What scent do you wear? - Perfume Thread

Just curious to know what everyone’s using, especially people running WANTED and other attraction subs.

I’m a huge perfume person, love trying out and getting new scents. I just got Reflection Man by Amouage and I love it, it smells amazing and is unique, also a nice balance of being cool, but strong and masculine as well.

How about you?


Dior Sauvage… Lmao I was at this party last night and a girl told me “You SMELL SO DELICIOUS”

I think its safe to say its awesome.

I’m looking to add on Creed Aventus and Bleu De Chanel very soon… Depends on the environment really…

Bleu De Chanel is like office vibe… very sharp, fresh, clean.

Dior Sauvage is like casual lover vibe… very masculine yet soft. Fresh yet deep.

Creed Aventus is on my Wishlist really as I heard its incredible so that is it for me.

This all the way. When I wear it all the ladies eyes start tearing up. It must be working


Pheromones with a cover scent: Cool Waters.

What pheromones specifically if I may ask :)?

Bad Wolf now and then.


Damn, you are good :). I am just starting, have four samples, and currently playing with Wolf, Nude, DP, and NA.

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Use Nude…
Whats your age? Some pheromones work good for younger people.

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41 old. Also, have MAX T-150 for the gym. I am just starting. Wore three times Wolf (one and two drops, two drops was too much), one-time Nude (1 drop will increase next time probably to 3 or 4). One time DP yesterday just for a self effect. So far anything that I can tell. But those are just beginnings :).

By the way, I was considering taking Nude today to the gym, but I have to focus on exercising and Nude based on forum experiences is not a good choice for working focus. So probably I will just go with the wolf and one drop of DP.

You need some time for the body to get used to the signature as well.
The first couple of times i wore IMPI i didnt see much but felt very angry and irritable. After consistent use of about a week i started to get s feel of thd product and i saw very good results. My body also got used to the signature and it accepted it as my own.

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Great points, thanks.
Regarding scents, I am using D&G The One and Mont Blanc Individuel.
But in the future I would like to buy Dior Sauvage, seeing many users using this here.


LMAO IM DEAD … JCast actually has made a joke… This is a momentous day for sub club forum

About wearing it for some time. I am going to the gym every fourth day. Should I wear it also at home when I am alone or is it ok to just wear it when I am going out but not every day?

Depends which pheromone you talking about.

Let’s say wolf to start.
But you can tell me if you know for others too. Nude, DP, NA.

Wolf is good for work. I havent used it though.
You also need to talk to people a lot when using pheromones thats when you see the magic happening.

You also need to consider the environment.
Do women want to be hit on at gym?

Also consider your natural vibe in contrast to the pheromone itself. Are you alpha? Are you masculine?

If you considee yourself masculine then adding a strong alpha pheromone will make you extremely intimidating.

Every day that you go out just use it like normal perfume and go about your tasks.

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My dad used to wear that aftershave (after shaving) in the early/mid-90s, I bet if I smelt that now it would remind me of my dad most likely haha.

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I wear Sauvage to work.

My personal favorite for anything other than work is this:

I wore the Versace to work one day. The entire building could smell me with just two sprays. It is the most powerful fragrance I’ve ever worn.

In my early 20s I was a fan of Abercrombie & Fitch Fierce. Not so much anymore though.


I hate Sauvage. Maybe that’s a little strong, I dislike Sauvage.

Just to be clear, it’s a great scent, but it gets annoying with time IMO. I also see it worn by everyone, so its popularity will eventually wear the scent out. I suspect it’ll go down the road of Aqua di Gio eventually. With that said, Sauvage’s dry-down is incredible.

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