V is for Value - A STKS Business Short Read by Nuevo Vesper

From the Desk of Nuevo Vesper:

So @ouroboros came at me hard, pointing fingers at my tale. Straight up said my betting site was shady, and he lost his cool about me playing around with those horse names. Had me thinking, right?

Here’s the real talk: he’s not off the mark.

I was just stirring the pot, getting my name out there, and not thinking twice about the legit value. Thing is, that was my come-up, my origin story. As the days rolled, I evolved. Went deep, digging into the trenches, trying to grasp that elusive concept: "value.”

It’s been a journey. And now, after seeing the highs and lows, I’m set to lay it all out, hand everyone the lowdown, show you what I’ve uncovered: the essence of value.

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Love the style of the artwork


What have I done 🫣

(Time to read and find out)


How about the most valuable AI tools out there while I wait to finish reading this @Vesper the AI whisperer how many of these do u know?

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So @ouroboros is part of Zero Point Universe!! :exploding_head:


Canon, no less!

I’m the fourth brother of the Lockwood family

Arch nemesis of John Wingliss

secret lover of Jessica Dark

They call me…

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So Rizzilator is the creator of Rizz itself! :open_mouth:

@HypeDaddySovereign i noticed you added the objectives to the story… did you change the objectives of NR’s sales page at all? I don’t remember the old ones but I’d guess that objective on “values” and pure material gain are new.

I’ll admit NR has hit so hard in so many ways but one of the main ways it’s done so is by making me value providing value long term more than the short term dollar sign.

I believe @Xavier also had a period questioning why he was making money in the first place. I felt that too… I questioned exactly HOW important it is, in comparison to purpose. Which is probably why several people like @Invictus have reported going considering going back to their “old jobs that pay less but make them happier” while meanwhile I’m getting paid less at the current role, but because the company cares SO MUCH about providing value and allowing each individual team member to shine, I’m a lot happier.

So I wouldn’t be surprised if you didn’t change the script at all

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I changed the value scripting before the title even released. After I saw a few people mention value, we amped it up. I mentioned this in my journal before launch.


Epub or riot!
It’s fine, I’ll read the PDF.

Valuable material! Thank you, @HypeDaddySovereign! Just in time :+1:

I haven’t read it yet.

Here’s how I see and deal with Value in my business:

I don’t have customers. I have clients. Even if I’m selling physical products.
There’s a difference between customers and clients.

My task is to provide to these people a solution to a problem they have. And I need to do it in a way that feel they got much more than what they paid for, because I want them to come back for repeat purchases.

My prices are higher than the competing products. I still have fanatic customers (who I think of as clients), who have been buying from us for over a decade.

Our refund rates are under 0,5%. We often refund because the logistics company messed up the delivery (Surprisingly, quite a big problem here in Finland). We still let the customers to keep the products.

Now, if someone abuses this mentality, I just blacklist them. Have to remember that the customer base at this point is at tens of thousands of people.

These people trust their hard earned money at these trying times with us. It’s my duty to make sure that they get more than what they paid for.


Didn’t read it yet, but is this an amendment or a replacement for the first Vesper Story?

Seems like an add on, like the narrative is the first story was “early vesper” and his come up, this is a more refined vesper slightly (or maybe not so slightly) later in life that took all those skills but started thinking about how to apply them in a better way.

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This is more of a business / informational guide on the nature of “value” rather than a story.

We will be releasing a guide on each of the business pro-tips that were listed in the first story. It’s not an amendment, this was always planned.

Consider it a masterclass on deep business principles.


Some of them, we have our own internal AI tools database that is focused for business and personal and it has the best AI tools out there.

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I love that @ouroboros is now canon


I think you’re doing to enjoy the information then. :wink: