
I am getting headaches when I listen about 4 or 5 loops straight


No I listen masked and on headphones.


Try 2 - 3.
Remember, in some situations, less is more with QuantumTech. It’s REALLY powerful and I think everyone (myself included) underestimated how potent it is. I remember when @Fire told me his predictions for QuantumTech and I thought he was exaggerating a bit. Well, I was wrong. One or two loops of New Beginnings w/ QuantumTech was enough to have me hiding in the room all day. Keep in mind, the first version of New Beginnings had NO scripting to make it easier to run. I thought I would just rough it through. One week later, I had him remake it with the smoothing scripting, hahaha.


Yes that is why I listen to 3 loops straight at morning
And at night


I was listening to 12 loops of emperor v4 last night and no side effects. Were you drinking thre night before ? Taking drugs ?


Nah I listen to masked version While awake
I used to listen ultrasonic vesion while using Khan

But heard masked works better for saintsoverign I changed to masked.


Masked works better for me because I have a stubborn, “don’t tell me what to do” attitude and apparently, my subconscious perceives ultrasonic as being screamed at and ordered around. You can determine how your subconscious perceives subliminals by meditating and free writing while listening, then looking at the patterns.

I found a very distinct pattern when listening to ultrasonics. I’d get ridiculously angry and I kept thinking to myself, “no, I won’t do it.” Once I switched to masked, low volume, I’d get euphoric and happy when listening.

Rapid anger/rage surface when listening to subs?