What should be my stack like? The start point to start crushing it


started my internship 2 weeks ago, wanna crush it there and guarantee my spot in the team.i want to make sure I was a beneficial addition to the team.
They need me to help taking care of errands, cause theres too much things to focus there. We are a team that takes care of a construction of a building.

I need to be more sharp, more active, take action, resolve problems, make things happen.
I need a small stack cause i have limited time for exposure. I wake up 6am to go to work and then I sleep 12pm after getting home from college.

so i have 6 hours + 1 hour on public transport of exposure on the week, but at the weekends i have more time cause i stay home at saturday and sunday and sleep for more hours.
i feel like a baby boy sometimes, not having attitude towards life and stuff that happens to me. I want to MAN THE FUCK UP

I’m kind of afraid of conflicts, and i’ll be facing conflicts all the time in this internship cause i need to make sure that people are doing their jobs so i can demonstrate productivity. if people are not doing their job, i’m not coordinating it well, so i suck.

What stack you guys recommend?
Khan? Emperor? Asc. Mogul? Combined with Limitless?


Before reading the last line of your post I was thinking Ascended Mogul & Limitless.

Emperor may (temporarily) lead to an attitude that won’t do so well on the internship.

Khan is both complex and not entirely aligned with what your goals appear to be.


Why AM and not Mogul on its own?
Asc. has seduction and social aspects on it as far as i remember… I spent too much time fantasizing about seduction and not taking properly action. I need to cut off this mental masturbation off of me (personally for me, not saying seduction is bulshit). Yes I have sex drive and get boner when seeing hot girls, but hey, I dont want to chase girls, mogul can get girls on my path anyway.

I can see that, as i read a lot of stuff about this sub. But why do you think that? The “fuck being social” aspect? “fuck all of it, i just want to be a king” attitude? xD

Agreed. And it is multi-stage. Being depressed as i get breaked down at st1 wont help me to get productive lol


Wow, you really considered every word I typed. Thanks!

Ascension is more about becoming an Alpha Male in all areas of your life. Being sexually attractive is part of that, and if done right should also give you more mental self-control.

Have a look at 3/4 of the product page...

It’ll quickly dissolve all mental internal limits and guide you toward long-term success in every aspect of your life by exponentially increasing your sense of internal strength and power.

You’ll quickly begin to experience remarkable improvements in your finances, your love life, career (and career prospects) and social circle.

Help you transition into your new life as a highly valued, powerful individual.

Help you develop a sense of identity-level deep, genuine, unshakeable self-confidence, prompting you to become self-reliant both mentally and emotionally. You will obtain that “it” factor, as the program gently (but quickly) pushes you to become a charismatic person that people naturally feel compelled to respect and admire. Not because they fear you. Not because they want something from you. Simply because of who and what you are.

Contains scripting to help you discover your personal mission and ultimate goals in life, then guide you toward absolute success in achieving your dreams. This program will transform you into an unstoppable force of nature in regards to fulfilling your personal goals.

Want extra power? Try stacking ASCENSION with MOGUL.

You’re at the part of your life where you need to develop a strong sense of identity and confidence. Plus, you are likely also often thinking how you can improve your life if you had some more money.

Also, I can tell you from experience that the social aspect is one of the most important aspects of success in your career. Skills get you in the door, but interpersonal skills get you to advance. Don’t discount the social aspect.

Mogul gets you money, Ascension gets you personality. Combining the two makes for a winning combination. Personally I like the girls attracted to personality better than the ones attracted to money anyways.

In the (now dormant) thread for Ascended Mogul Saint mentions that the results of AM are only slightly slower as compared to the two separate products. And they are perfectly tuned to work together.

Are you asking why I think the attitude doesn’t work well on your interneship?

When you put two Alpha Males in a room, they establish a hierarchy among each other. Without giving up his power, one submits to the authority of the other. If they don’t do this, they end up in conflict. It may not be visible, but the tension is there.

For a clear example, imagine Dwayne Johnson attending a Tony Robbins seminar. Dwayne will subdue himself and accept Tony as the Alpha in the room. He becomes a student.

You are at a level in the corporate hierarchy where you are still expected to be less dominant. The “I don’t give a frack” attitude that Emperor has been known to instill may lead to friction with the people around you. They might be asking themselves “Who does he think he is?! He’s not even out of college yet!”

Are they right? Or just experiencing envy or a limiting belief? I don’t know, but I doubt Elon Musk would last long if he had to work the assembly line, obeying his shift boss and taking a 30 minute break at noon.

Emperor may instill too much boss in you at this stage.

I also get a feeling you can use some fast positive reinforcement. That takes longer on Khan. Plus, Khan has a sexual edge, which you indicated you can do without. For now.

AzrielLight EmperorQ

I can’t recommend any stacks since this is the first time I’m using subclubs subs (Khan). However, why limit yourself to just 7 hours? You can use ultra tracks so that you can still listen to your professors at school and also use it at work.
I use non-noise cancelling earphones and play ultra. That way, I can still “listen” to the subs and still talk to people while not exposing them.


2x Asc. Mogul
1x Limitless
1x Rebirth
2x Asc. Mogul
1x Limitless
1x Godlike Masculinity

  • Plus, 2x The Legacy Supercharger.

All these add up to about 7 hours or less.

Thank me later :wink:

Stacking all the stages in multi-stage subs (Khan, EoG, Alchemist, etc)

Simple. Ascension has a big focus on rising up in any hierarchy, corporation or place where there are other men. While Mogul is all about money, without the increase in status within that hierarchy of your new internship.


@DarkPhilosopher I really appreciate your time to write this man, thanks! You’re right about the Emperor stuff. I should have some social aspect for sure, i forgot for a moment that i work with people and don’t get shit done exclusevily on my own! I will need help of others and will need to help them aswell.

I didn’t meant to attract girls because i have money but because of the personality trait that striving for my goals give. Not looking for romantic relationships atm. Neither freacking gold diggers (im not rich wtf i am thinking about lol)

Thanks !


I just realized this some moments after i posted. I can for sure place my phone on my table at college and listen to ultrasonic with my new phone.
I will get my exposure time more longer, for sure


Thanks for your help man!
Will considerate your stack suggestion!

It became clear for me now, thanks for your help!


This choice made me curious.
Why didn’t you recommended Aura?
Why Legacy Supercharger? I took a read on the sales page of it.

My toughts:
Rebirth: To make it easier to accept this new me that is being introduced.
Godlike Masculinity: Self Explanatory.
Legacy: to be able to support the weight of it all? As it consumes a lot of energy from me…

Limitless is gonna help only the subs or it will help at college aswell ? Why not Beyond Limitless superchager?


Minor interruption. This is the point where AMASH tells you he heard Saint say Aura was outdated. :slight_smile:


Thank you for asking for clarifications @ContinentaL. I like your curious mind :slight_smile:

This is the reason I included both Godlike Masculinity AND The Legacy.

When you use The Legacy, you feel fearless during the day, unstoppable.

It might seem to be a workout supercharger, but in reality it puts you in a strong determined unstoppable mindset, a mindset that is not afraid of conflicts. You asked for this specifically, and said you’ll be facing conflicts all the time.

Plus The Legacy works faster. It boosts your ability to handle hardships and difficulties on the same day.

You only have 7 hours. So we ran out of time :slight_smile:

Plus, in my experience, GodLike Masculinity gives you a strong Aura anyway. And does other good things too. So in choosing between both for your case, GLM won in the ROI it provides.

Yes. And also in making you not fear conflicts when they happen, but be kind of indifferent to them.

Yes, Limitless will help you at college and in learning and doing your job better.

From your description, your problem is: fear of conflict, and wanting to secure a job at the end of your internship, and you’ll be dealing with people a lot.

The Legacy helps more with that. Beyond Limitless has a big focus on creativity. Whatever you talked about has no mention for the need to be creative.

It’s more about handling conflict, handling pressure, and impressing the men and high status people you’ll come in contact with.

This playlist will provide you with that.

But, of course, if you feel your goals are different to what is apparent, let us know :slight_smile:


Aura worked for me. Everything actually did, even Limitless X.

So I will never say that something that works is outdated. It’s not about the latest shiniest thing, it’s about what works :wink:

Feel free to express your opinion @DarkPhilosopher. I get the impression you disapprove of my playlist suggestion, so I am open to hearing your perspective and the playlist you’ll suggest instead.


Whistles smugly.



All I see is he is saying it is outdated compared to Khan.

Here, we’re talking about AM. AM works beautifully with Aura.

There is no conflict, my friend :slight_smile:


I never made that distinction, I only mentioned you saying that you had heard Saint saying it was outdated technology. In a broad sense. Which you did. :slight_smile:

But you have a point. In your stack suggestion, Aura was designed to work.

Consider it a compliment. I am an avid reader of your posts and suggestions and remember many of them. And even though the complexity of your suggestion goes beyond my simplistic comprehension and possibly Continental’s request for a “small” stack, I do spend time thinking about why you chose it that way, just like Continental. So perhaps I can learn from your thought process.

As a matter of fact, I would love to hear your suggestions for superchargers for my own journey. In my thread of course. I’ve polluted this one enough.


Thank you for you clarifications ! It helped a lot!
When i’m ready (financially speaking) i’ll buy first AM and Limitless, then little by little i’ll add more to the playlist.

So, my gameplan:
6 hours of exposure during night with masked playlist.
On public transport, listen to masked playlist while listening to podcast and some music on my way to work.
There, play ultrasonic playlist. When i’m at office, it will be easier to get exposure cause i can place my phone on the table, but when I have to go out, my phone will be on my pocket, but i’ll keep running the subs.

After, on my way to college, more masked on my earphones. There, put my phone on the table and run the ultrasonic version.
On my way home, If i go alone, I’m able to play more masked subs.

6h + 1:30h (public transport) + 6h (at my job,so so)+ 4h (between my job and college classes starts, so so) + 4h (during college).
This is the very best case scenario. Huge exposure time. Even if I miss some hours i’ll be getting a good exposure time.

And I was convinced that my exposure time was limited only to 7 hours, heh. Now it is almost 20h, cool

Thanks guys for your help


I couldnt agree more, from someone who is listening Legacy religiously


Risng what was your experience with legacy when it comes to mental strength??