Traumas with traumas + business


Hi Guys,

Im new here and want to try subliminals but there is a lot of materials here so im getting overhelmed which one to combine.

Little background:

Im skinny guy comuncative and always smiling funny guy. I like to make people laugh and im kind of good at it.
The problem is that people arent getting me serious always make fun of me and mocking me and i feel like they dont respect me. Also i have som traumas from past - dont like my body, i dont feel Im attractive for girls + my biggest trauma is from the size of my penis (i made some girl to the orgasm but its still in my head - i have problem with pissing on public and also in bed somethimes i cant get boner. I quit my job and now im doing some work from home and starting my company so i need stop with precarisation. At top of this i give my self new year resolution to start learn to play golf.
TLDR: Im planning to start with going to gym, i want people to treat me with respect, also want to like myself more and dont have trauma from small size of my penis. Find girl or girls for sex (or relationship) and learn to play golf.
Is it too much goals should i reduce it or can I start with more products?
My guestions are: Which products should i stack? How many tracks from each?For how long period of time should i use it? Should I start with one program and then add another?

My plan is:
Rebirth 2x
Mogul 4x (or Ascended Mogul?)
Limitless 4x
Primal 4x
SS v2.1 4x

I was also thinking about Godlike Masculinity and Limit Destroyer but im not sure if it isnt too much programs in one day.
I heard that empror is really good but its really hard for beginners and youre more arogant and business oriented.
Whats is your recommendation for me?
Thanks for answer Im planinng to start as soon as possible.


I would take it one step at a time. Personal development is not a race. It’s a journey. And you want to make sure that you’re actually improving yourself. Trying to do too much too fast is self sabotage. I would start with building a solid foundation first. I’m a firm believer that less is more. Pick one or two subs and roll with those for a few months, see how do you do before adding or changing. From everything I read here and from what you wrote, why don’t you start with Ascension (or Ascended Mogul) + Rebirth? Pick those two and give it a couple of months. I’ll even say give it 3 months before you start skipping around and sabotaging your own progress.


@ksub gave you some solid advice. I second his recommendation of Ascension + Rebirth.


Thank you! I was thinking same that is overhelming but i go trough forum and find out that people use more then 3 tracks.

Ill go with ascended mogul + rebirth.
Could you please tell me how many loops should I go?

AM - 4x
Rebirth - 4x
(and going whole day)

Is it ok?


AM is a major program and Rebirth is a stack module (that wasn’t even around until lately). I would run AM as much as I can. Day and night. Or run Rebirth first during the day (as many times as you want). Then the rest of the day and the night run AM.

Right now, I’ve been doing Ascension Lite almost non stop day and night. I’ll be starting AM and Rebirth next week. My plan is to stick to AM and Rebirth for 90 days. I might add Limit Destroyer to that. But nothing else. I’ll stick to it for 90 days. Then I’ll assess whether I’m staying with AM or if I’m adding Emperor. But for now my goal is AM + Rebirth + (maybe Limit Destroyer). 90 days straight. I want results!!! :rofl:

One reason why I’m sticking to only 2 subs is that I have precise goals about which I feel that Ascended Mogul is the best fit for me. I’m pretty sure that Primal, Sex Mastery and all those other subs are efficient but right now they’re going to be a more of a distraction than anything. Subliminals are great but absolutely nothing will replace a clear and distraction-free focus on precise goals.


I think that is overkill, a much more balanced playlist would be:

AM - 5x
Rebirth - 1x


Rebirth should only be run 2x a day. There’s a specific post on that I’m too lazy to dig up now.


@comfort I was a skinny guy too and about a year ago I started going to the gym. The first thing I did was get on the Starting Strength program. It structured my workouts and I wasted no time doing ineffective exercises.

As for your penis, you can invest in a penis enlargement guide where it will teach you proper stretching and jelqing exercises. I’ve also read positive reviews about the Bathmate. Maybe you can invest in one. You might want to look at a diet and supplementation that boost your testosterone.

I’m sure these will help you a lot if you stay consistent.

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Bathmate works. I’ll leave it at that. :wink:

Bujin - A New Narrative (Into the Q Continuum)

Shouldn’t we have a subliminal for that? Or, there’s a module embedded on some major programs?


It does. But I would suggest someone to get their penis conditioned with some manual exercises for at least a month or two before even thinking about the bathmate. I don’t think it’s a good way to start PE for a beginner.