What are the criteria for choosing between Q, Terminus and Terminus Squared?


As the topic says, what would be the reason for choosing between these?


Past experience.

That’s my opinion.

I started running Stark Q Terminus bout a month + ago and for the first time, I experienced more obvious and easily observable results. Later, I started running Minds Eye Terminus2. I like it and I feel…stuff. Interesting stuff. But not obvious like Stark Q Terminus.

I don’t know if this is accurate, but I think of the builds as working at different ‘depths’ of mind.

There may be a certain depth where I’m most comfortable and where I tend to hang out. I’ll feel things more clearly when they happen there. So, one theory is that, for example, Terminus works at the level where I’m more aware or present. Standard Q doesn’t quite get there. Terminus2 goes a bit beyond where I’ll really feel it.

More theories.


Interesting. My experience was somewhat similar, I think. Mind’s Eye T² would appear to be doing nothing, then suddenly after a few days one aspect of visualization would improve overnight. A few more days of nothing, then another sudden improvement elsewhere. Whereas Terminus had a much more obvious effect on me, I’d feel the difference even after a single loop of Stark T.

Personally, if I wanted a sub that modified my external behavior I’d go Terminus, without doubt, for its more obvious effect. However, I ordered a sub based on Alchemist and Mind’s Eye (plus related supporting modules), so I went T² - I want it to go deep and work from the inside out, and I can be patient. It’s still a risk, it’s obviously far denser than Mind’s Eye alone, so it’s a big unknown, but one I wanted to explore.


My thought process for this so far is that StarkQ:T has been pretty intense where I can only play it twice a day at most. How then could I handle 3 cores and 17 additional modules at the same power level compressed in that same hour? So I’ve been more considering regular Q based on these fears for now, even though I would want to use Terminus.

@Malkuth @bujin
Those are some interesting theories, I’ve had similar thoughts on Terminus too. I’ve been pondering that if regular sublimnals bypass the conscious mind, what if highly dense subliminals can bypass the subconscious mind and hit the unconscious mind? It could help explain things like the dream prediction manifestations people were getting on Terminus.


Where? How ? When ? :wink:


I managed to find these two examples, but I think there was more reports buried in those posts too.


Scattered reports. We had people experiencing “time loops,” (including Q’s main programmer, who had never run a subliminal before and didn’t even know about this forum) and people having the events of their dreams come through the next day.


Interesting @SaintSovereign !

I’ve had some random dreams manifest in waking reality , usually over the next couple days following dream, but I’ve never used Terminus so far !

Can regular Q cause this ?! If not what could be the cause ?


There’s a reason we slapped a warning on Terminus^2. It’s very much an advanced build method, one that we don’t quite understand. With T2, it’s looking like a single loop per week is enough to get results, but even then, those results aren’t manifesting as fast as you’d think. It does, however, hit DEEPER. Those who run it are reporting insane dream experiences, as well as some odd reality shaking events. Precognition, repeating time loops – the stuff from science fiction. We don’t quite understand what it’s doing and how it works, only that the subconscious does indeed process the script.

When Q’s programmer first ran a customized T2 programming sub we made for him called “Elite Coder,” that night, he had a dream so disturbing that he woke me up in the middle of the night to tell me. In the dream, he was vomiting tacks and could feel the tacks scratching his insides. He also experienced an odd time loop where the same thing would happen over and over, with slight changes.

A few days later, he manifested a remarkable opportunity – which ended up not happening because he began to feel reconciliation. So… it seems to be powerful, but not necessarily for beginners. I’d run Terminus and T2 once you reach a plateau with the regular Q version. That means you have significant experience and can handle the higher power levels.


I have never experienced this on regular Q unless I’m running a sub with Blue Skies. You can ask @DarkPhilosopher and @RVconsultant (if he’s open to it) about their experiences on the original Blue Skies. It has some… odd properties that seem to wane and wax.

As you’ll see in the post above, I have NO idea. I haven’t even had a chance to test T2 myself because we’ve been so focused on Q. That being said, some private and public tests are coming soon…



Could this relate to LHP RHP ‘practices’ ?!


I don’t think so. Like I said, my programming comrade experienced odd issues on a run of the mill programming subliminal.


What I’m inferring to could be LHP/RHP practices , rather than Q subliminals alone - could they potentially trigger or act as some type of precursor, as well , on top of running regular Q subs ?


Not sure. I think it’s more the amount of information being delivered in a T2 sub, plus some of the more… potent modules in a major subliminal.


Wow, definitely unchartered waters, @SaintSovereign :slight_smile:



  1. a bug whose causes are so complex it defies repair, or makes its behavior appear chaotic or even non-deterministic.
  2. a bug that exhibits fractal behavior (that is, self-similarity) by revealing more bugs (the deeper a developer goes into the code to fix it the more bugs they find).


That is so cool! I had a minor time loop-like experience on regular Q. It was actually the day before I started Terminus. I was running a simulation of this zombie apocalypse that would end with me being torn apart by them. I kept running the simulation over and over to try to find a way to stop it.

Am I correct in assuming that a custom Q Terminus subliminal with 20 modules is much more dense than StarkQ: Terminus, so having a relatively smooth experience with StarkQ: Terminus doesn’t necessarily mean the same for a big custom Q Terminus?


Interesting conversation.

My experience has been one loop of Stark TERMINUS per day working up to two loops over the course of a month.

I recently switched to the standard Q version of Stark just to compare and see what happens.

I noticed a very significant “time modulation” since going… I guess backwards you could say from TERMINUS to regular Q. Since switching, it’s been a weird thing where whatever day it is, in my mind I think it’s one day ahead. As if time has slowed way down.

i.e. if it’s tuesday today I keep thinking it’s wednesday. This happened all weekend until still today which is tuesday. I have to keep checking my phone.

Granted, this makes me feel like I’m way ahead in all of my to-do’s.

TERMINUS definitely got me taking action way outside of my comfort zone. Now I feel like I’m cruising on just plain Q and life goes by my time. This is only a few days experiment of going from TERMINUS “down” to regular Q.

And I have no clue what the new shop titles will do, I’m only on the StarkQ from before this whole new world opened up.


Can we perhaps have the regular titles available in terminus strength?


Then maybe is better to run a week on terminus a week on q? 5 days q then off 2 days 5 days on terminus then off