Way of the Lion

Stack change to NEW Emperor solo. And possibly adding NEW Emperor: The Will to Power later. And Emperor Black and Paragon Complete down the line when they get the NSE treatment.

So a lot of things happened the past 2 weeks that opened my eyes to make this change.

  1. The main one being running NEW Love Bomb alone for a few loops. After which I ran my NSE updated Revelation of Heart custom which revealed to me the change I had to make.
  2. The “revelation” so to speak were two instances of how different main store titles hit me when I ran them solo. Take for example being able to experience the New Forgiveness Experience scripting of NEW Love Bomb before it was even written down in the sales page. And another similar instance happened way back when testing the first Zero Point title which was WANTED ZP where I was the first to be able to decipher the true meaning of Zero Point as SubClub meant it to be.
  3. The memories of these incidents made me crave for more experiences with running a single title and feeling close to the “machine”, so to speak. Feel the code of that solo title flow through me without any mixing from any other subliminal.
  4. There is also a thirst for faster results. The customs I made for myself are truly what I want to embody but what I want right now and what I need right now are two different things. In order to fully unleash the power of my customs, I need to get to a place where that can happen. And Emperor, and its brothers EB and EWTP, are what will help get me there.
  5. Last but definitely not the least was when I was reading through the many posts of the NEW Emperor thread where a lot of our brothers where detailing their experiences with freeing themselves from their toxic parents. That hit close to home for me and my personal situation that ties my health (and the excuses I make using it) which imprisons me at home and to my parents is something I really need to overcome. A lot of healing has been done to repair the bonds between my family and myself. Titles like Lineage: Mandate Eternal, OG Dragon Reborn, Elixir/Regeneration, Love Bomb (and for Humanity), even the older versions of Emperor, and almost every other title I have used here have helped with inching closer to freedom and the man I desire to be. But it’s not enough and if I have to make a drastic change, I need a title like Emperor to do so. I know that for sure not only because of the testimonials on the forum of attaining independence from parents using NEW Emperor but also my deep conviction that this is the right path for me. That’s the beauty of Zero Point. No matter what path you take, you are eventually nudged to the right path to be on because YOU are not only the source, the Zero Point but you are all points. You are the source and the destination. And you are the path and the way. No way? Way.

So, am taking a few more days of washout before I start NEW Emperor solo. A few more days of Love Bomb washout bloom calm before the storm that is EMPEROR.



Day 1

  1. Ran one full loop of Emperor yesterday night before sleep. That’s usually the way I like to run my stack. Prefer processing during sleep.
  2. Set the alarm for 7 hours of sleep. Have decided to get as much sleep as possible and correct my sleep duration. I usually only sleep 6 hours. Need 7 hours minimum. Good sleep has many benefits including helping increase testosterone.
  3. Woke up a few minutes before the alarm went off and reset it to another 45 minutes of sleep. I needed that. Plus it was Sunday so that’s good.
  4. Felt very good today. As if I had a fresh start at life with Emperor.
  5. Looking at Instagram reels isn’t as satisfying as before. Especially when looking at attractive women on it. I much prefer to have them in my room than in my phone. Gotta work towards that.
  6. Also noticing a lot of fear melt away. Even probed my mind to past traumas. I don’t feel triggered by any of my past hurts as far as I remember. That was very quick!
  7. Redoing the online Joe Dispenza Intensive and Progressive workshops. Gotta master this.
  8. Need a better daily routine for my life. Gonna figure this one out.

A very good first day. That’s the power of focus and running a one subliminal stack.

Subliminal monogamy to a mono-stack? Lol!

Was also thinking about my fellow INFJs getting great results from running Emperor. @Hoppa has had great results with long term use of it and @HansLanda is running a stack with Emperor right now.

Saint had mentioned that Emperor is good for INFJs
(along with Chosen and Stark/Renaissance Man) and I can see how Emperor is a good grounding element for us INFJs who are usually head in the cloud types. We are usually dreamers and procrastinate a lot.

Older versions of Emperor did make me very productive. I guess I was more into Khan for my Alpha Mindset needs. But I need Emperor to make me ready for the Khan lifestyle.

That reminds me. I need some goals. On it!


INTP-A here.

This is the simplest method of making it work. Highly underrated.

The main reason: Instead of wasting a big part of your attention on thinking about which sub is the best for this situation, you can put that energy into achieving your goals.

Wasn’t that easy to do though… Took some effort. INTP struggles…


Ah! My bad!

Either we already think this way or have to go through something to get our priorities right.

At first I was using subliminals as a magic pill. Now as a tool. And the fewer the tools one uses at a time, the faster the results I guess.

Agreed :+1:

Guess the INTP and INFJ have that struggle in common lol.

I would like to add that the advantage of using Emperor is that it does have a little bit of everything. Wealth, physical shifting, productivity, alpha mindset, social when needed, dating monogamously or non-monogamously, cognition, purpose, discipline, resilience, dominance, etc. So in that regard, it is a good tool to start with for getting most of one’s life together.

@Hoppa - Are you still running Emperor? Have you switched to the NEW Emperor? And are you surprised by anything Emperor did for you which you didn’t expect out of it whether it be the older versions of Emperor or the NEW one?


I guess so… My problem is that if I find something interesting, all my attention goes to it till I have played through lots of different scenarios. In my head. No action taking necessary :stuck_out_tongue:

Building the team got rid of that problem, mostly. I think, they do the work.

Currently no. I did a short run on ASBR, taking a break.

I will be running the New Emperor soon again, always going back to it. Most likely will build a custom based on it + ME + RICH. And if that feels good, upgrading it to the QTKS or what was it called.

No surprises really… It fits my personality quite well.

I don’t worry about loops, or running the sub with a strict schedule. I sometimes forget to run it for a few weeks. Doesn’t really matter. Been on it for years.


Thanks for sharing, @Hoppa. Appreciate you :pray:


My friend, looking forward to running similar stacks! It takes courage and self control to run solo sub.

I didnt know Saint said that for INFJs, but it makes sense as I intuintively knew Emperor and Chosen are the most suitable “alpha” subs for me. Unfortunately, didn’t run Chosen until now.

I will give you a small caution here regarding New Emperor: Be aware of making some rash decisions. The impulse I am getting that I must do XYZ on New Emperor is VERY strong and it is OK for everyday matters, but you need to be aware of this urge and thought it through when the more important things are in question. I will go in more detail in my journal.


You mean like …

At the time of that post (Nov 2023), BTC was at $33.7k.
It’s at $66.8k today.


True. Emperor is quite smart though.


@Lion @HansLanda

Please share all the rash ideas in your journals.



You need to set everything up in your favor…

Pick one, run it consistently, believe it works.

Stay away from the forum. At least restrict which threads you read. Just avoid any temptations to change stacks.

Stop thinking about subs.

Take action. (Oh the Horror)

Enjoy the long term benefits.


That’s very true. I have to also add that NEW Love Bomb opened my eyes to the truth of loving myself enough to accept myself. And to accept myself means to look at what I urgently need rather than going for too many goals.

And what I need right now is purpose, financial independence and freedom. And hence Emperor.

Saint had discussed this when a long time back when he was theorizing about how certain titles and stacks are good for certain MBTI types and I asked him what would work for INFJs, and he replied with:

Again, it’s different for every person, as the MBTI is a cognitive functions test (how we perceive, analyze and respond to information), NOT a personality test. But, if I HAD to choose for an unnamed INFJ who just wants to enhance their life, I’d go with (and it’s going to seem weird, but I think the INFJs will understand):

Expansive: Chosen (NOT Chosen from Within)

Restrictive: Emperor

Balance: Renaissance Man or Stark

Regarding Chosen, I haven’t run it yet either but am sure that you thought something similar along the lines of “I gotta be someone worthy of leading others. So before I run Chosen, I have to get some things done and get to a certain place in order to wield that authority.”

That’s what am guessing cause that’s what went through my head as an INFJ lol.

But yes, I also resonated with the Objectives of Chosen cause it is the empathic leadership style that suits INFJs the most.

Talking about empathy, Renaissance Man and Stark are also very good at this and both titles have gelled very well with my personality style before with regard to empathy, creativity and openness.

And Emperor so far (including the older version) maketh of me a more manly version of the Empath.

I will surely take this into consideration. Appreciate that. Again, INFJs are too cautious but once in a rare while we can be too impulsive too rofl!

Ah the divine comedy of it all!

Thanks for the advice again @Hoppa. Guess we all know it intellectually but some of us have different challenges than others. But we will get there.

As they say, “You can’t hide from ZP”.

Thank you, @Simon. Will go through the forum links you posted here.


I don’t know how it works for subs like Paragon, that have a very specific goal.

But if we are talking about wealth, I don’t think it matters that much which exact sub you choose. All of them will take you to the correct direction.

Just pick one. And if you can’t pick one, flip a coin. Gets you close enough :wink:


You are correct. But I have also chosen Emperor due to the drastic way it helps deal with parents.

I was reading the NEW Emperor thread the other day and many folks had similar experiences with gaining freedom from family so am looking for a similar effect in my own life. Asian parents and all that :joy:.

Saint had once told me a long time back that Emperor and Stark were good for handling those issues. So that’s another reason for me to choose Emperor.

Plus Emperor also has other all-round benefits which makes it the easy choice for me if I only had to choose 1 title for now.


What about the anti hero origins? You dropped all three customs?

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I was going to say “unfortunately yes” but it’s “fortunately yes”.

If I had continued those, I wouldn’t reach the destination I intended with them. But Emperor will get me to a position where I will be able to run my ANTI-HERO stack.

Those are my ultimate customs. And that’s where I will go.

EMPEROR is the beginning.



Day 2
Rest Day

  1. I wasn’t feeling as great a change on Emperor ZP NSE as I used to on Qv2. Until I realized that it is more natural now. NEW Emperor makes me feel as if I have always been this way. This feeling and thought process will surely feel more stronger as time goes on.
  2. Feelings such as fearlessness and that anything is possible is rising. Basically the Emperor Confidence.
  3. I am more humorous now regardless of the mood around me. I find myself chuckling and raising the vibe of the room. The strong frame seems to help disregard circumstances in favor of the ambience I want to create rather than depending on external factors.
  4. Have been doing pushups for close to a month. Today it felt more natural to do them. Again that feeling that I have always been doing pushups. This is interesting. I love this feeling.
  5. Observing that I used to put too much emphasis on external validation. F that! I don’t need it. I started thinking too much about it but then my internal voice said, “For what? Why waste my time dwelling on them? Make the present great.”
  6. Am directing Emperor to heal my eyes. Hey if it can help with physical shifting, maybe it can do some physical healing. Can’t hurt to try.
  7. There it is! The alpha body language. I found myself strutting. Rolling those shoulders the imperial way haha!

This part here.

It’s a real super power.

Enjoy it. Cherish it.

They will try to pull you down, make you fall in line. Do what is the accepted good life.

It doesn’t matter what others think. Just find your own way.

Edit: I’m not working too much today, even if I’m at the office. I have a damn eye infection and the eye drops are making me sleepy.


Absolutely man!

Sending you healing vibes, bro!



Day 3

  1. Not that interesed in anything other than Joe Dispenza content. Mostly doing the online workshop these days.
  2. Part of me wishes there was another way to heal myself. Too many different types of meditations and too many lectures.
  3. Maybe just like I selected Emperor, I can select one Dispenza meditation to focus on.


Day 4
Rest Day

  1. My mindset is changing to that of possibilities. Particularly with regard to being an entrepreneur.
  2. And that too the various possibilities of leveraging accessibility technologies to overcome visual impairment when running said business or businesses.
  3. Have to look into what niches I can go into but it will most likely be consulting. But consulting for what is the question. The narrower the niche, the more profitable since we can demand more fees.
  4. Felt some pulsing of the part above my right eye. Some physical shifting going on there since that usually only happens when running physical healing or shifting subliminals. Did some Concious guidance to direct some of that energy to heal my eyes.
  5. Mood is good. The Emperor mindset is still there and rocking my day.


Day 5

  1. Damn the reconciliation was so bad today. Almost like a mental wrestling match the whole of the day. I guess it is working to reconcile a lot of things.
  2. The pulsing near my right eye continues. It comes on and off. Not too often but it happened around 4 times today. Lasts around 10 seconds each.
  3. Had a haircut today. It didn’t look good. Maybe I should just shave it off. Am always in two minds about it. Sometimes I want to grow it long. But I don’t have the head of hair for it and that makes me wanna shave it all off lol.