WANTED/stark custom (feat. CWON, PS and others)

Ive spend quite a bit of time building my foundation. Spend 4 months on ascension, 3 months on daredevil, 3 months on WANTED and a month on primal. My life has definitely freatly improved with all these subs. And While my foundation could ofcourse always get even stronger, i think at this point its time to enjoy this newfound strength! I created a custom around WANTED And stark, the 2 subs i want to get all the results from the most.

My custom looks like this:
Ethereal presence
Transcendental connection
Divine self image
Physicality shifter - sexyness
Eathshake - sexuality
Sexiness unbound
Focussed arousal
Total nonchalance

My custom is highly based on just becoming as magnetic and sexy as possible, and just hooking people, especcially girls, in. I also made sure it stayed extremely focussed, to have it remain stackable. Im planning on using this custom for a really long time as all these modules are ones where id love to 100% embody them.

In less than a week, ill be going on vacation with a few of my close friends, so there my custom should definitely be able to shine. Aside from that im also planning on joining a small fraternity when i got back, so all this should definitely make it easy for the results to shine.

Right now i am still a virgin, so this journal will become more of a zero to hero story rather than someone whos already accomplished succeeding even more.

With all this said, like i said above, i made the custom as focussed as possible so i can stack it, right now im planning to stack it with CWON, and probably PS for a bit. These just seem like the most fitting subs for my vacation. My custom will become the only constant in my stack though. For the future im also looking at thinfs like emp fit.


Ive already mentioned this a bit on my old journal. But today is my packing day. The vacation is getting closer and closer and i still havent packed shit lol. Later today ill also be having a small date. Not holding my breath for that one though, should be a good time nonetheless.


Nice custom :+1:

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I swear, i really gotta learn to actually show interest. Ive been getting a bunch of opportunitys, but it never really goes anywhere as im to much of a pussy to actually make a move. At this point id probs even prefer it to get rejected compared to just…. Nothing. Work in progress though, this should only get better with time and a bit of work. There will be plenty more opportunitys in the future.

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Some small results from my custom already, particulairly with people i just met. Entranced seems like a very good one, and ethereal presence makes it even stronger. It became a bit of a struggle to end the conversation lol. Aside from this i could name some inner effects from the other modules, but nothing to insane. Definitely excited to see what panther in particulair will also bring to the table. That module has the potential to turn one on my greatest weaknesses into a strength.


You might want to stack (or run a single cycle) of GLM!
INSANE focused sub for masculinity and strength. That’ll help for sure!

Funny you say this, i was actually heavily considering this one. I love these smaller subs, and GLM is one that could definitely Bring a shitton of good stuff.

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Anyway, for this cycle ive already started PS so im gonna commit to it. I do notice that tthat sub feels by far the densest in my stack right now. For this reason im gonna shorten the listening time to just 3 minutes, take it slowly and build it up.

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Only a single loop of my custom i think, but i already find myself looking at creatin and a possible preworkout i can take in the future.

Aside from this, the entranced and ethereal presence combo seems very potent. People have been hella interested in everything i see and eager to talk to me.

Also did a loop of GLM because i couldnt stop myself. That sub is probably the fastest actinng sub ive ever seen. It feels like it adds to the inner power i build on ascension. People have been responding really well to it also. Im sometimes quite passive, so i can easily get away with becoming more aggressive and dominant. I find it a lot easier to run compared to something like PS. I actually think i may stick to it, and go with PS later when i can better handle the recon that comes with it. GLM is small enough that i should be able to get a lot out of it in a cycle or 2 anyway.


Perhaps Gloryseeker and the Spotlight?

It seems im still very very good at getting very very obvious IOI (in this case a girl was litterly waving at me in the club despite us not knowing each other aside from staring a bit) and yet still being to nervous to actually approach. You could even say i have a talent for that.


It takes time trust me. Keep going off your comfort zone, don’t be hard on yourself and most importantly, enjoy yourself and in no time you’d see the progress you’ve made. It’s no day job to go from where you ate right now to where you wanna be

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Ive been on my vacation for a week and a half now. I gotta say, my custom definitely seems to be acting quite well. Im still a virgin, but a handjob, and my first kiss with absolutely no alcohol involved, there definitely has been stuff happening. Aside from that ive just been having a lot of fun, and making experiences. Getting woman is in no way the point of this vacation, but things have been happening. At first i felt like i somewhat had to impress woman, now it feels more like i just have to avoid doing something so dumb that it repulses them, and than im golden. (Also actually making a move helps sometimes)


Good handjob is always welcoming :slight_smile:

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Ngl that shit did kinda hurt afterwards lol

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I know this is gentle work, not lumberjacking.

Vacation has a ton of highlights so far, but it alsois quite tough on all of us mentally. Were all exhausted so right now were taking everything a bit slow. As for my stack related stuff. There definitely has been quite a bit off interest from woman. Nothing mindblowing, but whenever i go out theres usually at least some girl makingn eyes at me. Even had a bit of a vacation girl for a few days while relaxing on the camping. Nothing to serious though ans she left yesterday.

Social skills also have heavily increased, i now seem to make friends basically everywhere and meeting a ton of new people. It does seem to be getting a bit on the nerves of my friends thoughgiven how tired we all are.

All and all were having a good time here. With the taste of my custom ive been getting here, i can already say its gonna be hella fun ones the vacation is over and im back home and join a possible frat or something along those lines. Still my biggest struggle is actually finding a way to make a move.

Btw the stack i ended up on is: day 1: CWON and custom
Day 3 GLM


So, ive been seeing a girl i met this vacation a few times. We were all ready to go for it, bought condoms and everything, but sadly didnt get the privacy to have sex. We will most likely meet in the future again though…. Yeah i find it highly unlikely ill remain a virgin for that much longer lol. Figured out im far far better at seducing in a more quiet, talkative area compared to the club.

Aside from this, the vacation has been kinda tough. Its extremely tiring to be around so many people all the time for so long, and do so much physical activities. Its fun though.

The only real result i can think og with my custom is with earthshake sexuality and WANTED. The IOIs have been insane, sadly im still not that great at actually acting upon them, but its getting better.

Theres most likely a ton more happening that i just havent been observing. Its kinda hard to notice much when youre only getting half the sleep you need for 3 weeks in a row lol.

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Negative sides: ive been talking all day and night, i really need to learn to shut up more. Dont wanna blame this on the sub though as this will most likely get better with time. Its both of a blessing and a curse right now, i guess the most important thing is to learn when i can talk and when i just need to shut up.

After my vacation im gonna switch to a somewhat permanent stack. I dont like switching around as much as i am, i feel like the really good results usually start coming in only after a lot of time has been spend on a single sub.

So my permanent stack would be:

  • My stark + WANTED custom
  • 2 of: emp fit ST1, GLM or LBFH

Love bomb was my favorite sub because of the internal effects, and since LBFH is love bomb but with even more internal results, theres a high chance ill love that one even more!
This said though it feels weird to leave emp fit or GLM out.
GLM provides that alpha edge, power and confidence while also greatly helping with motivation to work out
Emp Fit just fits as i wanna get better at bouldering, and im starting fitness even more seriously than i currently am. Also helps with building muscle even more

I still gotta see wich ones i will choose but its between these subs.

Also, i mightmake a long review of wanted soon as ive been on that sub for like 6 months at this point. Still not even close to the full potential this sub has though, theres still a lot more to be gained!