Thirst Trap ZP Custom

After achieving all of my major career/financial goals for now (thank you Emperor, Chosen and RICH), and taking a month hiatus to focus on healing with Paragon, I’ve decided it’s time to inject some fun into my life.

Inspired by this post by @SaintSovereign , I’ve decided to create: Thirst Trap ZP

Thirst Trap ZP

Love Bomb Core
Ethereal Presence
Lifeblood Fable
Auric Overdriver
Focused Arousal
Seducer’s Gaze
Instant Seducing Tactician
Deep Sleep
Harmonic Singularity
Divine Self-Image
Joie de Vivre
Furious Ascent
Gorgeous Manifestor

I’ve had great results with both these cores individually and now is time to test the power of this combined in a custom jammed packed with tons of result enhancers.

I’ll be contemplating this build over the weekend before finalizing and am certainly open to suggestions. That being said, this one seems pretty hard to top :wink:


Ma man disappeared and came back with a beautiful custom :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I can imagine why :rofl:


Wanted + Love Bomb is very interesting…

I’m making a “Thirst Trap” type of custom as well lol


I wish i could run these but my GF is clingy even without the Subs


It’s officially been ordered. Only change was Natural Winner in place of Joie de Vivre as I figure love bomb contains that effect naturally. On a washout til I receive it in a few days and will report back anything significant.


Looking forward to your reports! May your reality shift.


Gonna keep a close eye on this journal. For research purposes, obviously :sunglasses:

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Inspired by reading @Luther24’s new journal, I too will be explaining the reasoning and expected benefits of each module carefully selected for this custom.

  1. WANTED Core

Should be pretty obvious. An immensely potent and powerful sub for improving attractiveness on all levels. I ran this for most of last year including throughout the ZP test and am feeling inspired to resume my WANTED journey after nearly 7 months of focusing on career, wealth and masculinity development. I’m curious to see how this manifests in a name embedded custom after such a long break.

  1. Love Bomb Core

Imagine not only being WANTED, but being wanted AND loved? Saint really inspired this combo with his post I linked above. @Yardbird also noted some remarkable seductive effects running the Love Bomb prototype. Now in its fully fleshed out ZP form, I’m combining it with WANTED to make me truly irresistible.

“Why not Libertine?” you may be wondering. Well, for a couple of reasons. First, because if I’m being honest with myself a connection built on lust doesn’t satisfy me anymore. ZP has shown that what I truly desire are deeper connections built on love. Second, improving self love inevitably improves all aspects of life. Third, as a sales rep, having my clients and colleagues love me will be much more effective for my career than having them lust after me lol.

Now for the modules and how they all fit together…

  1. Entranced

Entrancing others in a way that hypnotically affects them will enable the effects of WANTED and Love Bomb to pierce much deeper and allow for my…

  1. Ethereal Presence

…to take shape.

Having a dreamlike, beautiful presence will only further tantalize and excited those already Entranced by the WANTED Love Bomb. There’s no question that the combined effects of these modules will leave an overwhelmingly positive impact on others and allow for a drastic accentuation of my…

  1. Seducer’s Gaze

Having a magnetic gaze that becomes increasingly magnetic over time is incredibly potent, especially when combined with the previous modules. Communication is subtle, and non-verbals rule the day. Much information is transferred through the eyes, and having magnetic eye contact can be used to effectively communicate the attractive elements of this custom in a way that causes…

  1. Focused Arousal

The combined effects of the previous 5 modules with Focused Arousal will create an intensely synergistic effect, making me truly irresistible to a majority of the people that I encounter. People who are Entranced by the Ethereal Presence of a WANTED Love Bomb with a Seducer’s Gaze cannot help but to be aroused in a focused way lol. The only way to possible make this combo more effective would be if I had a…

  1. Instant Seducing Tactician

…inner mentor guiding me to most effectively seduce and intrigue my targets.

With this module, not only will I be generally irresistible from modules 1-6, but I will now effectively be able to personalize my seductiveness catered perfectly to each individual. This will have an immensely powerful effect, leading to widespread recognition and a profoundly positive…

  1. Lifeblood Fable


Having a positive and noble reputation opens so many doors and allows for an increased level of personal power. There’s a good reason Power Law #5 states: “So Much Depends on Reputation - Guard it with Your Life.”

Having an unassailable reputation is the cornerstone of power. It can be applied in a multitude of contexts, including in this custom, where it will ensure that my seductiveness does not leave a bad taste in the mouths of those who encounter this WANTED man.

Maintaining a pristine reputation will accelerate so many areas of life (business, social, romantic, etc.), and open up many doors and…

  1. Yggdrasil

…pathways to manifestation.

This module is an obvious fit to allow for a multitude of manifestation pathways to open, particularly as it relates to the manifestation of…

  1. Gorgeous Manifestor

…gorgeous, compatible women.

What a pleasure and joy it is to be surrounded by beautiful women who are not only interested in you, but even more powerfully Entranced by this WANTED LoveBomb of a man.

Now, to truly appreciate the effects of manifesting these gorgeous, compatible women, one must not only enjoy them from afar, but must be able to…

  1. Panther

…approach and escalate them, which is exactly what this module intends to do. By…

  1. Potentiator

…not repressing my potential and holding myself back from the wondrous potential that surrounds me, I shall be…

  1. Furious Ascent

…fearless in approaching and bringing myself to the awareness of the gorgeous women being manifested.

To keep encouraging myself in this fearless ascent through life, it is essential to maintain the mindset of a…

  1. Natural Winner

By constantly instilling success based thinking, failure will disappear as an option, and I will be filled with the encouraging mindset of a Natural Winner, made even more effective through my…

  1. Divine Self-Image

By eliminating negative self-talk, and combined with the powerfully positive thought patterns enhanced through the Natural Winner module, these two modules are a powerhouse of success - encouraging me in all areas of life, and making anything seem possible.

All of my goals will seem easily achievable through the profound combined guidance of Natural Winner and Divine Self-Image.

Now, in order to get the most out of this custom and maximize its effectiveness it is important to…

  1. Auric Overdriver

…send its aura into overdrive.

This is particularly useful as an aura based custom built on the Love Bomb love aura and WANTED’s attractive aura of mysteriousness. This module will enhance the custom’s aura to the absolute max, leading to maximum effectiveness of the aforementioned modules.

However, in order to truly get the most out of this custom’s aura, physical shifting, and personality enhancements, I must get consistent…

  1. Deep Sleep

None of this is possible without the recovery provided from a good night’s sleep. Much of the physical shifting and auric recharge happens during the hours of sleep, so this module was absolutely vital to include.

By achieving adequate recovery thru Deep Sleep, it will have the compounding effect of helping me to remain…

  1. Harmonic Singularity

…as physically relaxed as possible.

One of the challenges I have faced is tension throughout my body, so this module was absolutely essential to include. Remaining as relaxed as possible will allow for the attractive and auric elements of this custom to really shine through, and for the physical shifting to occur from…

  1. Omnidimensional

…an infinite number of angles.

This module seems to compliment the physical shifting of WANTED in such a profound and perfect way, as WANTED sculpts and perfects my body from an infinite Omnidimsnional perspective. Love Bomb’s aura and the remaining attractive elements of this custom will also function from an infinite number of possibilities and angles, allowing for a very smooth integration into…

  1. Mosaic

…the rest of my stack and life as a whole. :slight_smile:


This bad boy arrived last night, so naturally I had to give it a try :slight_smile:

All I can say so far is…wow

The first thing that really shined through was Love Bomb’s aura. I have been feeling blissful and in a state of self-love ever since running the loop. I have been rocking out to music, and when I say rocking out I really mean it like full blown joyful dancing and lip syncing the words. Love Bomb combined with Renaissance Man (which I am stacking) seems to really bring about this fascination and joy in life. Great combo.

This morning as I woke up and drank my coffee I really just sat there enjoying the moment, and deeply enjoying reading, listening to music, and now getting ready for the gym. I’ve felt present and in a state of grace.

Internally, I can’t ask for much better effects than this. My mood has honestly been amazing ever since running this. I can’t wait to see how things continue to unfold.

I have a long overdue haircut today, which I was putting off until I got this custom lol and a social gathering later. Looking forward to testing the external effects as the internal effects are absolutely phenomenal :wink:


You ran a whole loop?

I think you will love Harmonic Singularity too, my body has slowly been feeling like that of a youngster, free and absent from tensions.



Yes I’m loving it so far, can already feeling the tension melting away

The gym was fun. Ended up doing a very intense leg workout. Usually I hate doing legs but today something was different - I suspect this custom already taking effect encouraging me to LOVE the workouts and encourage WANTED’s physical shifting.

Also, had an interesting moment with one of the guys at my gym. He saw me, came right up to me, dapped me up and gave me a hug WHILE I was sitting on one of the machines :joy:

It was kind of strange to see a grown man do this, and I’m certain this is the effects of Love Bomb shining through, as he has never done anything like this before. Him and I have only had maybe 3-4 conversations ever before lol.

I was in the middle of a set and told him I would catch up with him after, but low and behold once I was finished the WANTED side of me kicked in and I mysteriously disappeared without saying goodbye :joy:

I can already tell this is going to be one incredible journey…


Love is a beautiful force, I have Chosen of Venus, Depths of Love and Gratitude Embodiment in my Custom and they are synergising perfectly.

I can only imagine how Love Bomb feels.


It’s fantastic. Been filled with positivity ever since my loop 2 days ago.

And I know the aura is projecting strong as I’ve been waking up feeling much warmer than usual. I sleep with the AC blasting cold and when I first get up out of bed in the morning I’m usually a bit chilly. However, the last few mornings I have been feeling quite comfortable, not cold at all. This warmth is a sure sign the aura is working as I’ve felt the same thing on Libertine before.


Yes, it will feel as warmth but if you place close attention you will also feel a blanketing layer of energy around you, a bubble.

Never tried Love Bomb but I’m very interested in it.

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I had great stuff from Libertine and Love Bomb. Was also stacking Emperor with Mogul as part of that. But Libertine and Love Bomb had someone at a local restaurant seeming more and more into me.


Just ran Ascension Chamber for the first time in over a month. Going to be a great week :slight_smile:

@Ice what a beautiful custom man! congrats, this is a work of art.

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Been feeling the positivity in Love Bomb, and already noticing the physical shifting in WANTED. Also had an older lady this morning comment on me being “such a gentleman. Your mother raised you right.” which I felt was very nice of her to say.

Noticed recon creeping in in the form of exhaustion, boredom, and a slight feeling of malaise. My life has been pretty dull since starting the new job. It’s been a much welcomed break from the chaos and grind of my old job, but now the pendulum has swung in the other extreme of boredom and I’m looking for a bit more excitement.

It’s all good though. I suspect a lot of this dull is part of the adjustment period of starting a new job, which has a much different lifestyle - better in all ways, just still adjusting. Life is seasonal, and I’m just in a “winter” period after the heat of “summer” these last few months followed by the fall harvest of my dream job. The spring rebirth is on the horizon.

I’m going to rest for a few days before deciding my next move.


Reading @Joa23 journal made me realize a lot of this exhaustion and overload feeling may be coming from running Ascension Chamber yesterday. It usually settles after a day or two and leads to some great manifestations so I’m not discouraged. Love Bomb keeping me very positive at the moment despite feeling less than ideal overall.

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