Tips & Tricks by Invictus

Hello everyone,

I wanted to share some tips for y’all because I felt like people here have been going through some intense recon as of late, whether it’s due to overexposure, or other factors (will get to them shortly), which has led to quite a bit of drama over here.
So as someone who loves the bond we share here on the SubClub forums, I’d like to give you all some tips that can further help you with your subliminal endeavors.

Tip #1 hydrate adequately, and eat enough.

Many people don’t realize the importance of drinking enough water, but let me just say this: Water is the most important type of “fuel” for both your brain and body, if you don’t provide that fuel, your “machines” will slow down.
The same goes for eating well, and it’s not just about the quality, but also the quantity, as with the new ZP tech, the average user’s energy expenditure increases quite a bit (by up to 3-400 calories), so if you noticed the scale is going down in a not so healthy way, or that you’re experiencing a lot of fatigue, then consider increasing your calories.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
4-5L of water a day, and up to 500 calories extra.

Tip #2 Practice mindfulness.

How often do you find yourself just watching videos or TV just for the sake of it (especially during the 15 minutes loops)?
Did you know that even just 10 minutes of meditation per day is extremely beneficial for your mental health, and for the mental clarity?
Subliminals (even the weaker ones) have an effect on your mind (both conscious and subconscious) that leads to what’s called “brain susceptibility”, this phenomena causes your brain to be much more “open” to absorbing information, and if you would like to make the best use of this, then try to practice mindfulness.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
Meditate every time I listen to a loop.

Tip #3 Learn to let go of unnecessary baggage.

We all go through emotional turmoils, every person has a set of their own demons they need to deal with on a daily basis, but do you know why they get that power over you?
Because you give them the consent, and allow them to have that much power over you.
Understand that life won’t wait for you while you try to “figure things out”, because ultimately, the longer you wait and stay in that state of mind, the more time you’ll be losing, and the more power you’ll be giving to those “inner demons”.

Live a little.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
Deal with the emotions and negativity in the moment, understand why the feelings are there, see if I can find a solution, and if not, then I move on instead of trying to control what’s not under my control.

Tip #4 Practice introspection.

The art of knowing thyself.
How many of you truly know yourself?
When you listen to something like Emperor ZP, many question “why is it not as edgy anymore?”, why do you think that YOU don’t feel as edgy anymore?
Why do you think that you WANT to be that edgy?
Dive deeper, and understand that there’s a lot of knowledge hidden deep within that will help you understand yourself better, to know why you’re not executing a certain sub in a certain, and to know WHY you want it to be a certain way, as introspection is truly the best way you can boost ZP subs, due to their nature of working from within.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
5-10 minutes every night before sleep, as well as the Invictus Method (working out with noise cancellation earphones, but no music, credits to @Ice for the name).

Tip #5 Enjoy every moment with full immersion, regardless of subliminals.

How many of you live in the moment? Regardless of the subs you use?
Do you act like an alpha male while running Emperor or Khan, just for you to feel like you’re an insecure man later on?
Do you know what that says about you? That you’re pretentious, and that you’re just tricking yourself instead of dealing with what’s holding you back.
You don’t live in the moment, and then latch on to certain subs to give you some “amazing moments”, just for them to leave when you’re on a washout or something. Why?
Because you’re so used to being “on”, that you have lost the ability to value time and moments for what they are, and that leads to you having an unfulfilling life because your “ideal life” is a fantasy that you created for yourself by wanting to have the life provided by a sub, instead of using them as tools to enjoy your own life more.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
I use subs to enjoy more the things I already like doing, if a certain subs tries to take me in a direction that isn’t congruent with my lifestyle and deeper self, then I change the sub, not my life.

Tip #6 Don’t fall into the trap of dependability, and avoid overexposure.

Dependability, addiction, and overexposure.
Be honest with yourself, how dependent are you on subs?
How dependent are you on subs like WANTED, Primal Seduction, or even Khan, just to get girls?
I’ve read multiple times when people said things along the lines of “I’ll get laid when I go back to X sub”, do you know the narrative that you’re setting for yourself there? Allow me to show you
“I can’t do shit in life unless I use the sub which is designed to make me do it”.
That’s how you sound.
It’s like someone skipping a workout because they don’t have their creatine or pre-workout, you see how ridiculous that sounds?
Avoid such dependence on tools, because that’s what they are, just tools, to improve your attributes, and they DO NOT define you, because once you’re so dependent, it will inevitably lead to something worse: Overexposure, and that’s never going to help anyone.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
I don’t listen to subs when I don’t feel like it, I treat subs the same way I treat everything else in life that could potentially cause addiction: use in moderation.

Tip #7 Act out the subs before they even start acting out themselves.

Now that you know that you shouldn’t be so dependent on subs, how do you make sure they enhance you?
Find the ones that are congruent with your deeper core, and live life as you would normally, and let the tools do their job.
You don’t see bodybuilders doing special workouts after taking steroids, they do what they already are good at, and let the “enhancers” do their job as necessary.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
I know my priorities, and I’m already good at taking care of them, so I base my stack around enhancing my own actions related to those priorities; work, relationships, bodybuilding.

Tip #8 Have faith and belief.

How often do you just do whatever it is that you wanted to do and got surprised that things went your way?
How did it feel?
Wouldn’t you want things to always be like that?
Then have faith, you are much more powerful than you think, especially when using ZP subs that work from within, the best way to strengthen the effects of these subs is to have that unyielding faith in both yourself and the subs, and believing that things will always go well.

Invictus’ way of doing this:
I have a specific rule in life, if I want to do something, I do it first and dwell on it later, what this does is that creates faith within myself because there’s no “second guessing”, only the belief that everything will go as planned, and if it doesn’t, then it’s not the end of the world.

Some specific tips:

  • Don’t overexpose under any circumstances, 1 loop of ZP can last up to 10 days, no need to “re-dose” with more loops (and for those on ZPT^2, this effect doesn’t only stay long, but also keeps on compounding on a daily basis), ideally, one loop every 2 days is adequate for most people.

  • Aim to drink at least 1 Gallon/3.5L of water daily, to ensure your brain is in optimal health.

  • Meditate, even if it was just for 15 minutes with a loop of your sub.

  • Don’t depend on the subs, reframe your mind to only see them as tools.

  • Have a strong belief in yourself, and dive deeper to learn more.


I saw a quote here somewhere:

The subs should support your life. Not your life supporting the subs.

Less is more, gentlemen.

Great post!

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Can practicing gratitude be an ingredient in that ?

Gratitude towards the effects of the subliminals will only further make the user more reliant on the subs.
I had that word there, but I removed it, because if you enjoy every moment, then you won’t need a specific word (like gratitude) to make everything feel better.

Aim to be content with every moment, gratitude will come naturally (subconsciously).


Ya you are correct but I was talking about gratitude in general. When we will see small blessings and acknowledge them we instantly feel blessed and it uplifts mood. There are two Chinese proverb

1.Those who are mindful are only able to feel thankfulness

  1. Whenever drinking from the stream, remember the spring

Gratitude also requires some level of mindfulness that might add contributions to your meditation advice.
And to feel gratitude deeply sometimes we need to think about the lack to feel the blessing, so it’s quite a skill. Why am I stretching this because it took me like a month and a half to actually feel gratitude to some level. Didn’t use any mindshifting stiffs like subliminal, that’s why I think gratitude could help people to an extent. It’s an option though . But when feeling low gratitude helps in instant elation of emotions …

Yeah but if you read that specific point properly again, you’d realize that this

And this

Mean the same thing.

Oh yes…

Thanks for this amazing share! Ive noticed lately my diet has been absolute crap. And im getting hit with more recon then ever. So this is spot on


Beautiful, @Invictus!

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Great post @Invictus! Thanks for sharing.

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@AlexSQ @Malkuth @Nero @enigma12

Thank you guys, I really appreciate the kind words :heart:

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Great post! Thank you for sharing this @Invictus !